american express black card

Guys My Age Don’t Know How To Touch Me - Part IV

I woke up to another mess in the living room
Broken bottles all around my feet
They came again in the night under crescent moon
Didn’t wake me in my sleep

‘Cause they talk and drink and laugh 'bout things
And fall in love in my backyard
I hide and cower in the corner
Conversation’s getting hard

'Cause nobody seems to ask about me anymore
And nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think
And nobody seems to recognize me in the crowd
In the background screaming, “Everybody, look at me”

- Halsey, Angel On Fire

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- So all the bat boys go shopping like a day before Mother’s day.

- And they go in pairs.

- Like Jason and Tim are at Macy’s going through women’s clothing, with these confused expressions.

- “Tim, dude, look at this, It’s like a dress, only it has shorts at the end! How awesome is that? “

- “I feel like that’s really convenient, you know how busy they are, just slip it on and you’re ready for the day.”

- It is literally the ugliest romper in the world, it has a yellow and black block color pattern, and ruffles on the end of the shorts.

- “But you know we should keep our options open.”

“Yeah of course, of course.”

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The Man Behind Fyre Festival Comes With A List Of Expensive, Unfulfilled Promises
By Salvador Hernandez

“Three years before the disastrous Fyre Festival, McFarland launched a credit card company and private club dubbed Magnises, taking cues from the exclusive American Express black card. But with wealthy young socialites years away from the spending power of the black AmEx, the Magnises card was aimed at a younger audience.

The card, launched in 2014, promised tickets for hard-to-get-in-to shows, clubs, and events with the social elite for a $250 annual fee, but members told Business Insider the company often delivered tickets late, for the wrong date, or not at all. Credit card statements would show up with unwanted charges that took months to fix, members said.

Prior to launching Magnises, McFarland started a content sharing and networking site called Spling, receiving $400,000 in funding in 2011, TechCrunch reported. The website now sits apparently abandoned.

On Friday, McFarland again found himself at the helm of a project that customers said failed to deliver on the lavish services it promised.

“The festival become large and we needed more manpower than the 300 person team we had,” McFarland told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview.”

Rolex x Patek Philippe x Audemars Piguet x Hublot x Bentley x Lamborghini x American Express black card

Think you’re rich? You are not rich until you have a black card.

Qualifications for a American Express Centurion (Black) Card:

  • Spend AT LEAST $250K a year
  • $16.3 Million in Assets AND $1.3 Million income
  • Amazing Credit Score (honestly though, this should be a fucking given)

But with this card you get some amazing perks. But hell, if you got the money, the world is your oyster (or something…).

Oh and don’t go and try to apply for this card, it’s by invitation only.

anonymous prompted: Could you maybe write sugar daddy Kurt who has an amazing successful job and young innocent Blaine? Like maybe Kurt works in a very high position in Vogue and Blaine is a fresh faced just out of high school intern. Would love Kurt pampering Blaine and maybe Blaine calling Kurt daddy. Ohh and office fucking in Kurt’s office perhaps. Also available to read on AO3.

There’s a knock on the door, and Kurt mindlessly calls out “Come in!” without looking up.

“Your coffee, Mr. Hummel?”

Kurt looks up to find a boyishly sweet guy peeking his head in and holding a cardboard coffee tray. His hair is matted to his head with gel, and Kurt notices a few stray curls that have escaped the hold at the base of his neck. His face is young, eyes wide and perky and eager.

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This is coming from a guy who claims his net worth is 10 million and his salary is 1 million+ a year. His about me: “Lets start by flying somewhere on my private jet. I drink Ace of Spades. Audemars Piguet Collector. Cartier bracelets. I enjoy the goodlife. I always stay in luxury hotels and eat at the fanciest restaurants. I love driving fast Italian cars and getting to places by chopper. All my clothes are designer. I am friends with many celebrities.  My American Express Black Card concierge is my best friend. You will always find me eating at Nobu, STK, Katsuyas, Mr. Chows, Hakkasan,  Zuma, Cipriani, and Philippe Chow. If you are skeptical I dont judge, just let me prove it.”

What a fucking toolbag. If you don’t want to give allowances than get a girlfriend. Don’t try to be a sugardaddy.