america's cup boat race

a little background on the america’s cup because every four years i guess i talk about it!

u might have noticed that nz is an Island Nation so Boating Shit is Very Important and the America’s Cup race is a real old real fancy (real rich) race that has been going since the 1800s

nz won for the first time in 1995 with the immortal words THE AMERICA’S CUP IS NOW NEW ZEALAND’S CUP , and then again the next time it rolled around. and then we LOST IT and have not been able to regain it until Today.

we came hideously close in 2013 when we were up 8 races to 1 against Oracle Team USA. and then i think my grandfather cursed us tbh because i distinctly remember him saying ‘nah, we’ve lost it’ when talking to him about the races, even though that seemed impossible - at the time the Cup was won by being the first team to win 9 races. Grandpa’s opinion was that the weather had changed in Oracle’s favour, and they’re had the money and the time to make their boat better than ours.

we LOST THE CUP 8-9 in Oracle’s favour which was frankly insane. I think the country plunged into a day of national mourning, it was hideous.

so anyway today Emirates Team New Zealand redeemed ourselves by winning 7-1 (it was first to 7 this time) and totally crushing Oracle and it literally changed traffic patterns in the city because of all the people who watched the race. Every article on the NZ Herald is about this fucking thing. So much boat.