american express black card

This is coming from a guy who claims his net worth is 10 million and his salary is 1 million+ a year. His about me: “Lets start by flying somewhere on my private jet. I drink Ace of Spades. Audemars Piguet Collector. Cartier bracelets. I enjoy the goodlife. I always stay in luxury hotels and eat at the fanciest restaurants. I love driving fast Italian cars and getting to places by chopper. All my clothes are designer. I am friends with many celebrities.  My American Express Black Card concierge is my best friend. You will always find me eating at Nobu, STK, Katsuyas, Mr. Chows, Hakkasan,  Zuma, Cipriani, and Philippe Chow. If you are skeptical I dont judge, just let me prove it.”

What a fucking toolbag. If you don’t want to give allowances than get a girlfriend. Don’t try to be a sugardaddy.

An American Express Card is the only credit card I’ve ever owned. Now it’s the only card I’ve ever owned primarily because American Express was the only company that would issue me a card in college. I often get questions about the Black Card from people interested in American Express. The Centurion (Black Card) is an exclusive card only offered to the wealthiest of people, with the average Black Card holder having $16.3 million in assets and an annual household income of $1.3 million.

However, the first rule of having a Centurion is that you don’t talk about having a Centurion! LOL!