american akita inu

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Do you think Japanese Akitas and American Akitas should be recognized as two separate breeds or the same? I've seen arguments for both but I always leaned towards separating them because I think they're quite different.

Considering Cardigan & Pembroke Corgis are separate breeds, I think it would only make sense. 

American style Akitas originated from the original Akita Inus during WWII. There was an unfortunate wartime government order for all non-military dogs to be culled. In an effort to preserve the Akita Inu, they were bred with the only military dogs around - German Shepherds. After the war, Japanese dog fanciers began to restore the Akita back to its original fox-like appearance. The GSD style Akitas were not desired, due to their appearance, and were not accepted as show quality. However, the American soldiers did appreciate the bear-like fighting dogs that became of the GSD mixes, and brought them back to the US with them.

(Above, American Akita)

(Above, Japanese Akita Inu)

Not only do they look different, but they come in different coat colors, height, weight, and personality. Akita Inus were originally bred as hunting dogs, but American Akitas were transformed into fighting dogs.