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What is America’s obsession with Bill Nye the Science Guy I once said in class that I had never seen it and this girl yelled YOU’VE NEVER WATCHED BILL NYE and in 5 seconds flat half the class was screaming HOW COULD YOU HAVE NEVER WATCHED BILL NYE while the other half chanted BILL BILL BILL BILL

People: “Why do you like all that history stuff?”

Me: *peeks around from the room where it happens wearing a Continental coat, holding the Declaration of Independence, caressing a picture of Ben Tallmadge, and holding up an enormous American flag with the sounds of gunshots, drums, and an eagle screeching in the distance* “I don’t like. I OBSESS”

It hasn’t been easy for journalists covering the 2016 presidential race. While doing their jobs, they’ve had to confront unprecedented threats, abuse, bans and accusations of conspiracy and bias.

Journalists from other countries who are covering the election have confronted their own set of challenges. The foreign press corps is low on the food chain during any U.S. presidential race, and perhaps never more so than this one. Since foreign journalists’ audiences rarely include U.S. voters, campaigns don’t consider them a priority. Access, particularly to Donald Trump’s campaign, has been a challenge and a source of frustration. Some journalists have redirected their focus to U.S. voters themselves.

“Americans are not aware of how closely we follow what you guys are doing,” says Matthias Kolb, a reporter with the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung. “We are so obsessed with America, it’s like the North Star, sort of. There is so much connection and attachment.”

How Foreign Journalists Here Try To Explain The U.S. Election Back Home

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“Bug Buddies”


Just saw Captain America: Civil War and OMG IT WAS RAD. I already knew Scott was going to pull a Giantman at some point, but it was SO COOL. And he got SO BIG! Easily the best part of the movie for me. Followed up by Spiderman, who was all kinds of adorable. I was so inspired i came right home and drew these two badass cuties together.

Can someone geek out about this with me??