america pug

i imagine that it’s bring your pet to work day for the hetalia nations


greece brings a cat

england brings his pug dog

america brings a golden retriever 


and they’re all like:

“where’s germany”


i heard it was bring your pet to work day”

minneal  asked:

Have you ever thought of how the word "pudding" can mean so many things? - someone confused as hell about British "pudding" recipes

to be fair i was completely shocked when i learned ‘pudding’ is an actual food in america because like. pugging in england is much more of a general/blanket term for lots of foods

i had no idea you guys had something that was actually Pudding

Birthday Puggles!

Summary: Your best friend Steve gives you a little birthday surprise!

STEVE X READER (cuz she loves him!) 

Your ability is to heal, and awesome combat skills! 

A/N: This one is dedicated to my beautiful cousin floss! You should check her blog out it’s amazing! She does loads of hobbit and lotr fics. She has been my best friend ever since i was born, even tho we used to hate each other when we were younger! lol, Every time I see her, she never fails to make me smile! We talk about boys together, both cry when characters in our favourite films die, (hobbit, avengers) Anyway, to cut it short, To my fantastic sista! (cousin) This ones for you!

BTW: the song they dance to >


  You and Steve were best friends ever since he recruited you for the avengers. Since you had your ability of healing, he thought you would be a good asset to the team. He also thought you were extremely pretty, but he didn’t tell you that part!

  Both of you would hang out together a lot, mostly catching up on movies he had missed. Your smile made his heart flutter, especially when he was the cause of it. Your eyes always beamed at him, making Steve feel special, and whenever you were sad, they would still glow a beautiful shade. Steve’s favourite part about you were your eyes, they felt like home to him. Whenever he was sad, you’d always be there for him, whenever you were sad, he’d always be there for you. He loved you, but would never admit it.

  Today was a lazy day for the team, which meant a movie day for the two of you. Steve was in the kitchen getting sweet popcorn and matchmakers, (your favourite) while you were picking out a film in your room. Steve smiled to himself at the thought of you snuggling into his side, he would usually spent more time staring at you than watching the movie.

“Wow, I didn’t realise you could smile old man!” Tony said sarcastically while walking the coffee machine. “Still haven’t told Y/N you like her yet?”

“She’s a friend Stark.”

“Yeah, sure.” He said chuckling, walking out of the room.

  Meanwhile, you had picked out the perfect film, the Lord of The Rings trilogy. You saved your favourite films for today, because it was going to take a long time to teach Steve all about middle earth! Grabbing the movies and some blankets, you headed towards your door until you stopped to look in the mirror. How could Steve like a girl like you? He was sweet, kind, loyal, strong and just all round perfect, and you felt the complete opposite.

  “You should tell him ya know!” Wandas voice filled the room. “Hey! Stop going in my head!” You say grinning. She was like a little sister to you, even the she was only 2 years younger. She laughed and looked at you in the mirror. “Go have fun on your ‘date.’” 

  “It’s not a date but thanks anyway, you go have fun flirting with Vision!” You left her blushing in your room and started walking down the corridor with films and blankets bundled in your arms.

   You crept into the dark screening room to find Steve asleep on the sofa. Silently, you put your things down and sat on the armrest. He opened his eyes and looked up at you smiling, thinking about how your beautiful Y/C/E eyes made his stomach do flips.

  Breaking the silence, you stood up. “Lord of the Rings?” He smiled and nodded. Steve sat up while you put the dvd in. “So it’s your birthday tomorrow.”

“Yep.” Steve smiled, he knew you hated people making a fuss about your birthday, you were so sweet and innocent, he couldn’t believe you kill people as your job. “A-”

“Ssshh, the films starting!” You said excited. He chuckled as you walked over and snuggled next to him.

  He found it so cute when you giggled at the screen, and even more adorable when you shushed him for being to loud when the best bits were on. The film ended and you were lying in his arms, gently breathing. His favourite part of movie nights were the end, where he got to carry you to bed when you were asleep.

  Steve picked you up gently and carried you to your room. You stirred slightly when he placed you under the covers, but drifted off soon after. He kissed your forehead, and left you in a peaceful sleep, wishing he could stay there with you.



  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” The team screamed at you, standing in a huddle by the door. “Thanks.” You mumbled, turning to your warm pillow. “Hey, get up, it’s present time!” Nat yelled. You groaned, covering yourself in your warm duvet. “In a few more hours.” 

  It seemed to work, they left you in peace, until you felt a dip next to you and a familiar chuckle. “What?” You grumble, looking up a Steve who was grinning from ear to ear. “Nice shirt.” You look down to see your navy blue top with a picture of his shield on it. “Hey, Target were having a sale!”

“Yeah, yeah! Meet me at 8 on the roof, ok?”

“You got it!” He smiled and kissed your cheek, “See you then, birthday girl.”

   The whole day you didn’t see Steve, and no one else did either. Everyone gave you amazing presents, Clint giving you a box of band aids which you would obviously never need due to your abilities. The whole day was filled with laughter and cake, but it didn’t feel the same without him there.

  8pm finally arrived, but you started to worry Steve wouldn’t be there.  You entered the elevator and pressed a button, the doors shut as you stood there nervously. After a minute had ended, with a ping, the doors opened and you felt tears spring in your eyes.

  The roof was decked out with fairy lights, pillows, a projector and a big white screen. It was beautiful, the city skyline swirled with colours as the smell of hot dogs and popcorn mixed. You were to busy looking at the bustling roads below than seeing Steve holding two bags of popcorn in his hands.

  He cleared his throat and you turned with tear stains down your crimson cheeks. Immediately, Steve’s face furrowed with concern. “Sorry, it was a stupid idea, I can-” Before he could finish, you lept into his arms, making him drop all the popcorn. “It’s perfect.” You whispered on his broad shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief and a slight chuckle before spinning you around with his arms around you’re waist. You giggled and squealed until he put you down. 

  Steve took you by the wrists, “Follow me, I have you’re present.” He sat you down on the pillows and blankets, then he pulled a red box from behind his back and handed it to you gently. “Open it, but don’t shake it.” He said cautiously. You raised you’re eyebrows at him and smiled clueless, setting it down on the floor. You opened the lid to find two dark eyes looking at you curiously. A little black pug with a big red bow around it’s neck jumped onto your lap.

  You couldn’t help but giggle as the cute dog crawled on you, licking your face. You looked under the bow to find a collar with some text on it. ‘to my birthday girl.’ You turned it over to find the pugs name, ‘Brazzles.’

“Awww Steve!” You hugged him tightly, making him fall backwards. Steve chuckled at the dog who was now climbing on top of you both. He stood up and walked over to the cd player, what seemed to be slow music started playing. He walked up to you and offered out a hand. “Wanna dance?” It sounded cringy yet he sounded so nervous. “Of course I do!” You giggled.

  Both of you twirled and swayed, laughing at each other if one of you stumbled, while Brazzles happily dozed off on the pillows. “So, I was thinking, maybe we could…maybe go out sometime?”

“I thought you said you were to busy?” You challenged, smirking. “I can make the time.” He whispered

  His lips were soft against yours. The kiss warmed you up inside while you stayed there swaying, lips locked together. It was the best birthday yet. He pulled away, resting his forehead on yours, “Happy birthday, Y/N.”