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Taylor Rooks appreciation post.

At 23, Taylor is making a name for herself as a talented journalist/host/correspondent on the rise.

And she’s our own Big Ten reppin’, STL and Chicago reppin’, Illinois alumna.
Fall Out Boy
Outfits inspired by Fall Out Boy albums

I made complete outfits based on fob albums + soul punk!! Please take a look, I put a lot of thought into making them unique yet faithful. Here’s Save Rock and Roll, my personal favorite, as a quick example:

Thanks so much! Hope everyone enjoys!


This high school senior tore down Western beauty ideals by making her own African-inspired prom dress 

Kyemah McEntyre, 18, posted photos of her creation to Instagram with the popular hashtag #BlackGirlsRock, as well as her own original hashtag, #KyeBreaktheInternet. In a series of awesomely inspiring captions, she made her fashion inspiration clear.