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i need a hug bc of the gay angst ™

no hugs for th e syl sorry ;)


October 2016 - i was invited along by mates of mine to help Mighty Car Mods turn a 2001 WRX wagon into a ute in 2 days. We flew to the US, built it in 2 days, battled Roadkill in their 600hp 69 Impala and roadtripped our car from LA to San Diego and then Vegas. Epic memories!


I was gonna upload this tomorrow because it’s 4AM and I’ve lost control of my life, but just decided to do it anyway. lol

Chase, don’t let him tote you around like that.

The murder of Marilyn Monroe

Part I: Setting the Scene

Marilyn was found dead in the early hours of August 5, 1962, facedown and nude, of an apparent barbiturate overdose.

There were some real problems with that story, though.

At the time of her autopsy, Marilyn had enough barbituates in her blood that equaled 17-18 Chloral Hydrate and roughly 60-70 Nembutal capsules and a “marked” discoloration in her colon. Most importantly though, she only had .3 ccs of liquid in her stomach, and no drinking glass was found anywhere in the bedroom. She was also having renovations done at the time, so the water was shut off in the en suite bathroom. If she had locked herself in the room with no water, how does someone ingest that many pills without water?

Spoiler alert! They don’t. They were murdered.

So now we must Benson & Stabler this bitch and investigate the facts.

Putting this under the cut since it’s kind of long and also considered off-blog topic, but let’s try some new things!

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