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Officer’s uniform from the French & Indian War. The left middle picture shows gaiters–these would have gone around a soldier’s ankles from the tops of his shoes to just about his knees and protected his socks from getting ruined. Plus they provided a uniform look for soldiers in the field.

This uniform is on display at the Ft. Ligonier museum in Pennsylvania. They have this to say about the uniform:

Officers “red coat” conforming to the 1751 Royal Warrant, attributable to British regular infantry of the latter Seven Years’ War period. Closely fitted cut, style, and other details establish construction and wear 1760-1764. Body and facings of superfine woolen broadcloth with “royal” blue half-lapels and slashed cuffs. Upper lining is removed, but the skirt lining of glazed blue worsted remains. Lace, chain loops, and buttons are silver. 

Blue facings and silver trimmings indicate the coat could be from one of six foot regiments: 4th, 60th, 85th, 94th, 102nd, and 108th. The 4th foot may have had vertical instead of the horizontal pocket flaps on this garment; the 85th had no lapels. Thus it might be a coat of the 60th foot, serving in North America (1st Battalion at Ft. Ligonier), or one of the three above short-lived corps raised, 1759-1760 disbanded 1761. One, the 94th foot, was at Ft. Ligonier, 1761.

Construimus, Batuimus
“We Build, We Fight” is the motto of the Naval Construction Battalion, also known as the Seabees.
Here we see the Seabee Combat Enlisted insignia bearing a flying bee fighting mad, wearing a white hat on its head and holding a submachine gun, wrench, and carpenter’s hammer that represents both the defensive and logistical duties that the Naval Construction Battalion is responsible for.

Around the World Wednesday: Seabees assigned to Naval Mobile Construction Battalion (NMCB) 40 conduct a patrol during a week-long jungle warfare training course in Okinawa, Japan. The center occupies 17,500 acres of jungle in northern Okinawa and provides instruction to prepare joint forces for jungle combat.