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The Promised No-study SAT Tips

I saw that a lot of you wanted these~ Disclaimer: You still have to know English and the basics of math for these. This goes especially if you’re not a native speaker - your English needs to be at a pretty good level.


  1. Read. A lot. Whenever you see a text that’s at least a paragraph or two long, take time to practice skimming. If you’re bored and have a little time, take something, for example a food wrapper, and try to find occurrences of a word (for example “Acid” for food) as quickly as possible. Hard mode: look for synonyms.
  2. Practice filling out the answer sheet. This is a massive time-sink for a lot of people, so you should practice to eliminate it. Print out an example answer sheet and try filling out the circles quickly and accurately without distracting yourself a lot. Hard mode:Try doing it while not focusing only on the circles - look away or start thinking about the next question.
  3. Check. A lot. The main goal of this strategy is to leave yourself enough time when you’ve filled out an answer for each question when you’re calm, know the questions and can focus on checking. Try and go through the questions, thinking, “This question tests this and that.” If you have the time, look at each answer and identify the error in it (harder for the math questions, but loads of fun if you can do it).
  4. Think in patterns: Whenever you’re stuck on an example question, don’t just check the answer. Try and understand how the person found it, if this question is similar to others you have seen. The SAT only uses a few different types of questions, there will rarely be something to surprise you if you know the common patterns.
  5. Rest: The SAT is a very demanding exam. Give your brain time to relax - my advice would be not to do anything mentally strenuous the day before the test. Also, something I found out from competitions - bring chocolate. The sugar in it helps your brain work better and shrug off tiredness and eating it will draw blood away from your brain, effectively hibernating it for the break to conserve energy. Also, it’s just a really tasty snack!


  1. Use the right format for the essay. There are a lot of easy points for using the four/five paragraph system. Introduction, Reason 1, Reason 2, Conclusion. Begin each paragraph with a topic sentence and follow up with a story from your life or a book/movie to illustrate it. This way, even without using fancy vocab or grammar, you can get the points for structure and critical thought. Now just try not to make any obvious spelling mistakes and call it a day!
  2. Try to quickly find an argument for the essay. They don’t actually rate how intelligent your argument is. So, take a minute or two, breathe deeply, and no matter how stupid your idea is, write it out. (You might still want to take caution with sensitive topics, especially if you’re an international. A dumb mistake I made in my first sitting was bashing on American charity - that definitely did not endear me to the proctors.)
  3. Paragraphs: You have to have experience reading - look at how the topic never changes abruptly. Insert sentences that link what’s written before and after the gap. Final sentences of paragraphs shouldn’t raise more questions.
  4. Sentence questions: Skim through the questions. Try to answer most of them, the first thing that comes to mind, and fill out the answer sheet immediately. Chances are, if it sounds good to you, it’s the correct choice. Do this quickly, then try and do the paragraphs. After you’ve done this, go back to the questions and start checking.
  5. They usually test for a few broad topics. Identify if each sentence fits one of the patterns and answer accordingly. For the others, try and think what error they might want you to make. If you know you have the time, look at each answer in turn and identify the mistake in it. The most common ways for you to change a sentence would be:
  • Fragments: Try and see if each clause has a subject and a verb. Example: “In the dim light, making his way through the cave.” -> “In the dim light, he makes his way through the cave.”
  • Subject-verb agreement: Make sure that the subject is the one actually doing the action and singular/plural match. Example: “Gathering stones, the river was blocked by the men.” Did the river gather stones? No.
  • Consistency: Make sure that something introduced one way is always referred to like that (don’t switch out ‘one’ for ‘you’ or ‘they’). Make sure there are no extra linkers (”Since I was there, but he went too.”). Check if any verbs change tense when they shouldn’t. Don’t compare apples to oranges (”His homework was as good as John.” -> “As good as John’s”).
  • Adverb or adjective? If it describes a verb, it has a ‘ly’. Example: “She winked playful.” -> “She winked playfully.”
  • Singular or plural? Make sure not to refer to a plural object in singular. “Pandas, numbering in the hundreds now, is an endangered species.”
  • Prepositions, linkers, all the small words Sadly, you’ll have to know how they’re used.


  1. Word fill: Note the answers that obviously don’t make sense. Mark the one of the others that sounds best to you (in the answer sheet, too!). If you don’t know one or more of the words, aim for simplicity. After you’ve quickly answered all of the reading questions, come back to these. Look at the relationships between the gap and the sentence - are you looking for a positive or negative word? Antonyms or synonyms to something before? Try and guess what unknown words mean. This way, you will probably be able to eliminate all the wrong answers.
  2. Reading comprehension: You are not tested for understanding the text. Keep this in mind. What you are actually trying to do here is quickly find synonyms. If the question asks for “Was Anna’s family a) warm b) cold c) the spawn of Cthulhu?”, chances are that the text contains “Anna’s relatives acted chilly.” or something like that. Read the first question. Skim the text until it comes to that topic, then look for synonyms of the answers. Don’t make deductions! If you come across a ‘general message’ or ‘tone of the author’ question, skip it and answer it at the end of the text. The other questions will be in the same order as the answers are mentioned in the text. Checking: If you have time, look at each answer and try to see what in the text could mislead somebody to make that mistake.


  1. Calculator use: My advice would be to not bring a complex graphing calculator. They just slow you down. Try and do most operations by hand, then use the calculator only for, well, calculations.
  2. Basic topics to know: You are expected to be familiar with how to rearrange equations (ab=1 is the same as a=1/b) and solve linear and quadratics; cosine and Pythagorean theorems; number representations of lines and their intersections; median, mean and mode.
  3. Solve like a crab! One of the best things I learnt in “Fun Math” classes was that problems are solved more easily if you work from the answer back. Try and see what you would need (in terms of information) to find the answer. Then look back to the text of the problem - is what you need there? In most SAT problems, it is, or you can easily find it.
  4. Visualise: Especially for distance or geometry problems, make a small chart of what’s happening. Make lines for the distances the cars traveled or draw that pesky cylinder. Try and see in your mind how different elements move and which stay the same.

I guess this is all that I can say for now. Of course, this is my strategy so it might not work for everyone or it might not work without practice, so don’t think it’s a miracle solve-all. I’m always open for questions about ideas or specific problems, just write an ask~ And good luck to all future test-takers!

April 29, 2017

Blue with Honorary Chair and auntie Solange at the first annual “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

Blue is wearing a custom made butterfly dress with thousands of Swarovski crystals by Mischka Aoki.


Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston attend the United Negro College Fund’s 46th Annual Awards Dinner on March 8, 1990 in New York.

Whitney Houston was presented with the UNCF’s Frederick D. Patterson Award for her support of black colleges. She raised a quarter of a million dollars at a benefit concert for the UNCF and had participated in many UNCF programs.

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sonoora  asked:

Would you happen to know if LUSH is still supporting Compassionworks?

Yup, they are. I don’t think they have a charity pot out right now, but CWI was using LUSH’s branding on their table at the National Animal Rights conference this summer and promoting the association. 

For those new followers who weren’t around for the beginning of this story, back in April of this year, CompassionWorks International decided to use the publicity around the birth of April the Giraffe’s baby to attack zoos; they did so by straight up lying about the factual success of conservation projects, deleting any comments by zookeepers or the public who tried to correct the gaslighting, and then bragging about how many people they’d blocked because they’d supported zoos on the post. The problem is that the Lush guidelines for American charity pot sponsors say they support organizations that do “environmental conservation” and “animal welfare” work - even if CWI’s sponsorship comes from the animal welfare side of things, it’s still a huge issue for an organization that funds conservation work to support a group that is fine lying about conservation. You can read more about it here - a lot of people wrote Lush and got responses that all boiled down to ‘CWI is does education about animal cruelty and we support them’. I spoke to the woman who runs the CWI Facebook page at the national animal rights conference, by the way, and she openly admitted that she hates zoos because they do some good conservation work and that makes it harder to get people to hate them - so there’s confirmation that they were purposefully lying on Facebook to mislead supporters into thinking no zoo conservation effort has been successful. 

Unfortunately, LUSH is pretty solidly in the animal rights (not animal welfare) camp at this point, sadly. The US site is the only one that talks about animal welfare work - the UK site talks about ‘animal protection’ which is a common radical animal rights buzzword - and even the language on the US site is pretty charged (they don’t support anyone “involved in cruelty or subjugation of animals”). 

One of the current Canadian Charity Pots funds a campaign to move Lucy, a lone Asian elephant in a zoo in Alberta, to PAWS - despite that fact that a very thorough and entirely transparent evaluation by a well-qualified independent expert determined that it’s best for her health to stay where she is and that her current care provides impressive “active behavioral consideration and management” -   “so she can heal.” The irony of this is that Lucy has a congenital respiratory pathology that requires active medical support, and not only did the expert who assessed potential options for her rule the facility out because it doesn’t have “the handling systems nor [the free-contact] culture required to manage [her] problems,” but PAWS is has well documented issues with resident elephants dying of tuberculosis. That’s not a great situation into which to send an animal whose respiratory system is already compromised - not to mention the fact that it’s likely Lucy would die during a long transport due to complications from her respiratory issues. Despite all this publicly available evidence, LUSH is still choosing to support an “animal welfare” initiative that is most likely to end in the death of the elephant involved… it certainly appears that they agree with CWI about zoos being evil and that even death is better than an animal’s life in one. 

April 29, 2017

Honorary chair Kelly Rowland at the first “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

April 29, 2017

Wearing Issey Miyake, Honorary Chair Solange before attending the first annual “Wearable Art Gala” held at the California African American Museum.

Created by Ms. Tina and Mr. Richard Lawson, proceeds from the gala and auction will benefit the couple’s WACO (Where Art Can Occur) Theater Center and the teens they are mentoring, Tina’s Angels and Richard’s Warriors.

Because my dashboard is taking fancy to discussing racist sports teams, I may as well defend my pride and joy.

“Your favorite team is the Blackhawks”

Yes, yes it is.


Nah Fam. That organization is the furthest from racist. There’s a reason nobody bitches about them.

First off, what’s in a name?

The Chicago Blackhawks, formally styled as Black Hawks, weren’t named directly after Chief Black Hawk. Rather, the original owner of the franchise, Frederic McLaughlin, was a commander in the 333rd Machine Gun Battalion of the 86th Infantry during WW1, which was nicknamed the Blackhawk Battalion. This was nicknamed off the Chief for mentioned above, however, not directly. Yet, it was still styled as Black Hawk, until documentation showed that the Battalion spelling of the nickname was one word.

“It’s still racist. Look at the logo!”

Okay. Let’s look at the logo. Actually, why not an evolution of the logo? The wife of the owner, Irene, drew out the logo in black and white, in 1927, styling how the Saux tribe chiefs, where Chief Black Hawk was from, would have it. No exaggerated features, nothing mocking. Just a strong drawing. Now, 1936-1937, was absolutely racist. However, as seen, that logo lasted a year at most, and even for the time, where that kind of depiction was seen as okay, it was still removed, out of respect for the tribe and the namesake.

So, in the next generation of logo, we start seeing a more modern feel of the logo we know and love. The skin was given a more realistic color, as well as the hair and feather stylization. From there, extra additions were removed, the style was cleaned up a bit, bolded, and by 1965, the logo we are quite familiar with, was born.

No red skin, no goofy face, nothing obnoxious. Just a respectable and serious logo.


At many sports games, when there is a Native American named team, you often hear drums beating, a warrior cry, perhaps a native mascot dancing around with a tomahawk, maybe fighting against the other mascot.

Go to a Hawks game. We play Chelsea Dagger. We have our signature air horn. Our players even have signature goal songs. There is nothing remotely taken from any Native American culture in our games.


-is treated with the utmost respect. On the floor of the locker room, our lovely logo lays on the floor. If you step on it, you pay a fine of $10,000, donated directly to Native American charities. Try us. Not even Bieber was immune to this. Speaking of charities, the Wirtz family, the current owners of the franchise, is the largest donor to the American Indian Center of Chicago, which helps those of native and aboriginal decent in the state. That’s just one charity. Plus, as a bonus, for every game in the regular season and every round of the playoffs, there will always be a native veteran in watching, often standing for the national anthem on ice. It is because of everything mentioned above, the Blackhawks have nothing but respect in the eyes of those who grant them the moniker.

So, now that this was taken care of, when one of you guys inevitably tries to hop on a bandwagon to shit on the Chicago Blackhawks, you cannot claim ignorance in claiming that you don’t know the history of this logo and team. Take down teams that regularly diminish culture and history. Leave this team out of it.

Anything is Possible

AKA: YouTuber AU

Chapter: 1/?

summary: Thomas didn’t appreciate someone else putting a glass ceiling on his options. It wasn’t like he actually wanted a relationship with Hamilton to be within the realm of possibility but fuck anyone who thought he couldn’t make it happen if he tried to. 

word count:  2534 words

inspired by this conversation i had with @teamfreefuckery

taggins: @angerybisexual & @ryanreyolds !! 

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anappealtoheaven  asked:

In what ways are the Boy Scouts a nationalistic, paramilitary group? Most scouts drop before they earn First Class.

Glorification of the United States, focus individualism over collectivism, typically in the form survival in hostile environments (excellent preparation for a future tool of American imperialism) and private charity and individual acts of kindness as solutions to systemic problems, decades spent upholding the racism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia inherent in the American Way.

I know we talk a lot about Asian Kate Bishop but what about Native American Kate Bishop? I’m here for that

how on the one hand everyone’s like “yeah, but you’re white” and on the other “lol Hawkeye and archery isn’t that sort of stereotypical?” and Kate just OWNING all of it, every aspect of her heritage and name and skills and not caring what anyone says

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Attention to fellow autistic users!

As we all know, this is Autism Acceptance month and during this time, most of us have to put up with the harmful rhetoric of Autism Speaks and the Light it up Blue campaign, with many people not realising how harmful and demoralising it is to actually autistic people.

I have currently been commissioned to write an expose piece on Autism Speaks about why they are doing much more harm than good for autism awareness. In my country, many people are not aware of where the light it up blue campaign comes from or what it actually means, therefore I have been asked to write a piece explaining why it’s bad and you shouldn’t do it. I’d like to reach out to other people on the spectrum: if you have a story or a bad experience involving Autism Speaks or would just be willing to speak out against them, please message me to get involved (it would be even better if you lived in America, as they are an american based charity). 

If you’d like to help me and take part, please get in touch and message me. It always thrills me to be commissioned for work I am deeply involved in and this is a great opportunity for us to have our voices listened to, as opposed to our relatives or autism experts. 

Olicity oneshot: Win a date with Oliver Queen

Summary: Oliver’s mother signs him up for a charity auction (much to his unending horror), and there’s only one person who can save him from the terrible fate of getting auctioned off to one of his crazy stalkers. The only problem is convincing her to do it in the first place.[companion to P.S. I Hate You]

Author’s note: A belated birthday gift to the lovely @thebelovedsaralance. Happy birthday, Anna!

I posted the first half of this story earlier this week, so you can read it here. Or you can just read the whole thing on AO3 or


The crowd at the annual Starling City Chamber of Commerce fundraiser could have been mistaken for the audience at a Beatles concert.

Only the fundraiser crowd was much better dressed.

Oliver sighed as he peeked through the curtain. The yahoos who organized the event rented out one of the big conference rooms at the Starling City Grand and set up a stage, complete with wings and everything. And in about twenty minutes, Oliver would be paraded onto that stage, like he was a specimen at a cattle auction or something.

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