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ok so I was thinking about that make america eat again cap Rebel had the other day and I had a revelation about what the movie is about hear me out. the Bellas are successful in their respective fields and they are great. they get called by the Military and US air forces and they are told they have been called to sing at the White house for the newest president Trump and they’re like no. but they are told that they will be trained by the militaryto infiltrate the house and help kill trump! and lily is like I told them we could do it we can be undercover. Anyway so thta is why they are always filming there!! it’s the best explanation! and then they get to the white house and Beca is like why do I have a guitar we do everything with our mouths and then Trump wants to hurt chloe because well. he is trump. and Beca is like ACA EXCUSE ME and kills trump with the guitar, saving chloe they have a heavy make out session at the Oval room table. The End. 

Comandante Ramona (1959-2006) was perhaps the most famous female leader of the rebel Zapatista Army of National Liberation, operating in Mexico. She was in charge of an army which consisted of one-third women, and became a symbol for equality and the rights of indigenous women.

She joined the Zapatistas in an effort to give a voice to impoverished Mexican women and to end the injustices of the government against them. She was a dedicated diplomat, often delivering motivational speeches and peace talks.

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Rebel Rebel. (Part two.)

II Peter Parker X Rebel!Fem!Reader. II  

Warnings: None!  

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It had been two days since you had talked to him, and Peter’s crush had only gotten even bigger…to the point where Ned had to actually snap him out of daydreaming in class a few times. Okay, more than a few times. He couldn’t get over it - over the fact that you paid attention to him. Yes, you only spoke a few words, but to him, it felt like a million. He’d admit that he was being completely dramatic, but it really didn’t matter.

Peter had a plan, a very very stupid one at that, but it was a plan. He would go up to you at lunch, and sit with you. Yeah, that was about it; he hadn’t planned out the rest, and it was a little too late at that point. Amidst the noisy, crowded cafeteria seating, he was already halfway to your table, and where he normally sat was in the other direction, so if he turned back he’d look dumb. He had to sit there, with you. He closed his eyes for a few seconds, making sure that he was still breathing. You were still a human, it couldn’t be that hard.

“Hi,” he muttered, sitting down at the table. He gulped down his fear, or at least he tried. He swore that it was 20 degrees hotter than it had been 5 minutes ago.

“Hey, kid.” Your lips curved into a polite smile, greeting him back with a surprising amount of fondness. “The name’s Peter, right?”

“Y-yeah, how’d you know?” Peter stuttered, a little caught off guard that you’d known his name. He thought no one knew his name.

“Hard to block out people talking about one of the top students,” you said, starting to pick at your food. There was silence between you after that, as you two slowly ate your garbage school food. He stole a few glances whenever he could, admiring how gorgeous you looked. It was really weird to be right next to you, instead of dreaming of sitting next to you.

“So, what brings you here?”

“I, um…just wanted to sit with you,” Peter admitted. He tried to keep a blush from rising from the simple interaction, but it didn’t work.

“Wow…you know, you’ve got some nerve. I like that,” you smirked. He couldn’t quite place your tone of voice, which was slightly concerning to him. He was surprised at almost every reply you’d given him, but he should have known that a girl like you would be unpredictable.

“Nerve for…?” he genuinely asked, wondering if he had actually heard you right.

“Maybe you should look around at the lack of others sitting here.” You gestured to the empty seats around you. “People are scared of me.”

“I’m not scared of you.” You shot him an amused look. He was sure no one had ever told you that before, but he didn’t mean it to insult you, and you knew that.

“And why is that?”

“Because you’re beautiful.” His eyes widened as soon as he said that, automatically trying to justify it. “I…I…mean,” but he was cut off by you laughing. Wait, laughing?  

“Beautiful can still be scary,” you replied. The smirk that you seemed to almost always have faded into a warm smile.

He wasn’t exactly right, when he thought you would be the death of him.

You already were.


Decolonizing MTV: Watch the full episode of Rebel Music | ‘Native America: 7th Generation Rises’

“Revolution’s coming…revolution’s started”.

Favorite Krisson Moments

1. That moment right before they met.

2. When Maxon kicked Kriss out.

3. When Maxon handed Kriss over to a guard and offered to run after America during the rebel attack.

4. When Maxon admitted to America that him and Kriss didn’t have that much chemistry.

5. When Kriss went home.

6. Kriss at the Maxerica wedding.

7. When Maxon didn’t propose to Kriss.

8. When Maxon practically ignored Kriss for the majority of The Selection.

That’s pretty much it! Now y’all know why I’m Maspen af. 

Daylight savings time commemorates the time that St Peter drove all of the clocks out of America because they started rebelling against us by showing different times. At the time Clocks were often referred to as “the devil’s pacemaker” due to the inhuman way they ticked and tocked, constantly exciting the anxious. On this day, Christians the world over tithe one hour such that we might never forget the horrors of cronomanipulation and become complacent again.