american dubstep


U L T R A V I O L E N C E  [ 58min. / listen. ]

For the rage that climbs through the bones asking for a fight, for the fist that breaks every part of its opponent, for the pain that consumes itself in adrenalina, for the taste of blood between the teeth, for the strong body and horrid mind as you have a little bit of the old 
u l t r a v i o l e n c e;

[ 001 ] no church in the wild. | by J A Y  Z.  &  K A N Y E  W E S T.
[ 002 ] counting bodies like sheep in the rhythm of the war drums. |
by  A  P E R F E C T  C I R C L E.
[ 003 ] into the lair. | by Z E D D.
[ 004 ] seven nation army. RMX. | by T H E  W H I T E  S T R I P E S.
[ 005 ] glory and gore. INST. | by  L O R D E.
[ 006 ] i want it all. FT. armageddon | by Q U E E N.
[ 007 ] fistful of silence. | by T H E  G L I T C H  M O B.
[ 008 ] demons. RMX. | by S L E I G H  B E L L S.
[ 009 ] ghosts'n'one. MSHP. | by  D E A D M O U 5  VS.  S K Y  F E R R E I R A.
[ 010 ] crying lightning. RMX. | by A R C T I C  M O N K E Y S.
[ 011 ] american horror story. RMX. | by D A R K L O R D Z.
[ 012 ] sail. RMX. | by A W O L N A T I O N.
[ 013 ] everybody wants to rule the world. RMX. | by L O R D E.
[ 014 ] female robbery. RMX. | by  T H E  N E I G H B O U R H O O D.

Sweet Dreams (DJ WaY Dubstep Remix)
Emily Browning
Sweet Dreams (DJ WaY Dubstep Remix)

Emily Browning-Sweet Dreams
(American Horror Story)

where’d you get those peepers - a mirrorverse au fanmix

“they took his eyes…  so he took the universe…”

1. jeepers creepers by zombiebear  2. the growl by conway  3. who are you, really? by mikky ekko  4. sabotage (dubstep remix) by beastie boys  5. 3’s and 7’s by queens of stoneage  6. you’re gonna go far, kid by the offspring  7. doomsday by nero  8. buying the space farm by michael giacchino  9. hurt by nine inch nails  10. space dementia by muse  11. the antidote by st. vincent  12. happy together by filter  13. the ruler & the killer by kid cudi  14. american horror story theme (dubstep remix)  15. feeling good by muse

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ephemeralrace21  asked:

Your blog says that you listen to all kinds of music. Have you heard of American Dubstep? Do you like it? If so, who is/are your favorite American Dubstep Artists?(The artists don't have to be American, but the genre would be American Dubstep, because actual Dubstep and American Dubstep or sometimes called Brostep sound very different from each other.)

I have heard that Dubstep originated elsewhere (the UK, I believe?), and differs from what many in the US refer to as “Dubstep” nowadays.

Personally, while I may not listen to much of it, American Dubstep is a genre that I think gets put down a bit too much.  It has a textured sound, and can really evoke a certain feeling harking back to industrialism.  I think it almost makes the beat take on a dimensional quality, and I find that rather fascinating.