american apparel advertising
Sex Sells – Clippings Autumn 2017 – Medium
an article about sexual objectification in advertising
By Bethany Nolan

Let’s be clear: when we say “sex sells”, we’re talking about female sexuality. We’re saying that the female body sells. We’re saying that the objectification of female sexuality makes money.

That’s where we begin.

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Thomas Alleman’s striking shots of American Apparel ads in LA

“I found the dialogue between the simple, clean and direct presentation of a hip fashion fantasy and the urban environments that surround these ads really striking.”

The sensationalist sexualisation inherent in the images is made more blatant by Thomas’s juxtapositions. His series seems to posit the idea that the ads, predominately featuring scantily clad women, aren’t even really about marketing clothes, but rather about projecting and indoctrinating a brand’s identity, an identity that seems strikingly superficial and at odds with the urban landscape of everyday L.A.