american akitas

a Fallout 4 ghoul oc. a priest, goes by the name father Eugene. for a few years, he’s been accompanied by an American akita which he found as an abandoned stray and christened as Delilah; she was small as a puppy but grew out to be quite huge as an adult.

eyes gouged out of their sockets as a payment for sins of the past, not a day goes by without repent.

i am socially pretty awkward so let this be a humble reach-out at @railroad-blues & co, your gang of ghouls is so cool……

GTA V Characters as dogs

Franklin as a Rottweiler

Michael as a Siberian Husky

Trevor as a Wolf/Dog hybrid

Amanda as a Golden Retriever

Tracey as a Siberian Husky/Golden Retriever hybrid

Jimmy as a Siberian Husky

Brad as a Labrador Retriever

Wade as a Border Collie

Floyd as a Border Collie too

Ron as a Grey Wolf

Chef as an American Akita Inu

Lamar as a Doberman

Next characters coming soon 

PS :

I don’t have any idea for Lester, can you give me one?