From April 25, 2015 until October 25, 2015 (6 amazing months), you traveled to a total of

  • 3 Continents 
  • 61 shows total
  • 51 shows in Asia
  • 7 shows in North America
  • 3 shows in Oceania 

You made SO many records with this tour 

  • Most viewed online K-pop concert in history.
  • First foreign act to hold a Japanese “Dome Tour” for three consecutive years.
  • The only foreign act to hold three concerts in a row at Shanghai Arena. 
  • The first Korean act to hold a two-day concert in Kuala Lumpur.
  • The largest K-pop arena tour in USA’s history.
  • The first foreign act to sell out three concerts in Hong Kong on two separate occasions.
  • One of the most expensive concerts in Malaysian history.
  • Highest attendance ever for a Korean act in Chengdu, China.
  • Largest Chinese tour of any Korean act.
  • The biggest K-pop show staged in Canada.

You met over 500,000+ VIPs and you touched every single one of our hearts with your passion and your excitement on the stage. 

You went through 14 shows in 4 weeks and you FINALLY get to go back home!! And sleep in your own bed!! PLEASE get some rest before your Japan Dome Tour if possible. 

This tour was more than I could ever ask for and I want to thank every single one of you for that. You all said that you would be back. This might take years before you’re back but we can all wait. 

Cause that’s what VIPs do

To G-Dragon, Taeyang, TOP, Daesung, and Seungri, thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you’ve done to all of us. 

“Until Whenever” 

First Flight (Open Starter)




Admiral Kelvin C. Sutter walked beside on the bridge of his new ship, The America. For all his years he was the caretaker of The States Battle Fleet and the commanding officer of The UNSC California. He loved The California as if it was a part of him, sadly, since The Grand Admiral that was meant to take hold of The America died while being escorted to Earth, so now, he had to give up his ship. He gave up a good fight to keep The California, in the end, he had to give ship up to a new Captain.

“Now, that you are here, Captain Evers.” Admiral said as he looked to his right, to where the “New” captain of the California,”You’re taking hold of the one of the greatest ships in this goddamn navy, I don’t want to see it destroyed or eradicated, although she is not my ship anymore, it is still my pride and j-”

“I know,” Evers interrupted his Admiral,”Sir, will all due with respect, can you relax for a moment?”

The Admiral took a deep breath,”Sorry, she just… Means to much for me.”

They both stop for a moment as personnel walk the opposite way down the hall. Evers puts his hand on Sutter’s shoulder. “Trust me, she’s in good hands, that’s why you picked me, right.”

“Ya… I guess…”

“Just relax…. Now, I suggest you head to the bridge, you have 20 minutes until first flight.”

“G-got it, you have my permission to leave, take care of my ship.”

“Thanks for understanding and I will.” He took off to the hangars to head back onto his ship.

Sutter reached the bridge, it was bigger than The California, but it felt like it had a….. Familiar feel. He walked toward the holographic and sighed.

“Sir.” The Ship A.I. Amelia appeared as next to the map,”I have…. Been offered a place in Cortana’s Army just a few minutes earlier.”

“Really? I assume you didn’t agree?”

“Immortality isn’t everything.”

“Well, let’s get this ship flying before we do anything else.”

“Ey, Aye sir! First Flight in 5. Everything is green and ready to launch.”

“Good, tell the yard we’re ready.”

The couplings that held the ship slowly dropped, After over 20 or more couplings fell, The ship was free. The America’s engines slowly rev up, the blue color slowly start expanding into the thrusters. After a moment, The thrusters exploded into life as it left.

“Amelia, any problems?”

“None that I could find.” She then stared into the distance.”Sir, message from Cortana.”

“Show me.”

The voice of Cortana voice echoed in the bridge. [x]

After hearing the speech, Amelia blinked in shock,”What is she doing?”

“Don’t know, ready up slipspace drive in case something happens.”

“Already on it.”

“Call the rest of the fleet, tell them to ready up as well.”

“Sir, your acting as if the ship is ready for slipspace jump, the engines have not been tested yet, heck, we might be blown into oblivion if we jump.”

“Just…. Stick with my guts.”

“And to be honest, this ship is not completely online, many of the weapons systems are still under developed, 3 out of 10 Strident-class Frigates are in place, this ship only has 2 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons.”

“How many does this exposed to have?”


“Huh…. Well…. If Cortana takes out the Infinity, what’s Humanity’s last defense?”

“True….. Anyway, The Ship is prep for slipspace, don’t know why wo-”Amelia paused for a moment,”Sir, there are a ton of chatter going on in all channels, all of them distress.”

“All of them? What is Cortana doing?”

“I’m getting some key words,’Shutting down’, Is Cortana shutting down the colonies?”

“I don’t know, but since Earth is known to be a big human colony, she gonna target this place!”

A large colossal appeared from slipspace, it seemed to be blue, probably showing that it is aligned Cortana.

“My… Why you look at this…. Another Infinity…”An A.I’s voice echoed throughout the bridge, it wasn’t Cortana, but it still sounded like it was a former UNSC A.I. “A shame it won’t be in the sky for any longer.”

“Crap! Officer Charles! Emergency Slipspace!”

The America quickly entered into slipspace right before The EMP blast hit.

“You can’t run forever!”The A.I’s voiced trailed off as they jump away from Earth. 

“Amelia, avoid major settlements, we need to keep on jumping.”

“On it sir.”

“How many ships came with us?”

“15 out of the 28, Including The California.”

“Good.” Admiral looked at the blue swirls of slipspace.

“When do we strike sir?”

“When we actually have the time to rest…”

8:31 PM, Unknown Planet

UNSC America

“Amelia, where are we?” Sutter said as he looked out of the ship. They were in a planet’s orbit, the question is where?

“I… Don’t know, all ships that escaped are accounted for though…”

“Good, we’ll jump right away.”

“Sadly, The Slipspace drive is still cooling down, The ship is not fully operational, remember?”

“So be it, I want to set a base on here, asap.”

“On it, this was a pretty successful first flight……. Right?”


(from right to left)

  1. 横浜渡来異商住家之図 ホルトガル国
    Picture of the Residence of a Foreign Merchant from Overseas: Portugal

  2. 横浜渡来異商住家之図 南亜米利加亜墨利加国
    Picture of the Residence of a Foreign Merchant from Overseas: South America

  3. 横浜渡来商人 孛漏生男女之図
    Yokohama Merchants from Overseas: Picture of a Prussian Couple

  4. 亜墨利加 ウエンリート
    America: Van Reed

Utagawa Sadahide


Ray’s Audio Stim Music Playlist (with Youtube Links)

I thought maybe it would be neat to see what sorts of music everyone audio stims to, so I made a playlist of mine to share. Maybe other people could make playlists too and put them in the tag, so that way we can all share stimmy music and maybe find new songs! :)

Anyway, here’s my list. I’m adding youtube links to each song (the link will be the title) because some of them are from a small band from Southeast Michigan, so they’re a little harder to find sometimes. :p Not sure if I’ll be able to find videos with CC or lyrics for all of them, but I will do my best!

1. “Wait. Wait” by Lightning Love

2. “Sister Golden Hair” by America

3. “A Better Place, A Better Time” by Streetlight Manifesto

4. “Alone Together” by Fall Out Boy

5. “Red Rubber Ball” by The Cyrkle

6. “Beautiful Love” by The Afters

7. “Little Fingers” by Apocalypse Hoboken

8. “Mr. Brightside” by The Killers

9. “Pretty Little Head” by Eliza Rickman

10. “Cups” from Pitch Perfect by Anna Kendrick

11. “What’s Left of the Flag” by Flogging Molly

12. “Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner” by Fall Out Boy

13. “Point/Counterpoint” by Streetlight Manifesto

14. “Work Today” by Lightning Love

15. “All These Things That I’ve Done” by The Killers

16. “Synesthesia” by Andrew McMahon

17. “Kiss with a Fist” by Florence + the Machine

18. “Losing Touch” by The Killers

19. “Sugar, We’re Goin’ Down” by Fall Out Boy

20. “Lost & Found” by Eve 6

21. “Helena Beat” by Foster the People