Just finished Blood Rites. This is the one that hooked me. All the recurring players have been established and momentum is building toward the overarching mysteries. Hitting its stride and whatnot. Coincidently, this is also the book where he got a dog. Heh.

And yeeeeah… that sassy, devil-may-care hedonist burdened by overwhelming sexiness and hiding a wounded heart with the whole the tragic story of his one true love… Ouch, Thomas. Hit me right in the favorite archetype. And that was even before he showed up drunk in a Buffy shirt and a cloud of weed smoke.

Sold || Closed ||

draco was tense, his father and him had fought for the last few days over what was about to happen. He had screamed and cried, and been beaten until he finally just succumbed to his fathers wishes.

“you are mine!” his father had screamed, only hours before. “Mine to sell and to keep, to do with what i wish!” theyd been going at it for so long, and draco was making no leeway with  proving that he belonged to himself, and in fact he was just getting himself hurt, so he relented.

and his father set up the sale. he didnt need the money, he just was doing it to prove he could.

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