america loves england forever

The flowers of spring bloom like my love for you. 

I have so much love in my heart for this duo! And after reading this gem, i have these feelings??? and i cant get rid of them so you go read it now and suffer with me (I promise you its really good!!!)

This is for you @mandelene! I know you love these two and now because of you so do I.

and what even is shading??? just try to not zoom in and your eyes should be fine  woop

anonymous asked:

hi !! ahhh I love u art and style its really nice could u draw fairy usuk but with Alfred holding a big flower or a leaf because it raining and they are like trying to not get there wings wet haa

Hi there anon!! Thank you so much it means a lot that you like my art and my style! Heres both of them under a leaf, I played around a lot w this so I hope you like it ♥ ♥ ♥

anonymous asked:

how do they get along with their 1ps? (did you already do this?)

((I think I did this but here it is again, also I am cleaning out the ask box, I just don’t have the inspiration for most of these, and a lot are the same thing, there’s almost 100 asks, oops.))

2p America:  He loves his 1p he has a crush on him, he likes to follow him around like a lost puppy.

2p England:  He does not get along with Arthur, they are like cats and dogs, they hate each other basically.

2p France:  He tolerates Francis, he just doesn’t like to sit with him for long periods of time.

2p Russia:  He enjoys spending time with his 1p, they go out to lunch every so often to keep each other company.

2p China:  He thinks his 1p is a boring old man (He’s a boring old man as well) and tires to make it seem like he is too cool for his 1p. But they get together every so often, they tend to talk politics.

2p Canada:  He adores his 1p, he likes to go out and do things with him, he will protect and love his 1p forever.