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To be fair, a lot of people I know don't know where Finland, Sweden, and Norway are or what they are. I'm from the U.S. Hell, people here think Africa is a country.

Every time I think the quality of basic education in the US couldn’t surprise me anymore, it does that anyway.

I understand not being able to point out the exact location of a country that you aren’t very familiar with but not knowing what they are/that they exist is a whole another low. And I don’t blame people for not knowing things like that, I think it says more about how America centered the education there must be. To me it seems that you are mostly thought only American history and Geography, which seems absurd to me.

Of course I do not live in the US so my views on what the education in your country is like cannot be 100% accurate, but based on everything I have seen on the good old internet or heard from my mom who used to go to school in America I don’t think I’m completely wrong either. But feel free to continue this conversation if you think I’ve said something inaccurate!

Skyscrapers under construction on the Avenue of the Americas area, north of Rockefeller Center in Fall of 1962. View looking southeast from Park Sheraton Hotel. Buildings under construction are the New York Hilton Hotel (William B. Tabler-Harrison & Abramovitz, 1963) at left; and the 45-story Sperry Rand Building (Emery Roth & Sons, 1963). The 42-story Equitable Life Assurance Building (Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, 1961) are at right. Above it is the top of 70-story Rockefeller Center’s R.C.A. Building (Associated Architects, 1933).

Photo: Andreas Feininger.

Source: Andreas Feininger, Kate Simon. “New York” (New York, Viking Press, 1964).
People are crying: It's not because they lost a race
People of color, women, LGBT people have long been marginalized and the violence and rhetoric faced this year terrifies many.

More than 200 hate incidents — ranging from swastika graffiti to physical threats — have been reported across the country since Donald Trump’s election, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a non-profit that monitors hate groups in the USA.

Now many people of color, women and LGBT people who have long faced threats large and small must grapple with the knowledge that half of their fellow American voters elected someone who has advocated policies aimed at them: Keeping Muslims and Mexicans out of the country, using police tactics considered racially biased such as stop-and-frisk, and grabbing women without consent.

They are part of the other half of American voters, many of whom wept on election night and since, crying not because their horse in the race lost but because they fear for their safety and well-being.


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If the only queer history you know about is centered around America, it’s irresponsible to call yourself a queer history expert.

This blog, which is focused on queer history, gets messages from people from a wide variety of countries and cultures. And a common thread in these messages is the idea that their country isn’t as rich in queer culture as America. Which is almost never true, and so intensely heartbreaking to hear as someone who cares about sharing queer history because it is clear that queer historians are doing the community a disservice. 

The reason people have this completely false idea is because their favourite queer historian talks about Stonewall like it was the beginning of the queer movement globally. They talk about Harvey Milk, and Walt Whitman like they are the pillars of the queer community universally. 

They aren’t.

America is not the center of the queer community and historically never has been. Every country has their own queer community and with different cultures and obstacles And it is important to represent other countries in your work. 

And because of how common this problem is it’s hard to fix it. There isn’t much information about queer people to begin with, looking for information about historical figures who were queer and not American can be hard. But if you care about queer history, such obstacles aren’t something you will be unused to. We need to work harder, to give the queer community better. 

Migrants Choose Arrest In Canada Over Staying In The U.S.
A rural road in northern New York has become a magnet for migrants who no longer want to stay in the U.S. Growing numbers are stepping into Canada, knowing Mounties immediately will arrest them.

dated 17 February 2017


Tomorrow, California will vote on a bill that would require crisis pregnancy centers to tell women the truth about their reproductive health options. One politician asked why a lawmaker cared so much about the bill, and her response is PERFECT.