american bulldogs

               ( out of control. ) just so everyone know.
               stxryteller stole a dog out of someone’s
               yard today; (it obviously wasn’t taken care
               of, skin an bones, scars everywhere, sad
               lookin shit) so you should be proud of him.
               it’s a huge pitbull/american bulldog mix,
               and literally could have ripped him in half.
                 and he just goes “well it was sad so here
                 it is. it didn’t bite me, so. that’s good. what
                 do i do with it now?” so it’s hanging out with
                 my dog, and it’s such a damn baby.

                       *note; i would have happily done this
                        the legit way, but it’s out of my shelters
                        jurisdiction, and the HES is a high kill
                        shelter so i was like bruh no.


This dog is called Opi. He is an American Bulldog/Catahoula mix. He is 8 months old and deaf. He likes to chase laser points around the house and doesnt like being alone. He will want to follow you out of the house. He is up to date on all his vaccinations and is micro chipped. He lives in the Brevard County, Florida area. He needs a loving home with lots of time to give. He CAN NOT be in a house with other dogs. He loves people though, even kids. So please ADOPT HIM!

I can be contacted at if you are interested.