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Biggest mistake Trump has made so far in his presidency is withdrawing from the Paris Agreement. This puts the US among two other countries in the world not signed on to these accords– Nicaragua (who has excellent climate policies and didn’t think the treaty went far enough) and Syria (who is in the midst of a horrific civil war). Regarding climate, the United States stands on an island alone, isolated from the progress and unity of the rest of the world. Instead of taking the chance to lead the world in the climate change battle, investing in renewables and kick starting the American economy with it, Trump has chosen to reject the world and reject the facts. It’s an embarrassing day to be an American.


The First LGBTQ Networking App Designed To Find Platonic Friendships Is Here

“We are different, and it’s about time we love and embrace that.”

By James Michael Nichols

GayBFF uses a similar framework of apps like Tindr or Grindr to allow queer people and those that love them to meet one another without worrying about expectations related to romance or sex. Ruben Jauregui, Jr. decided to create the platform after witnessing a lack of other social media apps providing the opportunity for LGBTQ people to find friends.

”While we in the LGBTQ Community celebrate the progress on legal and social acceptance, the rates of depression, loneliness and substance abuse remain stagnant,” Jauregui, Jr. told The Huffington Post. “It is still dangerously alienating to go through life as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. I want GayBFF to be a community that will help us bond and grow with each other and our straight allies.”

GayBFF allows users to swipe either left or right on personal profiles to see if they “match” with other users who then have the potential to become friends. Jauregui, Jr. went on to tell HuffPost that the current American political climate make apps like this more crucial than ever ― especially for young LGBTQ people seeking outlets to form community.

“We keep waiting for the moment when we feel like we are not different from other people,” Jauregui, Jr. said. “The fact is, we are different, and it’s about time we love and embrace that.”


NYC Prayer March for #StandingRock: Indigenous people and allies marched throughout the streets of Manhattan to show their support and solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. #NoDAPL #StandwithStandingRock #NativeLivesMatter 



Enough is enough. Donald Trump’s tweets against transgendered people are yet another reminder that his destructive, backwards agenda cannot continue. Call or tweet at your senators and representatives. Sign petitions. Join or create protests in your area. Exercise your unalienable rights as Americans. 


Trump’s Climate Change Lies about Protecting America

“In order to fulfill my solemn duty to protect America and its citizens, the United States will withdraw from the Paris climate accord”, Trump - June 1, 2017

“As someone who cares deeply about our environment, I cannot in good conscience support a deal which punishes the United States”, Donald J Trump - June 1, 2017

“This agreement is less about the climate and more about other countries gaining a financial advantage over the United States.”Trump - June 1, 2017

Nearly 70% of Americans, including a majority of people in all 50 states, support the Paris climate deal

Gabriel Bell
Born: April 24, 1987
Died: September 3, 2024

Known as the father of Earth’s post-modern reformism, Bell galvanized the people and government of the United States of America when he led an uprising in San Francisco’s Sanctuary District “A.” Besides arranging for food and medical supplies for the hostages, Bell was able to establish a wide broadcast data link through the planetary communication system, “Interface.” Through this broadcast, he was able bring an unavoidable awareness of the ineffective and cruel nature of the time’s Sanctuary Districts to a wide audience. This helped create public outcry for massive reform to the mental health and criminal justice systems as well as widespread economic change. The American political climate eventually shifted towards justice and equality, and away from the climate of inequality and ignorance. Although Bell was killed during the uprising, he is known as a figurehead for the movement and change it spawned, and the uprising has since been known as the Bell Riots.

First…. Many Indigenous Nations have calendars which have
been counting the years for a very long time. I am aware that
the calendar of the Mohawk Indian Nation has been counting
the winters for over 33,120 years. This pre-dates the so-called
‘land-bridge’ of the Bering Strait theory, unless, of course, the
Bering Strait scientists decide to move their interestingly illusive
time period for “early migration” of Indians back to 40,000 years!
Many American Indian early histories tell of events that took
place on this Turtle continent (North America) long before any
so-called ice age. But, for political reasons, these histories
have been mostly ignored. You see, the Bering Strait, in truth,
is a theory that was born of the politics and propaganda of
early America. In the midst of the American 'Manifest Destiny’
social climate, the Bering Strait theory provided a 'scientific’
means to justify the taking of ancestral Indian lands. In short,
the mythical theory eased the conscience, as it was a way for
land hungry immigrants to believe that, because Indian people
were only 'recent inhabitants’ of this land , it was not really their
'homeland’. Therefore Indians were, in their minds, not any more
the 'original people’ of this land than they were. This was, and
still is, the political power of the infamous 'Bering Strait theory’.

The B.S. (Bering Strait) Myth
By John Two-Hawks

The Bering Strait Theory was made to make colonialism seem less like exploitation.


NYC Prayer March for #StandingRock: Indigenous people and allies gathered in front of the National Museum of the American Indian in downtown Manhattan to show their support and solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Nation. #NoDAPL #StandwithStandingRock #NativeLivesMatter 

you’d think will all that is going on right now in Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Texas and LA that people would BELIEVE IN FUCKING CLIMATE CHANGE, everything is melting and flooding, it’s so fucking hot that the earth is setting herself on FIRE but nawwww god’s gonna save us!!! don’t make any effort!!! leave it all to the man in the sky!!! he’ll bless us!!! fuck right off
Dozens of Dakota Pipeline Protesters Are Arrested - The New York Times

Veterans joined activists in a march to Backwater Bridge near Cannon Ball, N.D., during a snowstorm in December.

The authorities in North Dakota said on Wednesday that they had arrested about 75 protesters just south of a bridge that has become a focal point of demonstrations over the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The dozens arrested belong to what the Morton County Sheriff’s Department described in a statement as a “rogue group” that had set up camp on private property south of the Backwater Bridge, the site of previous standoffs between demonstrators and the police.

After instructing the group to take down the camp, law enforcement officers advanced on the site around 3:30 p.m. local time and cleared the area within about a half-hour, according to the statement.

“Regardless of this incident, it is our desire to continue the dialogue with tribal and camp leaders so that the camps continue to be cleaned and protesters leave prior to the flooding season,” the Morton County sheriff, Kyle Kirchmeier, said in a statement.

Representatives of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe worked with officers to collect tepee hides left at the site, according to the department, which said it had made nearly 700 arrests during protests since Aug. 10.

“We hope the arrestees are treated fairly and justly,” David Archambault II, the chairman of the Standing Rock reservation’s official tribal government, said in a statement.

About a week ago, President Trump acted to expedite the $3.7 billion pipeline, which the Army had sidetracked in December.

Despite reports on Tuesday suggesting that the Army Corps of Engineers had approved a final element of the pipeline, an Army Corps spokesman told The Associated Press on Wednesday that it had only begun its review of an easement, which is necessary for the pipeline’s completion.

In response to the news of the easement on Tuesday night, the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said it would pursue legal action to ensure that the Army Corps conducted an environmental impact study before granting an easement.

I love that the new American Revolution is all about science, facts, environmentalism, logic, and equality. 

First, it was the Women’s March, where an entire gender protested on day one of the Trump Regime. Then came the gag orders attempting to silence NASA, the Parks Service, the FDA, and other science and health-minded organizations, giving us rogue Twitter accounts that practically overflow with support, sass, and scientific facts. After that was the Science March where hundreds of thousands of people demanded that science and facts and logic be the highest order of the day instead of lies, pandering, and propaganda. Now we literally have states and cities declaring openly and aggressively that “no we will not turn our back on our own planet and global allies” and have actually formed a growing coalition of states pledging their independent allegiance to the Paris Agreement. 

A few weeks ago I would have said the Founding Fathers would have been ashamed to see what America has devolved into, but now I’d think they’d be proud. 

We are a nation of rebels through and through.