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It’s an honor (Steve Rogers x Reader)

This is for the anon who requested a Steve x reader where Steve is teased for his lack of sexual experience. I noticed I haven’t said happy birthday so… happy (late) birthday! And I’m so sorry it’s so late :) Enjoy!
P.S. (S/n) = ship name
((Warning: Smut, virgin!Steve, mentions of bi!Bucky))

X X X  
“Here they are again, folks. Our beloved (S/n).” Tony greeted as (Y/n) and Steve walked in to the room. A chorus of soft laughter was heard through the Avenger’s lounge as the couple strode in and took their places in the sofa. They sat next to each other, (Y/n)’s back leaning against the L-shaped couch’s armrest, her legs lapped over Steve, who seemed to be leaning into her. “I’m gonna puke,” Sam joked, making a fake-gagging sound. (Y/n) and Steve had been treated like this with all the other members of the Avengers since they had first gotten together. It means they have been treated like this for three months, and by now they have gotten used to this. They even quite enjoyed it.
“Shut up, chicken,” (Y/n) said playfully in response to Sam’s statement. “With all due respect, Mrs. America, it’s falcon, not chicken,” he corrected, trying to get back at her. Bucky shrugged, “I think you should be called the chicken. It’s more accurate,”
“I thought you were on my side!” Sam exclaimed, feeling betrayed that the winter soldier had just taken the side against him. “I am never on your side,” Bucky responded, feeling pleased with himself.
“I sense homosexual tension here,” said Nat, observing the two arguing boys.
“I do not like him!” Sam argued, his cheeks flushing a darker shade than his own skin, then muttering to himself, “besides, he doesn’t like me back.”
“Ha!” exclaimed Nat. “I knew it. I knew you were gay for him!” T’challa defensively crossed his arm across his chest and huffed aggressively, “but I am sure that Mr. Barnes prefers cats over birds.”
Wanda was shocked, so shocked that her eyes could probably fall off her eye sockets. “T’challa, are you really flirting with Bucky?” She asked in awe.
“I believe they are fighting for the soldier of winter,” Thor added, eating another mouthful of pop tarts.
Sam thumped his fist on the coffee table. “Listen here, kitty cat-”
“What did you just call me?” T’challa said, rising in his seat to face him. Bucky was flushed, hiding his face in the sleeve of his jacket.
(Y/n) buried her face in Steve’s shoulder and whined, “Come on, guys. We just want to watch TV!” Steve, who has been awfully quiet in this conversation finally decided to speak up, “After we’ve gone to bed, you can talk about matchmaking all you want. We just want a quiet evening.”
“‘We’?” Vision questioned, slightly tilting his head. “I have never thought Captain Rogers and Ms. (L/n) would refer to each other as ‘we’ as if they were the same person with the same mind. It seems oddly intimate.”
“Intimate?” Clint repeated quizzically, “Nah, Steve can’t be intimate.” Steve’s cheeks turned red, he was flustered and he can’t hide it. (Y/n) isn’t much better off either. “What do you mean I can’t be intimate?” Steve asked, and for the first time, his thick and authorized voice turned into a small squeal.
“You’re not exactly a guy who strikes as someone who would sleep with their partner before legal marriage, Steve,” Bruce said, trying to clear things up. Steve blushed even redder, blood rushing to his cheeks.
“He’s a virgin,” said Stark, who was tinkering with the metal glove of his iron man suit, “or at least I assume he is. Are you, Steve?” he asked pretty confidently.
“I- I am,” Steve answered slowly, trying to hide his embarrassment.
“(Y/n)’s not,” Said Tony a second too soon, causing Steve to shoot an angry glare at him. Tony’s eyes widened as he explained “I mean- It’s not personal, I’ve never done it with her. But with a body like hers? She can’t be. Besides, before grandpa here got unfrosted I’ve seen her with a guy at one of my parties and-”
“That’s enough, Tony,” (Y/n) groaned, tugging on her boyfriend’s arm, leading him out of the room. “Let’s just watch at our place.” Steve followed without saying a word, the doors closing around the faint argument of Sam and T’challa as it came to an end.
(Y/n) knew Steve was insecure about his sex life. She didn’t know he was this insecure about his sex life that he let what the team said get into his head. They had decided to go back home to their apartment.
As a couple, Steve and (Y/n) had shared several passionate sessions. (Y/n) would read a book or watch TV on the couch then Steve would come in, change into simpler clothes and jump on the couch, softly kissing (Y/n) before propping down against her, cuddling her.
But after what happened in the lounge, Steve seemed a little different, a little restless. He even pushed her up against their front door and kissed her desperately before entering, leaving (Y/n)’s cheeks red.

“(Y/n)? You okay?” asked Steve, snapping her from her thoughts. “Uh- Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay,” she said, trying to get a firm grip around her voice. “You seem a little off,” Steve pointed out, peeling his own clothes off his body before going placing himself on top of her firmly on the. (Y/n) blushed, sending shivers down her body as Steve lowered his lips on to hers.
“Steve,” She squirmed under him, trying to push him away. Steve looked at her wide-eyed and he pushed himself off.
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, his head down. “I thought you wanted that.”
(Y/n) cupped his cheeks and kissed him slowly. “I want to,” she admitted, bringing Steve on top of her again. “But you don’t have to do anything you’re not comfortable with.”
Steve gulped, dipping his head on hers again. This kiss was slow until Steve grazed her tongue with her lower lip and (Y/n)’s mouth opened instinctively, letting his tongue explore her mouth. “Believe me, I never wanted anything more.”
He slid her shirt off her head, throwing it across the room as she kissed her collarbone, gently tugging on her skin. (Y/n) threw her head back and laughed in surprise. He seems awfully experience for someone who hasn’t slept with anyone yet. Yet.
That was when (Y/n) realized she may just be the first one to sleep with Captain America.
“I thought you were a virgin,” said (Y/n).
Steve shrugged and hummed as his teeth bit her skin, leaving a couple of red marks on her shoulder. “I never had sex before,” he said, “But that doesn’t mean I’ve never seen people having sex before.”
He hummed in pleasure as her snapped her bra open. His pupil dilated and his jaw dropped. His hands roamed either side of her breast, squeezing them softly, sending a gasp through (Y/n)’s mouth. “Does Captain America watch porn?” She asked in delight, her mouth quirking at the thought of God’s righteous man, Steven Grant Rogers, watching things he shouldn’t.
“No,” he said, slightly blushing. “When I was younger, I wanted to surprise Bucky in his room,” said Steve, who was playing with her breasts like a little kid who was playing with his new toy. “So I hid in his closet.”
Steve pinched her nipple, making her moan his name. “And Bucky came in his room. I was going to jump out, but he had a girl with him,” he said. If he noticed that (Y/n) was squirming under his touch, he didn’t show it.
What a tease.
“A girl? I thought he was into guys.” (Y/n) said, trying to distract her mind from the thought of her dripping core. Steve cocked his head, taking one breast in his mouth as he fondled with the other. “He always had varying tastes.”
Steve’s mouth sucked her, licking her as her fingers raked through soft golden hair. “Have you ever thought of, you know, sleeping with him?” asked (Y/n), getting a little turned on by the thought of it. “No, why?” he asked.
(Y/n) laughed, “You two are a little gay for each other.” Steve laughed, sucking even harder, making her whimper. “You know… You can sleep with him if you want, as long as I get to join.”
Steve laughed, sending shivers through her skin. His mouth glided down, pulling her shorts down with her panties. “Are you really still talking about Bucky?” he asked in a low growl and kissed her dripping core softly, tugging on it as the back of his hand caressed the skin on her thigh.
“Steve,” She moaned, grinding herself against his mouth. “Your tongue,” she pleaded. She could feel him smile against her clit. His tongue moved painfully slowly against her, lapping his tongue on her folds gently in an up and down motion.
She tugged on his hair. “I need you,” She whimpered. Steve complied, standing up, and then stripping himself down.
She was turned on by the sight of him. He was already hard and she needed him. Now.
“Do you like what you see?” Steve asked, slightly smirking. “It’s just hard to believe that you have never attracted the attention of a girl with all that weight on you,” she pointed out.
Steve threw himself in the bed. He had seen Bucky sleep with people. It had always been aggressive needing. But this? This was just plain fun and he loved it. “I’m just going to remind you that I wasn’t always this big.”
(Y/n) smiled and guided him on top of her. “The super soldier serum did you good.”
She took his member in her hand, lining it with her core. Steve pushed in, penetrating her wall. The laughter soon turned into pants and groans, the room filled with lust as they went. “Steve,” She whimpered, placing kisses on his neck. “Steve, go faster.” He did as he was told, pushing himself to his climax. (Y/n) arched her back, moaning his name in pleasure as she reached her orgasm.
Steve collapsed next to her, drenched in sweat.
“Oh, God,” He said, smiling. (Y/n) laughed. “That was fun, Steve.”
He kissed her softly, taking her in his arms. “It has been an honor, (Y/n) (L/n), losing my virginity to you.”

I know we’re joking a lot about Matt Murdock being pulled from a dumpster but tbh I’m pretty sure most of the Avengers and associates have probably been pulled from a dumpster at least once.

Like, you know preserum Steve was getting dumped in trash cans right and left and Bucky was fishing him out of them. (and Winter Soldier Bucky probably does surveillance from them, here have a sad)

Clint, obviously, dumpster trash.

But also Kate Bishop because I feel like that’s a Hawkeye thing, being thrown off buildings and out windows and into trash cans.

And Sam gets thrown into one helping Steve out once (it’s not really Sam’s fault, ok.)

And Tony found himself in many a dumpster in his youth. (occasionally next to Rhodey. it should be said that it was only once Rhodey’s fault they landed in the trash)

Reed Richards probably gets thrown into dumpsters by other Avengers on purpose. (and Johnny too probably)

If Bruce de-Hulks in a dumpster he considers that a good day.

Sometimes Thor gets knocked out of the air and can’t course-correct. (and Tony once threw Loki into a dumpster, so)

Peter Parker, yeah, he’s been in a few dumpsters, both to evade authorities or enemies and also because sometimes baddies have good aim.

Wade Wilson, jfc, he throws parties in dumpsters, probably. If you’ve been tossed into more than one dumpster, there’s a 90% chance that one of those times you were thrown into a dumpster with Wade in it, or had Wade thrown in on top of you.

Like, the only Avenger that I am 100% certain has never been thrown into a dumpster is Natasha because throwing Natasha into a dumpster would be the last thing you ever did. (also, she’s Natasha. You might aim her at the dumpster, but she’ll parkour off the fire escape and land neatly next to it while Clint goes sailing in. )

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