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My Blog And Who Reads It

[The following copied from a chat.]

I just checked my stat counter.

Total number of people who’ve visited my blog exceeds the total population of my home country.

I am a Success; wow.

That or my country is Smol

I’m guessing this is a serious undercount of who sees my posts, though, because Tumblring happens via the dashboard.

I get about a fifth of my traffic from California and a tenth from the UK as a whole (UK is #2 country for traffic), with the UK traffic being very spread out across cities, while Cali visitors are about half Bay Areans.

(US as a whole is two-thirds of all traffic. Wow, I’m so America-centric.)

And Caribbean traffic is a rounding error. I’m such a traitor :O

I’m very confused about why I managed to meet more Tumblr people while in London than in the Bay, even though significantly more of my blog traffic is Californian than English.

And half of the Cali followers are in the same metropolitan area, while to meet all the English people I’d have to go beyond the home counties *shudder*

Are Bay Area people just less friendly? Or less inclined to cuddle? What gives?

Like, slightly fewer Tumblr people agreed to meet up with me in five months in the Bay than in one month in London.

And that’s really annoying!

Like, I want to live in the Bay! I want to know everyone there! I want to cuddle All The People! Why they no meet up with me??? =’(

Is it because I didn’t say I was depressed and desperately needed cuddles to survive? I feel like I shouldn’t have to reach a breaking point and scare people in order to get cuddles! That seems like a Bad!

Maybe people thought that I didn’t really want to meet them and were only willing to take my request to meet irl humans seriously when I framed it as a desperate emergency?

But then I feel like the issue is people not taking me seriously about being SUCH A FUCKING EXTROVERT, which is a problem in itself.

Like, in the UK, I was barely getting enough social contact to be my normal happy, functional self.

And I was meeting Tumblrs at vastly higher rates there than in the Bay.

The Bay is, like, empty by comparison.

Which is terrible, because I NEED PEOPLE. I need meetups. I need people messaging me like “Hey, wanna hang out on Saturday?” I need this really badly. The only reason I was also happy in the Bay is because there were a few people who I hung out with very frequently, like @endecision and @sentedelviento.

If I’d had to rely on the willingness of random internet fans to hug me, I’d have wasted away.

Jewish women can never just be seen as women, as human beings. When we’re not the ugly hag, the nagging mom, the frizzy-haired prude; we’re the Jewish American princess, the sexy exotic Israeli (and most of the time we aren’t even Israeli), the “pretty for a Jewish girl.” We are caught between the antisemitic demonization of Jews and the antisemitic exoticification of Jewish women. We are both hated and commodified. The intersection of antisemitism and misogyny do not allow Jewish women to just be Jewish women; there is always a negative adjective in front. I don’t want to be a bitch, a reptilian, a snob, a prude, or a sexy kosher fantasy. I want to be me and I want to be a Jewish woman.

So what? I think the line is funny. My boyfriend is Scottish, he deems American girls very exotic. He once told me: “You American girls walk around as if your pussy tasted like Coca-Cola, as if you’d wrap yourself into an American flags to sleep.” He deems us all very patriotic.
—  Lana Del Rey in an interview when asked about the lyrics: “My pussy tastes like Pepsi Cola” from her song ‘Cola’