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Kenichi Ebina Wins America's Got Talent, "THIS ISN'T JAPAN'S GOT TALENT" Cries Racists

Yes, I watch a little America’s Got Talent. I’m a sucker for variety type shows. This year’s finalists brought us a singer, an opera group, a young magician, a comedian, a country musician, and a dancer. Variety!

Last night, America voted for the talent they wanted to win and the dancer, Kenichi Ebina, won. Anyone watching the show, even just every now and then like I was, knew this guy was the favorite to win. Hell, when I watch, I want a comedian, ANY comedian, to win it. And even with Taylor Williamson, the comedian, in the finals, I was saying it would be completely deserving if Kenichi won. And I love comedy and know little to nothing about dance! This guy Kenichi was just that good.

Right before the winner was announced, AGT showed a video package about the finalists. I’m not sure if they mentioned this earlier in the show and I missed it, but when telling Kenichi’s story, they mentioned his family was ‘back in Japan.’ My initial reaction was “Good for this dude” followed by “Ohhh boy…” as I realized what this would mean if he did indeed win.

And win he did do. And, like clockwork, the Internet filled itself with crap.

lmao @ this whole tweet. But, I’d like to specifically point out “the rules” part. You’ll see a lot of this and unsurprisingly these people don’t know shit about “the rules.” If you take a look at the rules of America’s Got Talent any American citizen or person legally in the country or with a valid work visa can partake in the competition. Also, holy shit, do you think a gigantic television competition would let an ineligible competitor make it all the way to finals without checking if he’s able to partake in the show in the first place?

#TheJap, surprisingly not a very popular Twitter hashtag.

What a day!

Yeah, leave it to the majority of American’s who voted to go ahead and not base their vote on bigotry. GOD.

Can’t have one of these posts without the obligatory THANKS OBAMA.

“The evil foreigner is stealing the money he fairly won!”

This definitely not Native American woman who’d like to send the guy back to Japan. Yeah, Janet “HOOD” alright.

There’s this guy who compares the Japanese guy winning with the DOGS who won the last time.

Let’s not forget the large group of people who need to brush up on their racial slurs. Guys, come on. As racist bigots, you should know the slur “chink” is usually reserved for people of Chinese background…

You just had to throw in a completely random, nonsensical Miss America reference too, Shauna, didn’t you?

Oh, yeah. We are talking about a Japanese person here…you DIDN’T FORGET PEARL HARBOR NOW, DID YOU!?

Poor Casey. The talented Japanese man is taking the American Dream away from the bigoted white schlub. 

“Stupid Asian.”

“What has our country came too?!?!” How dare they vote for the person with the most talent in a talent competition!

And of course there was a slew of the always original THIS IS AMERICA tweet, in the form of THIS IS AMERICA’s Got Talent, not JAPAN’s Got Talent tweets. Here’s just a few…

Cody seems to be a popular name for xenophobes.

Ah, the #GoHome tweets. And geography master Jessie here would send Kenichi to the wrong country. Whatever, though! Japan, China…it’s all the same, right?!

In joining the Cody’s, Colton has just reminded me! Coming up next…people who think speaking English is somehow American!

But, don’t worry Kenichi. You weren’t the only contestant to get shit from Americans over the language you speak.

Here are a couple tweets from those who were pissed that English-speaking singing trio Forte sang in a language other than English…

And why did Forte sing in some sort of foreign language?


I take solace in the fact that the winner of this competition is based on how viewers vote, so this time at least these people are the minority. But, HOLY SHIT, AMERICA.


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