american bobtail cat

Iwaoi Cats! based off of tweets/skype between, @moami, @astronautical-polarbear, @starlitciities and myself

Also everyone should check out @astronautical-polarbear‘s HQ cats cause holy shit they are ADORBS

What kind of cat they'd be

As requested by squadron-of-damned. :)

We already considered what type of dog Bleach characters would be, if, you know, they were dogs. Now it is time to do the same thing, only with cat breeds!

1. Hanataro: Munchkin

Munchkin cats are the corgis of the cat world: itty-bitty short legs, surprisingly fast, and super, super adorable. So, basically Hanataro.

Hanataro: It is true that I have trouble reaching the top shelves!

2. Halibel: Aegean

These cats are native to Greece, and were wild for a long time before they were ever domesticated. They like to be near the water, because they happen to love fish. And Halibel, despite living in a desert, has water powers and is a shark.

Halibel: And much like the Aegean cats, I sometimes regret ever deciding to live with men.

3. Ukitake: Persian

Persian kitties have gorgeous fur. Just, long and silky and soft and gorgeous. They enjoy draping themselves over furniture, as if to show off their gorgeous looks (or possibly, in Ukitake’s case, because of fainting). Also they kinda tend to have medical problems.

Ukitake: Awww, I’m so FLUFFY!

Hisagi: American Wirehair

American wirehairs are the punks of the cat world. They have short wiry hair, kinda like a brillo pad, only if you actually touch them, they are surprisingly soft and cuddly. And who do we know who seems punk and spiky but is secretly a big softie dork?


Hisagi: Captain Muguruma?

Kensei: Yeah, nice try.

5. Mashiro: American Curl

These cats are so named because their ears have this weird distinctive curl. Personality-wise, they act like kittens for their whole lives. And they’re really acrobatic!

Mashiro: That does sound like me!

Kensei: Great. So I adopted a fake punk cat and a perpetual kitten.

Kensei: Why did this seem like a good idea?

6. Rose: Japanese Bobtail

These cats really like to talk, and because they tend to make a variety of melodic sounds, they are often described as “singing.” And that was enough for me to assign this one to Rose.

Rose: Also I am very good luck, apparently!

7. Byakuya: Russian Blue

Because these cats scream elegance. Or they would. If they weren’t too refined for screaming. Only peasants scream. Russian Blues quietly show off their sleek, shiny fur. Also they are slow to warm up to people, but once they do, they are intensely loyal.

Byakuya: Is there a Russian Pink? I would prefer that.

8. Ikkaku: Sphinx

Because it is athletic and likes to show off. Also it has long toes. And, you know, hairless.


Yumichika: So not like you then.

9. Kenpachi: Siberian

This cat is giant. We’re talking up to twenty pounds giant. But it’s also athletic, fluffy, and good with kids.

Kenpachi: I guess I do groom myself a lot…

10. Unohana: Norwegian Forest Cat

As I’ve mentioned before. Because these cats are elegant, sleek and gorgeous. And they can run down a fox.

Unohana: Cold climate cats are the Kenpachis of the feline world.

11. Hachigen: British Shorthair

These cats have round faces, chubby cheeks, and they sort of look like they’re smiling all the time. They’re really mellow and sweet too. You just wanna cuddle them. So, Hachigen.

Sasakibe: I-I wanted to be the British shorthair!!

12. Renji: Domestic Shorthair

This is like the mutt of the cat world. *cough*

Renji: Well at least it’s an athletic cat.

13. Komamura: Ragamuffin

Not even gonna lie. This is about how the Ragamuffin is giant (small dog giant) but also very, very cuddly. And they really love humans.

Komamura: Much like the ragamuffin cat, I go limp when I receive good scritches.

14. Hinamori: American Bobtail

These cats are really sensitive. Apparently they’re so good at sensing stress in humans that they get used for psychotherapy. And Hinamori is one sensitive lady. Plus American bobtails are escape artists. And who’s better at escaping death than Hinamori?

Aizen: Also don’t these cats bond with their owner? Very strongly?

Hinamori: Loyalty is normally a good thing!

15. Shinji: Chartreux

Um mostly I chose this because this cat is the mascot for this big jazz festival. But also these cats are supposed to be really smart and observant. They can learn to push buttons ‘n’ stuff.

Shinji: Wait! But it says here that a Chartreux will follow its preferred human from room to room!

Shinji: So isn’t this more Aizen?


Aizen: What are you implying?

16. Gin: Devon Rex

This cat looks seriously creepy. Big eyes, enormous ears, triangular face. And Gin needs a creepy-looking cat. Especially one that is incredibly naughty and mischievous too.

Gin: The eyes are wide open?

Gin: No wonder this cat looks so weird.

17. Chad: Maine Coon

Because the maine coon is a giant, muscular cat. That happens to be the sweetest cat ever.

Chad: Yeah. Sounds like me.

18. Yoruichi: Arabian Mau

This breed of cat is really ancient (you know, like Soul Society’s high noble families) and comes from the desert. This means that it’s lean and fit and a survivor. Plus, although they do fine without humans, they tend to be very playful and active once they are with humans. The type that might steal your hair tie and run away, you know.

Yoruichi: Aren’t I a kind of cat already?

19. Ichigo: Bengal

This cat is descended from wild leopards. It has an orangish coat (eh? eh?) and is extremely active. Wild, almost. Also it has this special immunity to cat leukemia thanks to its ancestors. A sort of inherited super power, if you will.

Grimmjow: Hey! Why does Kurosaki get to be the leopard? I should be the wild cat!

Ichigo: I’m sure the blogger chose a cool cat for you, Grimmjow.

20. Grimmjow: Siamese

The neediest of all cats. Once a Siamese has decided that you are its playmate, it will follow you around, yowling for attention. Have you ever seen Siamese cats react to their owners being in the shower? They just meow and meow and meow until the owner comes out! Kinda like Grimmjow. Yelling Ichigo’s name. Reaching a paw inside the tent. I mean hand.



Grimmjow: I am displeased.