america's next top model game

if betty after one kiss from jughead is like:

then if he just kissed her like 6 more times she would figure out who killed jason blossom, get the drive-in back in business, reunite the 7 kingdoms and sit on the iron throne, develop the nightblood cure to save everyone from radiation, find both carmen sandiego and waldo, win the great british bake off, and become america’s next top model


If you watch Empire , Quantico , American Horror Story , How to get away with murder , Shameless , black ink crew , love and hip hop Hollywood , are you the one , America’s next top model , awkward , faking it or Game of Thornes

I fuck with you

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Top 3 Shows: Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, America’s Next Top Model (don’t judge me)

Top 3 Characters: Drizzt (R.A. Salvatore’s Drow), Matt Cauthon (Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time), and a tie for third Jumin Han/Kanda Yuu (Mystic Messenger/D-Gray Man)

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antm drinking game

drink when

  • tyra talks about smizing/smiling with your eyes
  • tooching is mentioned. and booching.
  • someone cries at a photoshoot
  • jay gives a pep talk in which he reminds the model she’s doing horribly
  • a model talks about how great they’re gonna do on a challenge and then fail
  • tyra hits on nigel
  • a model cries at a photoshoot
  • a model declares, “I’m not here to make friends, I’m here to win”
  • a model is told she looks old
  • a model is told she looks like a drag queen
  • the girls pose with male models
  • a model refers to herself in 3rd person