america's next top model college edition


The last iterations of America’s Next Top Model saw some drastic changes in its format that allowed fans to have a say in the final outcome and integrated male contestants into the mix. Though some winners of this period don’t shine as brightly as others, I believe the series ended on a high note by awarding Nyle the coveted prize in the final cycle.

During this period, prizes were scattered and sponsorships varied. However, there was an influence of the old UPN seasons intertwined with the previous high fashion period. Photoshoots were generally solid and produced some stunning results that caused fans to rally for contestants well before their final edits were visible.

In the end, the four concluding winners of Top Model are a relatively deserving bunch who had much fanfare before and during their respective cycles. Some of the fan favorites who won were college student Laura, young divorcee Jourdan, former footballer Keith and bearded heartthrob Nyle, who was the first deaf contestant to ever appear on the show.