american anti corruption act

Josh Hutcherson Joins Nonpartisan Anti-Corruption Movement

Represent.Us coalition, created by both conservatives and progressives, now enlists the help of Hollywood.

While Americans were casting ballots for President Tuesday night, South Dakota voters were also weighing in on a proposal designed to clean up government statewide. The measure passed, and now Represent.Us is hoping the victory will spur some momentum to do the same across the country.

On Thursday, the grassroots organization released a video in which Hutcherson, Martin Sheen, Laura Dern and other stars encourage the public to get similar measures put on their states’ ballots.

Represent.Us is ultimately hoping for nationwide passage of the American Anti-Corruption Act, penned by Federal Elections Commission chair Trevor Potter in 2012. The act calls for stricter guidelines on lobbying, tougher ethics laws, and increased government transparency.

The act would also reform elections funding. Hutcherson has repeatedly called for the overturning of the 2010 Citizens United decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled the First Amendment protects corporate campaign donations.

(Image credits: Represent.Us)