american bars


Part 3 of the American Diner, a collaboration project by @daer0n and me. All the stuff that we used in the previews is part of this set, so if there’s anything you want, but is not included in this part, check out part 1 & part 2

Some of the items have slots so you can put things inside / stack them up. A few bar counter islands are “empty” so you need the glass blocks and place them inside.

Included items in this set are: Checkered Island counters (4), Glass for the island counters (2), Tray (stackable, slotted), Coffeemaker (non-functional, slotted), Coffeepot, Counters (5), Coffee can, Island Ceiling blocks (2, rounded and squared) (deco), Round barstool, Spoon, Coffeecups (3), Glasses (8), Menu cards (2), Straw Holder, Neon sign coffee, Cake slice, Soda dispenser (non-functional, slotted), Wall shelves (5), Bottles (2), Black and white ceiling block, Fridge (non-functional, slotted) and plates (3, 1 of them is stackable).


(19.7 MB)

*Please re-download for the soda dispenser!


since everyone loves the beauty and the beast au so much i redraw these screencaps i saved a while ago???????? john needs to stop fighting wolves and yelling at alex for tryin to help (dw alex but him in his place by bein like “listen bitch im trying to help u”)


Gymnastics Legends (Part 2/): Simone Biles, the greatest female gymnast of all time

  • the first female gymnast to sweep the major all around titles (Worlds & Olympics) in a quad (2013-2016)
  • 5 Olympic medals and 14 World medals
  • 4x Olympic Champion and 10x World champion
  • has been a World or Olympic champion in vault, balance beam, and floor exercise
  • swept every major floor title this quad
  • shares the record for the most gold medals by a female gymnast in a single Olympic games
  • 4x US National Champion (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)
  • most decorated American gymnast of all time
  • has her own eponymous skill, the “Biles,” or a double layout with ½ turn

Drink up, buttercup. You’re about to get all the Mr. Wednesday you can handle. 

Hilarious synchronistic universe

Okay this requires y’all to follow my wacky stream of consciousness so bear with me. I’m sitting at work during a particularly slow graveyard shift and it’s 3am. I’m reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman. The God Odin and the Goddess Bastet make appearances ( I won’t mention how big or small because no one likes spoilers! ) It’s common knowledge that Odin is often referred to as being one-eyed. It’s also common knowledge that Bastet is the Goddess of cats and is depicted with the head of a black cat. So the book is very good and it’s got me thinking of deities, and how they do or don’t play a role a in my life depending on if I believe or don’t. I briefly wonder what a child of Odin and Bastet might have looked like if in some wobbly universe they had offspring. I go to look out the back door at the stars to contemplate the gods when I see this: 

Guys, it’s a one-eyed cat! A black one to boot! We live in a hilarious, wacky universe! I’m not a believer in deities, but I do believe the universe has sense of humor.