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Do you think Japanese Akitas and American Akitas should be recognized as two separate breeds or the same? I've seen arguments for both but I always leaned towards separating them because I think they're quite different.

Considering Cardigan & Pembroke Corgis are separate breeds, I think it would only make sense. 

American style Akitas originated from the original Akita Inus during WWII. There was an unfortunate wartime government order for all non-military dogs to be culled. In an effort to preserve the Akita Inu, they were bred with the only military dogs around - German Shepherds. After the war, Japanese dog fanciers began to restore the Akita back to its original fox-like appearance. The GSD style Akitas were not desired, due to their appearance, and were not accepted as show quality. However, the American soldiers did appreciate the bear-like fighting dogs that became of the GSD mixes, and brought them back to the US with them.

(Above, American Akita)

(Above, Japanese Akita Inu)

Not only do they look different, but they come in different coat colors, height, weight, and personality. Akita Inus were originally bred as hunting dogs, but American Akitas were transformed into fighting dogs.

Visiting the sisters!

Phew! I’m telling you, I’ve been running around like a crazy person all morning. My twin sister, @thenestingmama, gave birth to her little baby daughter very early today at 04.52 AM. She actually told me late last night on April 1st, that she was going into labor. But you know, it being the one day to make pranks etc, I did not even believe her one bit, haha. Even she was a little surprised. So congratulations to her and her family. The new baby is absolutely stunning!

But because of the birth of my little niece, I grabbed two of my boys this morning, and went to visit them for an hour or so. My sister was really exhausted, but she and her family were very happy to see us, and we had a wonderful time. I didn’t take any photos during the visit, since it was just a quick and quiet visit. Just saying hi, you know… But since my twin sister lives very close to our half sister, Kassidy, we decided to drop by her, before going back home!

It has actually been awhile since we last saw Kassidy and her family. She just moved to Saint Greer Island a few weeks ago, so she has definitely not always been this close to us. But surprisingly, her little son and even her husband recognized us, which made me really happy. Forest is a little over 2 years old, and he fits right in with Max and Aiden. Our boys had so much fun together, and I can’t wait to visit both of my sisters a lot more often now! Hopefully we’ll be able to see my half brother again, soon, too!

While I was out to visit family, Damian was left alone with our other kids at home, and even though I’m sure he can manage, I didn’t want to leave him for too long. He’s had a few very hard days at work, and this is his only day off in a long time, so I wanted him to be able to relax a bit (not that it’s ever possible with our crazy kids, haha), and spend the day with him myself, as well! So I wasn’t gone for too many hours, and I’m now home with all my favorite people!

Alsooo… I love these two boys together. It really makes me happy to see them get along so well, even after so many months without seeing each other.

Tuna and Salmon the GSD American Akita mixes!

These two balls of fun belong to @fishsticksfromthenorth-ish, thanks to them for letting me draw their doggies! Credit is also due to them for the reference photo I used. I’m really enjoying this “lineless” style with the simple colours! Watch this space, I should be opening for commissions in this style soon :)