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i know a lot of you don’t give a fuck about latinos issues, but venezuela may or may not be entering in a TOTAL dictatorship tomorrow, and i’m so fucking angry, i’m so sad…i’m not venezuelan i’m argentinian and i’m so angry because we can’t do shit to help our venezuelan friends we can do nothing to help the people from venezuela we can just PRAY that everything will okay and venezuela can kick maduro’s ass out of their country, so CAN YOU [THE REST OF THE WORLD] JUST HELP US, LATINOAMERICA, PRAYING FOR VENEZUELA??? please, i’m losing my shit out here because i don’t have not a single way to contact my venezuelan friend and i’m fucking worried. sorry for swearing i’m really freaking out


Who were some of the hate groups present at the white supremacy rally in Charlottesville on Saturday? 

Here’s what to know about four of them: Vanguard America; League of the South; Identity Evropa; and the Traditionalist Workers Party.

  • Vanguard America is a white nationalist group that calls for the United States to become a fascist state.
  • The League of the South is a neo-Confederate group that bills itself as a “Southern nationalist” organization, and wants a whites-only nation roughly along the lines of the Confederate States of America.
  • Identity Evropa  is a white supremacist group that peddles debunked racial science to its members, teaching them that white people are more intelligent than black people.
  • The Traditionalist Workers Party describes itself as a political party created “by and for working families.” Hate watch groups describe it as a white nationalist group that pins the blame for many of the world’s problems on Jews. Read more (8/14/17)