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I’m imagining the Triwizard tournament coming back with Ilvermorny house going to Hogwarts and anytime their champion comes on they all start doing the ‘stomp stomp clap’ for We Will Rock You and just start singing it as their headmaster tries to stop them.


Malcolm X : “My advice always to brother Cassius is that he never do anything that will in any way tarnish or take away from his image as the Heavyweight Champion of the world, because I frankly believe that Cassius is in a better position than anyone else to restore a sense of racial pride to not only our people in this country but all over the world. He is trying his best to live a clean life and project a clean image, but despite this you’ll find the press is constantly trying to paint him as something other than what he actually is. He doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t drink; in fact if he was white they’d be referring to him as the All-American Boy, like they used to refer to Jack Armstrong.”


Go Cubs Go- Hamilton Chicago

Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is a true role model.

She was living illegally in the US of A, but…

–She came over when she was 14. She was not a legal adult, she was only a child in poverty, and snuck over to this Land of Freedom. She was on her own in 1995, and survived in the USA until 2017. Twenty-one years of living and making something for herself…I respect that completely.

–She married and raised a family. She lived the American Dream.

–She found work and was apparently a skilled-enough worker that she didn’t get in trouble or raise suspicions–she was no criminal, no drug addict, no vagrant. She made a living for herself, starting from the bottom.

–She was arrested during a police operation that was aimed at her place of employment, not her person–but she was apparently of high-enough quality that after a year in jail, immigration never felt that it was worthwhile to deport her.

–She showed up to her meetings every year. She did her duty, she followed orders, she followed regulations.

–And then, as soon as a rich white boy who grew up surrounded by his father’s wealth managed to con his way into the White House, she was deported. She still showed up, she knew it was going to happen, but she walked straight ahead because it was her duty. 

–We do, indeed, need immigration reform, because as far as I’m concerned, the men at that station should have looked at her accomplishments and said, “It’s an honor and a privilege to have you in our country, Miss Garcia de Rayos. Would you like to remain as an American citizen?”

She is a greater person than Donald Trump will ever be. May God bless her in the coming days.
The Cowgirls of Color: the black women's team bucking rodeo trends
Rodeo has remained a sport dominated by white men, but the two-year-old team whose members met in Maryland is inspiring girls as they seek victory

Like most equestrian sports, rodeo has always been mostly white. Black cowboys competed in rodeos from the 1940s, but tales of corrupt scoring and judges literally turning their backs on black contestants proliferated for decades thereafter, stalling the growth of the sport among black riders. Black cowboys who entered rodeos “would be discriminated against in ways that were supposed to be subtle”, says Carolyn Carter, the general manager of the Bill Pickett rodeo. In 1968, the legendary bull rider Myrtis Dightman was advised to “turn white” if he wanted to claim the top prizes.

Since then, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) hall of famer Fred Whitfield has won multiple world titles and become the first African American all-around champion, amassing millions in prize money, while Bill Pickett’s six-city tour has become a mainstay on the rodeo scene, a feeder for black riders into traditional events where almost all the contestants are still white.

There was $46m in prize money handed out last year in the PRCA circuit, the most ever. While several black cowboys have competed in the world’s biggest rodeo, the National Rodeo Finals in Las Vegas, no African American woman has yet qualified.

Though a few pro cowgirls, including Kanesha Jackson, are inching closer to that milestone, there is still a perception problem outside the rodeo community, says Pennie, 44. She runs a not-for-profit youth organization in Washington DC that’s become increasingly focused on educating children about horses. “In my community, so many people don’t believe that women ride. Not just women, but black women.”

But across the board, the needle is moving. Ronni Frank, a third-generation cowgirl and Bill Pickett coordinator, gives Hollywood some credit for that. “Society has improved since 30 years ago, when there wasn’t the acknowledgment of the African American presence [in rodeo],” she says. Jamie Foxx’s turn in Django Unchained and Denzel Washington’s starring role in this year’s remake of The Magnificent Seven have marked a shift that makes her job a little easier, she says. “Did I think we’d see Denzel on the front of a cowboy movie poster 30 years ago? Absolutely not.”

This year marks progress for the Cowgirls of Color. Last year, a lame horse meant they missed the Bill Pickett rodeo entirely. But despite a disappointment at their first event this year, the ambition of the team isn’t lost on their audience. “I found out that I inspired this little girl and she’s riding now,” says KB. “Imagine how many other little girls we can do this for.”

Man Crush Monday: Joe Kovacs

The Olympics are only a few weeks away, and one of the athletes I’m most excited to see in action is sexy shot putter Joe Kovacs. 

The man is gorgeous. Exactly my type. He’s 6′0, 276 lbs of beefy, and has an adorable face. He looks like a cuddly teddy bear that I’d love snuggle with. 

Rio will be Kovacs first Olympics. He’s currently the world record holder in shot put, which he won in Beijing last year. 

Joe is also a fellow Pennsylvanian, which makes me like him even more. He hails from Bethlehem, PA. He’s only 27. I have no idea how long shot put throwers careers usually last, but hopefully this big sexy man has a long one ahead of him. 

When I think of my vision of the perfect man Joe Kovacs is definitely what comes to mind. Hopefully he brings home the gold! 

Matt with Jeremy Abbott (Figure skating champion who skated to Exogenesis: Symphony Part 3) 

Jeremy Abbott

#FBF to meeting @mattbellamy in my hometown. I was really trying to keep my cool while talking to him. It’s extremely difficult to act chill when the person standing in front of you, along with his band, changed the course of your life. When I decided to skate to Exogenesis Symphony Part 3, in 2011, I was at a place where I thought figure skating had given up on me and I was close to giving up on it as well. I heard this piece of music and I had no other choice but to skate, to be defiant of the nay sayers (myself included), and to fight. This piece allowed me to start over again artistically, emotionally, and physically. It gave me the courage to do my own choreography for the first time and put myself out there in the competitive circuit, raw and exposed. I was terrified, but it became home for me. I found solace in this piece and it became a signature for me. I won two of my US titles skating to this man’s music (2012 & 2014) and It helped give me redemption at my second Olympics. (A little too on the nose huh?) Anyway, thank you Matt and @muse for the amazing gift you gave me. I truly can’t express enough gratitude. x


Muhammad Ali: “Turning my back on Malcolm was one of the mistakes that I regret most in my life. I wish I’d been able to tell Malcolm I was sorry, that he was right about so many things. But he was killed before I got the chance. He was a visionary ahead of us all. 

Malcolm was the first to discover the truth, that color doesn’t make you a devil. It is the heart, soul, and mind that define a person.

Malcolm was a great thinker and an even greater friend. I might never have become a Muslim if it hadn’t been for Malcolm. If I could go back and do it over again, I would never have turned my back on him.”

Elimination Chamber was fucking amazing! Everyone did great in their matches!

The show tonight really just proved even more to me that SD is better than RAW. We got three great women’s matches, a great elimination chamber match, great tag team turmoil, Nao is finally women’s champ, and Bray is wwe champ. So proud of the SD roster for putting on one hell of a show!

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