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People who helped create Ultron:
-Tony Stark
-Bruce Banner
-Wanda Maximoff

People who get blamed for Ultron:
-Tony Stark

People who attacked someone who they [believed] killed their parents:
-Tony Stark
-Wanda Maximoff
-Pietro Maximoff

People who constantly get bashed for attacking someone they [believed] killed their parents:
-Tony Stark

….huh. strange.

Knocked Over - USUK FF

GUYS. I wrote something. It’s short. But I wrote it. 

Pairing: USUK
Rating: SFW, some language
AU: Omegaverse 

“Chloe! Chloe where are you going?? Stop!”

Arthur ran, as best as his out of shape wobbly Omega legs could, after his dog, watching her bound across the park and up to someone and take them out from behind. She had never done this before, just run off and tackled a stranger, but here she was sitting on top of the victim, and here Arthur was, out of breath and trying to haul her off.

“I’m so sorry,” he gasped, tugging at Chloe’s collar. “Are you all right?”

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People who complain about Spider-Man being in the Civil War airport fight but have no problem with Batman and his habit of recruiting children with no super powers just as old, if not younger than Peter, into his crime fighting vendetta, please shut the fuck up.

lol ya’ll are such dumbasses to john. I saw that someone was angry at John because he wouldn’t go to a award show in 1992. ??? That was literally a year after Freddie died. I think 90% of you forget John’s dad most likely died of a disease when he was eleven so obviously seeing a older male figure that helped him move musically die of a horrible disease would be pretty fucking devastating. I mean, John could allow NONE of his songs to be preformed so God forbid he keeps one personal song about his damn wife to orginal queen.
Lol ya’ll are idiots I SWEAR. You always just think John hates everything new or that he’s acting like a baby. It’s not like going on concerts gave him horrible anxiety and he felt horrible for leaving his wife and four kids at the time behind. Did he make money? Yeah! But I don’t think John ever wanted to be famous at all. He loves Queen but stop nagging at him for not doing any interviews or some bs like that

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have you seen that mini-interview teaser the boys had when they were asked about their american crushes? and when it got to yoongi he was just like, "oh shit, oh shit, think of a name... scarlett johansson?" he's so cute i just can't. even if he does find scarlett attractive, it was just so awkward and sweet. he's going to make me crazy! ><

I just now watched it! I laughed the whole way through hehe

Yoongi threw out a name pretty fast. It could be a default answer or who knows. Jungkook cracked me up though xD Boi. I know her face but don’t know a name, I know the movie but not the name. Yes, of course, sure, I see.

But I can’t say anything I know know any actors/actresses and I’m shit with movie names too lol *shrugs into infinity*


A Captain America and Winter Soldier video, or Steve and Bucky, if you will (:

Illustrations all done by Minuiko, who is obviously very good at what she does if she can make me have a burning desire to edit for a fandom I’m not even really in, haha. Her images already had life, I just gave them some movement ;)

Vimeo link for those who can’t view it on Youtube!

Home 10/?



Summary: After meeting Alfred on an online site for omegas and alphas to find a mate, Arthur decides to make a trip to America to find out if Alfred really is the right mate for him, and if Alfred will think Arthur is the right one too.
AU: Omegaverse AU, Cowboy AU
Warnings: This will be a slow start fic kinda. In later chapters there will be NSFW content but for now just expect fluff and awkwardness.

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ok listen about the whole bts thing– i’m literally not surprised n im laughing at people who were so hyped for them to come to america. like what did you expect??? america literally does not care about foreigners in any shape or form, especially if they can’t speak english. but also??? i totally agree with them not making their music/speaking/learning english but if they’re doing that on their own accord then??? like some kpop idols just genuinely want to learn more languages/connect better??? like ofc its hard and i completely don’t want people forcing them to speak english but if they do it on their own accord then???


:| ….I should have auditioned for the role of that block of wood.

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What time do the 2Ps go to bed?

2p!America: 3 a.m

2p!Canada: 1 a.m but he has insomnia so he just stays awake

2p!England: 9 p.m sharp

2p!France: Whenever it hits him

2p!China: passes out at 6 a.m

2p!Russia: 10 p.m. Sometimes 11 p.m.

2p!Italy: 11 p.m.

2p!Germany: whenever he passes out from sleep exhaustion. Could be 4 a.m. could be 9 a.m.

2p!Prussia: 10 p.m. Unless he’s playing a game then until he falls asleep

2p!Japan: 12 a.m.

2p!Romano: Before 11 p.m.

2p!Spain: 5 a.m.