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We love to get on Africans or West Indians for thinking they're better than AA but that shit goes both ways

I agree fully and acknowledge that Africans and West Indians often enter this country with the mindset that AA are the problem & they need to separate themselves. That mindset is taught back home and is the product of colonization. As a Haitian I can remember other Haitians saying not to associate with AA but it goes both ways. Most of my bullying growing up came from AA. I can remember going up to
A group of African Americans to befriend them
And the minute I said I was Haitian I heard all types of slanderous jokes. Booty scratcher, voodoo Child, poor, ugly, Haitians smelly etc. growing up I was aware there was a divide between African Americans, Haitians, and Africans but let’s not act like the problem doesn’t go both ways. Africans and West Indians need to unlearn the anti-African American/black rhetoric and AA need to learn more about Haitian, African history/culture.


#BeingBlackandMuslim Portrait Series by Bobby Rogers

Visual artist and photographer Bobby Rogers’ latest portrait series #BeingBlackandMuslim taps on members of the Black Muslim community to share their harrowing experiences with, well, simply being who they are. 

The eyeopening series exposes stereotypes and stigmas plaguing the community; further proving we all have more work to do when it comes to bringing awareness to squash these century-old, derogatory ways of thinking.