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that damn taco made my night 😍
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Look at this photo and try and tell me that I’m less worthy of love, power and attention because I have more fat cells, that I’m less intelligent because my skin is the color that they hate, but try to achieve. It’s Friday and I urge you all to step away from the concept that your physicality is where your worth is. Fuck the constructed labels they pin to you and enjoy your existence in its full form today.


Happy dark skin appreciation day!! I have struggled my whole life to get here! Like a proud momma right now! Not sure if I am a day late or not but I am gonna jump in because the appreciation should be, will be, stay being everyday! Black is beautiful and no matter how many thousands of people say otherwise we stay slaying all day, errrrrrrriday! You are all beautiful (especially my dark skin rays of everlasting sunshine!) Hate on me haters ;D