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Sneak Peeks :D

I am working on multiple Stony fanarts recently and I am so excited! 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 Just wanna share some sneak peeks with you! Hopefully I will have time finishing them soon :D

Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #2:

Feel free to guess what I am drawing! ;D

so it looks like I might have a chance to go my convention to actually meet most of the Persona 5 cast?? which is a huge deal?? but I’ve been labouring under the idea that I had little chance of going and thus my funds are low low low so if I could get just a couple writing commissions, that would help out a lot!! 

I also make plushies and pillows, too fam if fanfiction isn’t your thing

✨ Prices

$5 for 500 words.

$10 for 1000 words.

Basically just increase in increments of $1/100 if you want a longer story.

Interactive stories (like Persona style choice fics) will be slightly more pricy, because they’re a little more complicated.

Minimum is 200 words, maximum can be discussed.

✨ Payment

Payment will be through Paypal.

After the fic is finished (but before it is posted) I will send you an Invoice.

Once paid, the story will be sent first to the commissioner and then posted to AO3/Tumblr or posted straight to either if the commissioner has no objections. If you want a private commission, let me know.

I reserve the right to turn down anything that makes me uncomfortable.

No emeto, gore, super hardcore NSFW etc because trust me I’m no good at that.

I am great at fluff and angst though that’s kind of my specialty.

✨ Fandoms

Final Fantasy XV          Kingdom Hearts

Persona 3                     Persona 4

Persona 5                     Dragon Age series

Tales of Xillia/2             Tales of Zestiria

Sherlock Holmes          Star Trek

Alice in Wonderland     White Collar

Houdini & Doyle           xxxHolic

Tsubasa                       Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters

Supernatural                Cabin Pressure

Captain America          Hamilton

Merlin                          Free!

Yuri on Ice                   Fantastic Beasts

orrrr any other fandom you know I’m in or want to ask if I’m familiar with!

Even just three mid length fics would pay for my ticket!

Signal boosts would be super appreciated <3


EDIT: you can find examples of my writing on my AO3 HERE

anonymous asked:

How would the 2ps react to being transported to wonderland?


2p England: *is unaffected by the transportation, rather enthralled by the beauty of Wonderland*

2p Canada: Well fuc

2p France: *sits down and waits for someone else to figure it out*

2p Russia: *tries to think of the most logical way they could have gotten in this situation and how they would get out*

2p China: Dude, is this like some major acid trip or what-

2p Italy: This bullshit, all I wanted to do was have a nice day and no that never seems to happen I get stuck here with all of you knuckleheads and I’m probably gonna have to save all of your asses *continues grumbling and complaining*

2p S. Italy: *screaming internally*

2p Germany: *looks at the queens gaurds* Anyone up for some poker?

2p Japan: *automatically assumes it’s some sort of anime arc*

2p Prussia: But I just put my pizza bites in the oven….

2p Austria: Haha, no worries I’ll just use a spell to get us out of this in a jiff. *fails*

2p Hungary: I’m gonna whoop whoever’s bitch ass got us in this sitch because I have a mani-peti in like 10 minutes.


Vintage Loser is so excited to attend this year’s Mini-Mini Con! 💖 Come by the Wonderland of Americas in San Antonio, TX on Saturday, May 6th to see local artists, cosplay, panels, & more. I’ll have new items, rings, hair clips, necklaces, crystals, earrings, & goodie bags! I can’t wait to see everyone again~

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Aries (March 21-April 19): 

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