american constitution and sharia

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If you are a woman than why ridicule IWD with your crap about muslims?? I see you are antifeminist thats right explains it all

Lol how did I ridicule International Women’s Day? By saying that we should stop seeing ourselves as perpetual, helpless victims and to pray for the day that those who are being genuinely oppressed have the same rights and freedoms as we do? It is a day about international women, right?

So why is it only acceptable to focus on things like Donald Trump and mythical wage gaps and rape cultures in our country? Shouldn’t it be the one day of the year that we actually acknowledge these women? I’d say it makes me more of a feminist than you (and going by your dumb question, I am assuming you are a feminist) for not being reluctant to condemn cultural practices that clearly kill and harm women.

But oh wait, your friend at school who wears a hijab tells you how cool and awesome Islam is, right? Islam is the religion of peace and anyone who dares to suggest otherwise is a racist, bigoted Islamophobe, right? 

Muslim women living here wrapping white girls up in hijab and telling them to embrace the religion, talking about how cool it is to be a Muslim are just as privileged as the rest of us. If they are treated unfairly at work or discriminated against they can stand up, speak out, protest in the streets, and take legal action, just as the rest of us, they do not speak or do not represent the Muslim women who would die to get rid of their burqas and to have freedom and equal rights that these American Muslim women do. That’s the privilege that living in the West gives all of us, regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

Unfortunately this doesn’t apply for many women in other parts of the world. Islamic patriarchy, misogyny, oppression and honor violence is “just part of their culture” and to criticize it is Islamophobic, right? Anyone who favors the emancipation of Muslim women are criticized as being guilty of hating Muslims. Why are you guys going to such great lengths to silence meaningful debate? Do you really believe that these women are happy and it’s their choice because they were born into this religion and these rules and if they ever abandon it or step out of line they’ll be killed or imprisoned? Are you really that ignorant?

If white men were doing this to women, the country would probably be burned to the ground in protest, yet it gets accepted as a “cultural difference” because it’s not white men legally killing and mutilating innocent women and gay people so instead feminists have to create and imagine pretend atrocities done by white men so they can justify calling white men the oppressors instead of sounding racist by identifying the real ones.

International Women’s Day should have been a day to use just a single minute to raise our voices on behalf of these women with no recourse to protect their rights and to condemn the religious and cultural framework for women’s oppression under Sharia law. Yet all we saw were signs about Trump, pussies and porn. Although, I did see one sign that said “Stop The War On Women” which I can only assume they were speaking to Islamic men. That’s a good place to start…

As a moral and legal code, Sharia law is demeaning and degrading to women. It requires women to be placed under the care of male guardians, it views a woman’s testimony in court as worth half that of a man’s and it permits a husband to beat and rape his wife. It’s not only women’s legal and sexual freedoms that are curtailed under Sharia but their economic freedoms as well. Women generally inherit half of the amount that men inherit and their male guardian must consent to their choosing education, work, or travel.

There is a growing trend among some feminists to make excuses for Sharia law and claim it is nothing more than a personal moral guide, and therefore consistent with American constitutional liberties. Yet the rules that such “Sharia-lite feminists” voluntarily choose to follow are also invoked to oppress women -to marry them off, to constrain their economic and human rights, and to limit their freedom of expression - who have not consented to them. The moral conflict between Sharia and universal human rights should not be dismissed as a misunderstanding, but openly discussed.

Many of our feminists struggle to embrace universal women’s rights. Germaine Greer for example argues that attempts to outlaw female genital mutilation amounted to “an attack on cultural identity.”

It’s this type of deference to traditional practices, in the name of cultural sensitivity, hurts vulnerable women. Too many feminists in the West are reluctant to condemn cultural practices that clearly harm women - female genital mutilation, polygamy, child marriage, marital rape, and honor violence, all happening to non-white women yet being ignored and even accepted by feminists of all races who are too scared to rock the multicultural boat.

Women’s rights are universal, it’s not the same fighting for Muslim women raised and living in the United States as fighting for Muslim women being chained up and treated like dogs in the Islamic world. One already has equal rights, the other couldn’t even dream of having equal rights without being stoned or acid thrown on them first. Such practices have to stop being accepted and ignored, there’s a greater enemy to women than Trump or these mythical Nazis - it’s called Islam and it’s not racist to talk about it. It’s not a race, it’s an ideology and throughout the history of the world, not a single ideology has ever been as protected and banned from critcism as Islam is today. 

The revival of part of the women’s movement, catalyzed by the election of Donald Trump, has deeper roots than can be seen on the surface. A large portion of Western feminism has been captured by political ideologues and postmodern apologists. Rather than protecting women’s rights, many feminists are focused on signaling opposition to “right-wing” politics. One of the organizers of the Women’s March movement recently tweeted: “If the right wing is defending or agreeing with you, you are probably on the wrong side. Re-evaluate your positions.”

I’m all for dissent, but this kind of bullshit has caused political gridlock, even on humanitarian issues where the left and right should work together. Hostility and intolerance to others views have made rational discussion on important issues taboo. A robust defense of universal women’s rights should welcome support from both the left and the right, overcoming domestic partisan divisions in order to help women abroad attain their full rights.

Maybe on the next International Women’s Day, after we’re done pretending to be the victims, maybe we could spend just a couple of minutes protesting the oppression of women who have no access to legal protections and support those Muslim reformers such as Asra Nomani, Zuhdi Jasser and Irshad Manji, who seek to reform Islam in line with full legal equality between men and women. Maybe feminists could even strive to overcome domestic political divisions to defend the universality of women’s rights. I can only hope by this time next year, it’s not considered Islamophobic to fight for women’s rights.