america solo

Darth Vader in that hallway is still one of the greatest film scenes ever, IMO.

The second of silence and darkness, the rebels looking tense and scared…then the saber lights up.

It was Star Wars meets Jason Voorhees. A horror movie. That’s all I can compare it to.

A weird clash of film genres. 

That “Han Solo and Indiana Jones are essentially the same soul simply spread across  space, time and movie universes” theory I had as a film student (that my professor laughed at) hinges on this:

That whole “Fuck this shit, fuck the drama, I’m just gonna shoot you!” thing.

I was arguing with one of the full time guys at my job about whether or not there should be a Black Widow movie before we all die and it was obvious he was too blinded by his own sexism to support even the idea that Black Widow could carry her own film without the support of other avengers cast members