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Hey mom you said you got the most American ask before, so I'll try to top that. *I walk into your askbox, driving my pickup truck with oversized wheels. There is a confederate flag bumper sticker. My girlfriend, also my cousin, sits in the passenger seat. We are wearing American flag print clothes. We are eating giant hamburgers and sodas with an eagle bobblehead on the windshield. We are talking in southern accents about that liberal conspiracy known as dental hygiene. We have 9 teeth total.


Hamilton Cast as Modern Instagram Users

@telepathicnarwhal and I spent the evening talking about important things.

Hamilton: Inspirational quotes, and 3am pictures of his fountain pen,his “only friend” Uses so many goddamn hashtags the caption is unreadable. Humblebragging his looks by posting a late night hawt selfie with a caption “2:36am. Mind running wild because of this paper. Get ready guys”

Does WCW way too much. Hillary Clinton is one. 

Pretends to hate Mulligan’s memes but secretly loves them. 

Makes a secret Instagram account and recreates all of Jefferson’s posts.

Jefferson: Gardening, flowery aesthetics of Monticello DIY ideas, suit porn and Hamilton hate. He’s a grade A hipster, posting a picture of his wine glass next to a pretentious book. Captions in French a lot.  Mocks Hamilton for his hashtags.

Gets offended if you actually call him a hipster. 

Also #TBT’s to his time in France. Like every day. Including lots of pictures with Lafayette, thinks they’re better friends than they actually are.

Finally, food. Fancy food. No, food he thinks is fancy, like olive oil and tomato on a roasted baguette. 

Hamilton’s other Instagram account drives him crazy and he’s trying to get it banned but can’t prove it’s Hamilton.

Eliza: The Kids and skillful embroidery. Likes some of Jefferson’s less hateful posts. That ruffles Hamilton’s feathers because “how are the people supposed to respect him if his own wife thinks he’s an “irritating toddler”

Lots of nature photos in between radical feminist posts.

Angelica: *”accidentally” posts a naked selfie and deletes within minutes, oops. all the attention is on her, what a shame*

Also feminist quotes.

Straight away knows who owns that Insta called ‘Pretentious Fuckstick’ that re-does Jefferson’s pictures. 

Peggy: Made an account, doesn’t use it though.

Lafayette:  His extensive collection of all things American, including an entire wardrobe consisting on American flag clothes. #TBT’s his way out with throwbacks to his time in America. 

Mulligan: Selfies at the gym and his protein drinks, photos with his friends, does MCM in a sweet, friendly way, like posting a photo pointing at Lafayette with the caption “This guy. #MCM. Friends with lots of celebrities because he’s just so chill. 

Also posts memes.

Laurens: Extreme leftist, mostly posts photos from rallies and protests. Also parties, usually with Mulligan and Hamilton. Angelica also shows up a lot. 

Does MCM like there’s no tomorrow, in a…very friendly way.

Realizes Hamilton actually loves Mulligan’s memes and posts as well for his pleasure. 

Burr: Mostly perfectly shot selfies, never a candid one where he can’t make a set out of the entire photo

Everybody tries to photobomb him as a running gag 

Madison: Jefferson. Like, a shot of Jefferson during a cabinet meeting “kicking ass, lol”

Washington: Made an instagram because the “kids” pressured him into it. Mostly posts pictures of his many dogs and selfies he takes accidentally upon opening the app and posting. Likes every single photo of everyone else. 

Philip: Took after daddy, posts lots of selfies, humblebragging to shit about how hot he is. Also selfies with his guitar. 

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could you write that femslash au with kate noticing her new neighbour America who gardens in her bikini if you don't want to that's ok too

It ended up being an American flag sports bra. I hope that’s acceptable.

an american crisis
(read on ao3)

Kate doesn’t notice the apartment next to her has sold until there are boxes by her door.

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ANASTASIAOFRP WRITES A GUIDE - About Hippies, and how to play a Hippie

Requested by Anon

The hippie (or hippy) subculture was originally a youth movement that arose in the United States during the mid-1960s and spread to other countries around the world. Under the cut you can find more information, and I hope this helps you out.

This guide was written by anastasiaofrp. Please like if you found this helpful or reblog if you are a RPH, and do not steal.

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Happy Fourth of July!

Did you think that you were safe from the Fourth of July mania on a Doctor Who blog? Well, sorry about that. Americans aren’t exactly known for being quiet today.

But we’re not all bad! After all, America has given Doctor Who some great companions, such as Peri! (Sort of)

And Captain Jack Harkness! (Kind of)

External image

And Grace Holloway! (Okay she’s DEFINITELY American)

External image

We’re also the place where River Song was raised! (That might explain her rather liberal gun usage…sorry about that).

External image

And we’ve got lots of great vacation spots! (Though we take no responsibility for the actions of other alien tourists)

And yeah, I know we all look ridiculous today in our American flag patterned clothing, but we’re not the only ones who wear silly outfits for our country. (I’ve been watching the World Cup, trust me, we’re not the only ones)

So, my fellow Americans, let’s set off some fireworks today and celebrate!

External image

Happy Fourth of July!