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It’s been almost a month since “Part 7″ of “Seventeen Days” was updated, so here’s a little recap to prepare you for the next part.

After experiencing her first college [American] football game, our angel/reader is on the eve of going to her first college party. Her outfit is popping, as it’s been approved by Grim Reaper Steve Rogers.

The Alpha Epsilon Sigma party is a banger. I mean, come on - Tony Stark’s the frat president. Why wouldn’t it be a banger?

Bucky is very close to being pissed (or drunk, as you Americans say). He smells like alcohol but it’s okay cos’ he’s cute and we still want to protect him

Sam Wilson is precious. Is this an important part of the story? Some would say no, but I say yes.

Bucky claims he can’t dance, but as the great Ryan Evans of the iconic “High School Musical” franchise said, we all know he can.

Our angel/reader gets Bucky to dance, and it’s like something out of a teen movie - surreal, carefree, and backed up with a killer soundtrack.

In a rare moment of vulnerability influenced by alcohol (drink safely, mates), Bucky reveals that he’s envious of the angel/reader and her ability to be happy and carefree. For some reason, he truly believes he can’t be happy. 

And just as he’s about to reveal what we’ve all been wanting to know, his stomach channels his inner Kraken, and Bucky vomits all over our angel/reader.

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My name is JinAh, and this has been the official “Part 7″ recap.

also “Part 8″ will be a little over 3k words. oops.


Oh! Hello friends and followers! You may not know, but outside of updating the VGAA and Old Game Mags blogs, I’m a video game designer by trade! 

Today we released the latest game that I’ve been working on - Rival Stars College Football! It’s a game of coaching and managing a team of players at your own College, and then choosing the Plays and reactions in a game of Football!

It’s been a ton of fun making it (I was the UI Designer for it), and would love it if you check it out yourselves if you’re into this sort of thing!

Download it on iOS and Android! Let me know what you think! :)


Queen Elizabeth II Alphabet 

X is for Xenophile (attracted to different peoples and cultures)

Personal favorites include the two photos taken in the USA in 1957 while visiting President Eisenhower, she took in an American college football game of Maryland versus North Carolina and an impromptu stop to a supermarket on their way home.  The Queen had never seen such a concept at the time.

Last night Clemson upset Alabama 35-31 in the American College Football National Championship at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. Nearly 75,000 fans were in attendance at the facility which features a replica pirate ship for the city’s professional team, the Buccaneers.

27°58′33″N 82°30′12″W

Source imagery: Nearmap

Milo Yiannopoulos

I have never heard the name Milo Yiannopoulos before yesterday. Evidently, he has become a rather prominent evangelist on the ills of feminism. When I read the below article I found myself nodding along with him a great deal.

The Next Ann Coulter: Milo Yiannopoulos

In a packed auditorium Wednesday, several students at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, interrupted ultradivisive conservative writer and speaker Milo Yiannopoulos with blaring air horns. Outside, more student protesters held signs reading “End rape culture” and “Rape culture is not a myth.”

At another event several days earlier, students at Rutgers University smeared faux blood on their faces while Yiannopoulos spoke, shouting, “This man represents hatred.”

And those were the events Yiannopoulos made it to. A handful of universities in Britain have canceled appearances that are part of an ongoing speaking tour, which Yiannopoulos, who is gay and highly critical of “politically correct chaos” on college campuses, has dubbed the Dangerous Faggot Tour.

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Arguably the most anticipated player of the 2014 NFL Draft, college football’s youngest Heisman Trophy Winner will look to make a major impact in his new home with the Cleveland Browns! Johnny Manziel!

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Mizzou players go on strike, want president out
Black players on the Missouri football team say they will go on strike until embattled university system president Tim Wolfe resigns.

Black University of Missouri football players are striking until university president Tim Wolfe resigns after his poor handling of racist incidents on campus, including verbal assaults of several black students including the student body president.

42 of the 64 players on Missouri’s current depth chart are African-American. Several took to social media on Saturday night to address the protest, with one, cornerback John Gibson, saying: “[The decision] has nothing to do with our coaches. Our coaches are 100% behind us. Including the white ones.”

During WWII, What Is Really Important? Football, Of Course

Prior to their game against Holy Cross on the afternoon of November 28, 1942, the Boston College Eagles football team made reservations for the entire squad to hold a victory party at the Terrace Room of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub that evening. Boston College, the best U.S. college football team that year, had an 8-0 record and had outscored their opponents 249-19. At the Cocoanut Grove that night, some satin decorations ignited, causing the worst nightclub fire in the history of the United States. A total of 491 people died, including everyone in the Terrace Room. However, none of the Eagles were there. The game should have been an easy win for Boston College, but they lost, 55-12, in one of the biggest upsets of modern times. The Eagles, defeated and depressed, cancelled their reservation, thus saving the lives of everyone on the team.