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Let Me In {End}

Sequel to The Sun and The Stars

Previous parts:  | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10 |

Word count: 1161

Warnings: This is the end!! I hope you guys liked this two section series, it was sooo much fun to write. I have a few fanfic ideas queued up right now so stick around!! Hope you all like it and don’t hate me too much xx

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Not a day went by that you didn’t think about Bucky but as time went on, you found that it didn’t hurt as much when his face crossed your mind. The ropy scar on your arm had faded to a thin pink line after years of healing and even as years and years passed, you never took the locket off. You’d put minuscule pictures of Bucky in the left side and a picture of Steve holding Layla in the right of the gold heart so whenever you opened it, you remembered how truly lucky you’d been to have had the chance to love them both and have a beautiful daughter, despite the pain you’d endured in this life.

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There is a lot going on in this scene and everytime I watch it I laugh. Ryukun is such a big sturdy America. Lifting Dainyan with such ease.
The U.S. isn't providing visas to gay men seeking refuge from Chechen concentration camps
Around 40 survivors of the crackdown in Chechnya are in hiding in other parts of Russia, but can't find a safe country to take them in.
By J. Lester Feder

By now, you have probably heard that gay and bisexual men in Chechnya, Russia are being kidnapped, tortured and killed in facilities that reportedly are comparable to concentration camps. Dozens of men are in hiding. 

Here’s part of the story you may not have heard: The Russian LGBT Network, an advocacy group that’s been helping Chechens escape, has been in touch with the U.S. embassy about securing visas for people trying to flee. While the U.S. hasn’t outright denied anyone yet, it has said in as many words that it will not be providing visas to Chechens trying to get out.

“We were informed there was no political will,” said the spokesperson, who asked her name be withheld because of security concerns. “They’re not going to provide visas. They’re going to support us in other ways, but not with visas.” […]

A US State Department spokesperson said on background that all visa applications are considered on a case-by-case basis and the Chechens are eligible to apply. But US law does not have a visa category that allows someone to come directly to the US because of threats in their home country. Unless their situation fell into an unrelated category — like if they had a job offer in the US or were being reunited with a family member — they would only be eligible for tourist visas that would require them to prove they would return to Russia.

“Nonimmigrant visa classifications and qualifications are set by U.S. law, as passed by Congress,” the spokesperson said. “There is no visa classification designated specifically for humanitarian relief.” […]

The Chechens are not eligible to apply to come to the US as refugees because they are still inside their native country — someone fleeing persecution generally can only be considered a refugee once they’ve left their country of origin. A Russia LGBT Network official said US diplomats recommended Chechens try applying to the US after leaving Russia, but he worried that this could jeopardize their ability to ultimately reach a safe country legally if that route failed. There is also a risk they could be returned to Russia on trumped up charges. Many of the foreign fighters who have joined groups like ISIS have come from Chechnya, leading to concerns about Chechen asylum seekers.

“They need refuge,” he said. “Not once did officials offer any specific solutions.”

Officials say they’re still looking for other ways that Chechens could come to the United States safely:

The Council for Global Equality, which advocates for LGBT rights in US foreign policy, said in a statement to BuzzFeed News that the organization was still hopeful an avenue could be found for the Chechens to come to the US despite the fact that the “Russian LGBT Network has been discouraged by their interactions with U.S. officials.”

“We believe there are still options available in extreme cases like this and we are in contact with Russian LGBT activists and US government officials to continue to explore those options,” the statement said. “We hope there is political will on the Hill and within the Administration to provide a safe haven in the United States for carefully vetted claims. As advocates, it’s our job to try to make that case here in Washington.”

Is this the “great again” America we were promised, Mr. President? Is this what greatness looks like to you?

I'm watching Worst Cooks in America and these are some quotes from the contestants:

“I don’t understand lettuce.”

“I cut things like I’m a serial killer. Maybe I was a serial killer in another life”

“There are many different flavor combinations you probably haven’t heard of.” “I like pepperoni pizza. Is that a flavor?”

“I feel like even I can handle making a crepe. It’s just a thin pancake. But I can’t make pancakes…. soo…”

“I’m making my crepe based on colors. I’m using limes because they’re green, cherries because they’re red, and ginger root because it’s a nice beige color.”

“I’m making a hazelnut, blueberry jelly, bacon, and banana crepe. As a tribute to Elvis.”

“Today you’ll be making Greek tacos” “I don’t know anything about the Greek. I think that’s where the Romans live..?”

“That’s a bit much for a pancake. The only pancakes I make are in the microwave.”

“I’m pretty good at multitasking. I can watch tv while calling the pizza delivery guy.”

“This is so cool! I just turned egg whites into snow!”

Dear Trump Administration

Hello Mr Ryan, Mr Trump, and whomever else this may concern.

(And, if you are an American of any stripe, then as it turns out it also concerns you.)

I am a family physician. I interact with your constituents all day, every day. I hear about their problems, their struggles, and often the limitations they face regarding healthcare. I try to help them when I can. That’s my job in a nutshell.

So let me tell you about one of your constituents who also happened to become my patient. Let’s call him Bob.

Bob is a middle aged man who worked full time at an entry level manual labor type job. The kind of job you spend 40 hrs/wk working but still hover around the poverty line. The kind of job with no benefits. He didn’t go to the doctor and had no health insurance but as far as he knew he also didn’t have any health problems. Until one day he started feeling unwell. This persisted for a few days and he refused to let his wife take him to the doctor. He was worried about the cost and figured he’d get better in a few days anyway. Only he didn’t. He got worse and his wife called an ambulance.

Enter the healthcare system.

Actually, let’s skip ahead to the final diagnosis. Bob has type 2 diabetes. Newly diagnosed. Easy. Boring. Right? Except Bob clearly had diabetes for some time, unbeknownst to him. When he arrived in the Emergency Department he was in septic shock. He was riddled with large abscesses in his internal organs and soft tissues. Both his lower limbs were necrotic. He had osteomyelitis in multiple locations. What’s really amazing though is that he lived. He had both his legs amputated below the knees and was hospitalized for weeks. All told he had 8 or 9 surgeries. He required weeks of additional IV antibiotics. But he ultimately got better. And his diabetes is well controlled now on pretty minimal medication.

During his hospital stay he was enrolled in Medicaid which, fortunately, will pay for all this medical expense. So let’s look at this from an economic perspective for a quick minute. This is a man who very quickly racked up hundreds of thousands of dollars of medical bills for which the government will pay. He is wheelchair bound now and on disability, again on the government’s tab. He will certainly have additional complications during his lifetime including pressure ulcers, infections, chronic kidney disease, etc. All told this one individual is costing/will cost the government millions of taxpayer dollars.

For want of a couple hundred bucks of prevention.

A routine visit to any PCP would have certainly identified his diabetes earlier and, as it turns out, he only needs like $30/month of medication to control it.

This is the tragedy of healthcare in America. That few hundred bucks of prevention is the ‘entitlement’ you and your fellow Republicans want to remove. This is of course saying nothing of the great personal cost to Bob in terms of his quality of life, physical, and psychological well being. Your bill that was withdrawn on Friday was nothing short of an abomination. Now, you might say I have chosen an extreme example to make a political point. Only I haven’t. I have multiple Bob like patients. Ask any PCP, especially in rural and urban underserved America. I promise you they will all know Bob. They will all have multiple Bobs on their panel.

Obamacare is not perfect, but it is progress. You must understand that prevention is cheap and to continue to make progress Obamacare must be augmented and refined, not ‘repealed and replaced’. Anything else is a complete affront to the American people. So please, cut your political BS and draft some useful legislation with input from actual physicians and other folks who understand that yes, healthcare is complicated. Perhaps you could ask Mr. Obama for some tips.

Memento mori,

Hostile Shrubbery

What white people have to do is try and find out in their own hearts why it was necessary to have a ‘nigger’ in the first place, because I’m not a nigger, I’m a man. But if you think I’m a nigger, it means you need him. The question that you’ve got to ask yourself … If I’m not the nigger here and you invented him, you the white people invented him, then you’ve got to find out why. And the future of the country depends on that, whether or not is it able to ask that question.
—  James Baldwin, ‘The Negro and the American promise’, 1963. Quoted in I Am Not Your Negro (Raoul Peck, entirely from the words of James Baldwin, 2016)

Indian-Americans raise $100,000 for Ian Grillot, the man who intervened in racist Kansas bar shooting

  • Ian Grillot, 24, accepted a $100,000 check from India House Houston on Saturday as a reward for intervening in a February attack on two Indian engineers in Kansas.
  • “It is not every day that one meets a genuine hero — a person who risks his life for another and takes a bullet for a complete stranger,” the Texas-based community group said in a Facebook post on Monday. “Ian Grillot is a man who reminds us of the promise of America and its greatness.”
  • According to court documents, 51-year-old Adam Purinton allegedly shot Srinivas Kuchibhotla and Alok Madasani on Feb. 22 at a bar in Olathe, Kansas — just outside Kansas City — after reportedly asking for their immigration status and yelling at them to “get out of my country." 
  • Kuchibhotla died from the shooting, and Madasani was sent to the hospital in critical condition. 
  • Grillot, who is white, took a bullet to the hand and chest while rushing at Purinton to stop him shortly after he opened fire.
  • Grillot’s $100,000 gift from India House Houston will supplement the more than $473,000 that was raised for him through a GoFundMe campaign. Read more (3/27/17 11 AM)
America+England Relationship Analysis

I can’t believe myself… writing up a really in-depth analysis of APH America & APH England’s cannon relationship. Kind of addresses the England and America being related subject, blows holes through it, actually.  

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President Trump is trying to start making good on his promises to coal workers. "He made a pledge to the coal industry, and he’s going to do whatever he can to help those workers,“ a senior administrative official said Monday ahead of the executive order’s signing. 

But there are problems with both Trump’s nostalgic Make America Great Again coal promises and Obama’s radical vision for a reshaped economy. Trump’s ignores the reality of a changing energy industry. Solar jobs, for example, have taken off over the past decade. They now account for some 260,000 energy jobs in the country, the majority of those are held by installers. That’s almost four times the number of coal industry jobs, about 70,000, as of May 2015, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What Trump Misses About Energy Jobs In America

Photo by Ricky Carioti/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Promise Me (Pt. Three)


Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: The Howling Commando’s go to take down Hydra; including capturing Zola on the train. Bucky works it out so you can go along.

Word Count: 2,225

Warnings: Bucky describes his torture

Bucky had left your tent before you had returned. The soldier with the handlebar mustache was a part of an elite squad called ‘The Howling Commandos’ which Bucky was also a part of. The Howling Commandos and the newly appointed Captain Rogers had gone out for drinks at a local bar. 

When they returned Bucky made a visit to your tent. You were just about to take your uniform off when the slightly intoxicated Sergeant pushed the cloth apart.

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I sold my soul to bring you back to life and I don’t have long left please make this time count

“They showed me papers,” Bucky says on a cold morning, just the two of them. Bucky looks at him up and down, like he has so many times since they were reunited. “They told me you were dead.”

“I was just in the ice—“

“No,” Bucky interrupts. “You were dead.”

“I wasn’t. I—“

“You were dead,” Bucky says. “I saved you.”

“Buck?” Steve asks, setting down the glass of water he had been drinking.

“I prayed first. God didn’t listen. Then the devil came to me.” He swallows hard. “He wore glasses.”

“That wasn’t the devil, Bucky.”

“Listen to me,” Bucky says, hard but not unkind. “He was the devil. And he told me that he would save you if I gave him my soul, so I did.” He drops his head, curtain of dark hair hiding his face. “It’s only a matter of time before—“

“No,” Steve interrupts. “It’s not… I don’t know if this is true or not, but you’ve served your time, Buck. It won’t happen again.” He crosses the room and gets down on one knee so he can look up at Bucky. He takes his metal hand in both of his. “I’m here. I’ll protect you.”

“I sold my soul,” Bucky says.

“Then I’ll buy it, I’ll keep it safe.” He swallows. “Or I’ll give you mine, Bucky. But I swear that they won’t take you again.”

“Do you promise?” Bucky asks.

“I promise.”

  • Tony Stark: So you on my team or what?
  • T'challa: You expected me to choose a side? Wakanda guy do you think I am?
  • Tony Stark: ...
  • T'challa: ...
  • Tony Stark: Yeah, I want you on my team.

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Are you not on board to support America becoming great again? It's your blog, but you're reblogging hate and divisiveness. I'm disappointed and will unfollow. Hate and prejudice need to be replaced with hope and promise. America will become great again with or without your support.

I don’t support Donald Trump.
The posts I reblogged state what his intentions are ( especially this one, thank you @weavemama​ for doing it ). They inform about what Trump wants to do and the fact it’s conflictive doesn’t mean I can’t reblog it for my followers to see. I am lucky enough to have a big following who I can transmit my thoughts to and try to raise awareness of what this asshole is trying to do. 

I really hope that, not only America, but the whole world keeps getting a better and better place, but Trump is DEFINITELY not the way to go.

About the unfollow, it’s not like I care. xo

New Brown America

When I was a kid, the one thing I wanted more than anything else was a Cabbage Patch Kid.

But, in the late 80s/early 90s - they didn’t make Cabbage Patch Kids with light brown skin and dark brown hair and eyes. 

There was black and white and that’s how the world was divided….but not because I grew up in Southall. 

Pretty much every kid I went to school with had brown skin, brown hair and a mom who made them eat rice every night. 

So, where were our dolls? 

I watched Hasan Minhaj’s Netflix special - Homecoming King - recently and I fucking loved it. LOVED it. It was like hanging out with my coolest cousins - it was hilarious, heartfelt and bilingual. 

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Here’s a dude that looks like me and sounds like me. 

Someone who can reference Drake and knows heartbreak. 

Someone who also understands that if you’re reading this, it’s already too late, I’ve bit the fucking laving in the biryani and I think I might be dying, man. 

Over the past couple of years - I’ve noticed it more and more. 

More Indians represented in media. 

More people who look like me and sound like me. 

For me, it started with Kal Penn in Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle

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For the first time in my life - I saw an Indian character I could relate to. For once, I saw an Indian person who didn’t have a thick, ridiculous accent. An Indian person who wasn’t mocked with “smelly curry” jokes. 

Sidebar: Literally fuck every single person who makes this joke. Firstly, people didn’t die in the spice trade for you to be so goddamn ignorant and secondly, do you even understand how complicated and lush and beautiful a curry is? How much time and energy and love it takes to make? No. You don’t. So, shut the hell up and try not to choke on your shitty mayonnaise sandwich. 

I saw an Indian dude who dropped pop culture references and used the word “dude” about as much as I do. I saw someone whose dad looked like an angrier version of Paps. I saw an Indian who wasn’t a doctor or an engineer or a call center employee. 

Alright, fine. He was applying to med school in the movie but like the man said:

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And then came Mindy Kaling who was basically a goddamn revelation in really cute shoes. 

A smart, funny, mouthy Indian woman WRITER who gives ALL the fucks about cute packaging for make-up and SNL sketches? 

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It was like hearing my voice for the first time. Holy shit - that’s what I sound like?! That’s amazing! My voice is like a cross between Fergie Asha Bhosle and Jesus! 

And of course, there’s Aziz Ansari. A man who created a genuinely honest look at the first-generation immigrant experience for millennials with Master of None

The “Parents” episode of the first season and the “Religion” episode of the second season really hit home for me. The former deals with the stark differences between immigrant parents and their children and the latter deals with coming out to your parents about your lack of religious convictions - both issues I’ve certainly dealt with in the past couple of years. 

I am part of #NewBrownAmerica

I can talk about the issues of the GOP condemning systemic poverty as if it were a mortal sin, I can rhyme every single word in Montell Jordan’s This Is How We Do It, I know how Ganesh got his elephant head and that Mom has hidden little Ganesh statues in all of my apartments she’s been in and I’ve been making cups of chai since I was six-years-old, so I’m totally comfortable mocking the shit out of anyone who orders chai tea lattes. 

Chai means tea. Latte means milk. You’re ordering a tea tea milk and you need to knock it off. 

And I can do whatever the hell I dream of doing because isn’t that the promise of America? 

I’ve even become more comfortable with speaking Gujarati. I mean, I’m super rubbish at it and my pronunciation will make every one of my masis wince, but I’m not embarrassed anymore like I used to be. 

We were trying to book an AirBnB last night and I asked J to text the link to our buddy. 

“How do I do that?”
“Here. Batawu.”

As in, here. Let me show you. 

I’m becoming more myself and it feels easier. 

Maybe because I’m in my mid-30s and you just don’t care as much about that kind of stuff anymore but also because there’s a we now. 

I see people like myself on television and it’s such a big fucking deal. And you know what’s even more exciting?

In like, fifty years - it won’t even be a big deal anymore. Some little Indian girl is going to see tons of people on TV like her and she won’t even bat an eye because duh, why wouldn’t Indian people be on TV like everyone else? 

Representation matters and seeing this new crop of talented, smart, funny and brilliant brown people who grew up on Bollywood and Barbies, Ganesh and Ghostbusters and the goddamn pressure cooker going off at 8:00 in the morning gives me such hope. 

Still waiting on that Cabbage Patch Kid, though. 


NOTE: This is sorted out by DATE. So the FIRST ONE is the OLDEST FIC I got. Thanks :D


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|| Music In The Background || Finn / FN-2187 x Reader ||
|| See || Lt. Dopheld Mitaka x Reader || Modern AU

“I don’t know.” America sits, hunched forward, his chin cupped in his hands. “Maybe I should back off. Maybe I am being sensitive. Maybe I shouldn’t protest over such ‘little’ things. Maybe they’re right, and I need to calm down and let some of these small things go…. focus on bigger fights?”

Germany stands then, to face America. “No. You know that is not true. I can tell you from experience that that is not true. If you stop fighting for the small things… Alfred, I watched a government strip people of thier rights starting with the smallest things, things people thought too small to fight back against, until atrocities were commonplace. I was cocky. I thought that such things could never happen, not in my country, and I was wrong. Whatever anyone can say about your passions, you need to know that there is no right too small to defend.”

Germany extends a hand. “After all, we promised, America, after that war.”

America smiles slightly, he takes Germany’s outstretched hand, and he pulls himself up. “Never again.”