america's being robbed


Making a deal with the judge would not only PROVE corruption, but also that, as far as the Injustice System is concerned, black lives don’t matter.

Did you mean sovereign state?

Telling America to wake the fuck up; calling America, and the American people as a WHOLE out on bullshit and injustice, ISN’T A BAD THING!!! Haven’t you ever heard of an intervention?

Have you not seen me posting about solidarity?

“Solidarity with Ferguson.
Solidarity with Mexico.
Solidarity with Hong Kong.
Solidarity with Palestine.
Solidarity forever.” (how did you not see this?????)

And, by the way: NATIONALISM IS A PROBLEM. It facilitates and propagates the flawed concept of “other” which allows for state terrorism, genocide and other exploitations and massacres to prosper.

Also: people in America are being robbed and ruined by their government too, so what the fuck are you ACTUALLY taking about?!?

I get that you’re “literally” tired of defending America on the internet, but I think you’re falling to realize that POC, IN AMERICA, and around the world, are literally DONE with being treated like shit by a system that doesn’t give a flying fuck about them.

So, maybe, instead of rising up to defend the Injustice System, you can focus on the struggle and show some support for protesters in this country, and all around the world, who are risking their lives so that they might leave behind a better world than the one they were born into.

I would literally appreciate that.