american directioners

«Venivo sempre qui. Quando il mondo mi stava stretto, così stretto da togliermi il fiato. Me ne stavo a guardare l'oceano, e pensavo “Andate tutti a fanculo”. La scuola non conta proprio un cazzo, Kurt Cobain, Quentin Tarantino, Marlon Brandon, DeNiro, Al Pacino, tutti hanno smesso di andare a scuola. Io odiavo quella scuola, così venivo qui, e guardavo questa infinita distesa di acqua, e mi dicevo “È questa la tua vita, tu puoi fare qualsiasi cosa, puoi essere chi vuoi, chissenefrega della scuola. È solo un puntino insignificante della tua vita. Non farci caso"»

-Tate,American Horror Story.

For the American Directioners

Sometimes I wonder why I chose to make One Direction my obsession; I mean I live in America, and my chances of meeting them are slim to none. I could have chosen the Jonas Brothers, or Justin Bieber, or even Big Time Rush, but no. I chose five boys who live across the ocean. You know what though, I don’t think I would have it any other way. They changed my life, and when people have the ability to change a life, you know they are special. 

Okay, So I am kind of tired of everyone hating on American fans, since I am one myself. I have been one for a very long time WAY before they came to america. People we can love them too, just because we aren't from the UK doesn't mean they aren't our boys too. They went number one in america because they already had fans here, not because of the tv shows they are doing or interviews, which I am saying has helped them reach out to more american fans, but trust me us American directioners have been here waiting and its been a long time coming. I can finally walk into a store and see my boys on the cover of a magazine, I can finally buy a poster with them on it and not have to order it online. Do you know how amazing that feels? so please stop with all the american directioner hate. We are a family lets all get along we love the boys just as much as you guys do. <3