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About the Pokeshipping/Contestshipping doujin, was Teppo surprised people still had an interest in those ships given they're more than a decade old now? Is the opinions on ships in Japan the same as it is here? I know Pokeshipping has a following among the older crowd but with Amourshipping being so heavy nowadays I see so much Ash/Serena art on pixiv. As for Contestshipping does it still have a following in Japan or not? With May and Drew being gone for years I'm curious.

No not really. She was more surprised that I was an American and brought a doujin, which was carefully wrapped in plastic, that she made about 4 years ago. While I was talking to her CS and PS, she said she still really loves them but doesn’t have the time to draw them anymore. But she will draw more CS and PS in the future.

Teppo, along with 3 other Pokeshipping artists, were really happy that I was buying their work. When I said that I was surprised that there were still people who drew Ash and Misty, they all said that in Japan PS is still really popular. In fact, this new Pokeshipping doujinshi that I wanted to get was sold out by the time I got to Comiket so that’s a pretty good sign that Pokeshipping fans are alive and well in Japan.

I only remember 2 artists selling Ash/Serena doujinshi even though it’s the current season. Doesn’t seem like it’s actually popular because I asked one of the Pokeshipping artists what she thought of Serena and she told me she was indifferent and from her POV, Serena isn’t that popular. Teppo doesn’t really care all that much about Serena considering she pretty much never draws her and is still releasing doujinshi of Ash and Dento. 

Also, Pixiv isn’t a good measurement of popularity of older series so I personally wouldn’t use it as a reference. Something doesn’t have to be on the internet to be popular. 

As for Contestshipping, there weren’t any doujins but from what the PS artists told me, it’s still pretty popular/remembered. A lot of the artists have just stopped drawing because they don’t have time anymore. 

All of the Pokeshipping artists I spoke to were female btw. I didn’t see any men drawing human Pokemon pairings. There may have been some male artists but they most weren’t present on the day where all the Pokemon doujinshi circles were there.