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The #10 Konica Minolta Cadillac DPi-V.R and #3 Corvette Racing Chevrolet Corvette C7.R win their classes at Saturday’s Advance Auto Parts SportsCar Showdown at Circuit of the Americas, the fourth straight victory for the Konica Minolta team and third straight victory for Corvette Racing.

Ah the joys of being mixed race...

Customer today: “So..what nationality are you?”

Me: “American.”

Customer: “But..what are you really..? Indian? Middle Eastern..? Hispanic?…”

Me: *Trying to be polite and smiling “American” 

Customer: “You look like you could be a weird mix of stuff…wait…weird may have been the wrong words…you look you could be of different mixes or something..”

Me: *Still trying to be polite* :”I am Hispanic and somewhat French-Canadian, my Great-Grandmother was from Montreal.”

Customer: “Yeah you look like you could be different things….but you’re still pretty, very pretty….”

Me: *Smiling uncomfortably* “Thanks….”

The fuck is up with the South Bay

In Northern England I could get a large Dominoes pizza for 5 quid

Here a large Dominoes pizza is over 20 dollars (tax-inclusive, because the British price would be tax-inclusive)

Like, this was post-Brexit. It wasn’t because the pound was worth something. It was literally the cost of a Dominoes pizza in England being barely over a quarter of the cost here.

That is… Not the kind of cost of living difference you expect to happen? Like, four fold rent differences happen. The restaurants being fancier in one place than another happens. But the food products of the same franchise being four times more expensive in one location than another is just insane.

How? How how how?