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when Tony is in danger vs when Bucky is in danger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


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Can I request one where the reader is Happy Hogans daughter and he brings her to the tower cause she’s been suspended from school? Tells her to stay put in the office but she wanders anyway and finds ‘uncle tony’ in the lab working so he shows her all kinds of fun stuff and happy gets annoyed cause tony influences her rebellious behavior but tony calls it encouraging her to be creative? She then meets peter and happy just looses it. Lol 😆

Like usual I recommend you listen to the song Blue By: Troye Sivan

The song also influenced the title, once again, like usual.

I’m also still taking prompt requests, so if you’d like to request one, you may!

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

Description: You were Happy Hogans daughter, also one of the biggest trouble makers at your school. Well was, you might have gotten suspended and was now being forced to stay in your dad’s office. But knowing you, you decided to wander off to find your Uncle Tony, who was busy working in the lab. He decided to show you around and let you experiment with things he probably shouldn’t have. This made your dad get extremely annoyed, not only because you disobeyed his orders but Tony was basically encouraging your rebellious behavior. Tony didn’t see any harm in letting you have fun, he thought it helped make you creative. Your dad blew off Tony, but couldn’t take it anymore once you met Peter.

Warnings: Nothing really, it’s just really cute and awkward and I love it.

Word Count: 3,331

A/N: So this is imagine is super cheesy, I think it’s also super cute and adorable and aw. I wish Peter could be my boyfriend ahah. Also, sorry it’s really wordy, I got really into it oops. Anyways I hope you enjoy. :)

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People knew you, mainly because of your dad, who worked for Tony Stark, also someone you considered your Uncle since you basically saw him everyday.

Now being known wasn’t always a good thing for you, you caused a bit of trouble with a few people.

Getting into fights when you knew you shouldn’t, but you couldn’t help it.

And that is why your dad was now picking you up from school, his face red with frustration.

You had gotten suspended.

“They deserved it.” You muttered, throwing your backpack over your shoulder angrily.

“I told you no fighting in school, do you not listen to me at all?” Your dad scolded, making you shrug slightly.

“Whenever you tell me things I can’t do, I zone out because where’s the fun in that?” You answered honestly, making your dad groan angrily.

He drove you back to his work, telling you to stay in his office and not to move at all.

“What if I get hungry? Or have to go to the bathroom?” You objected, making your dad squint at you.

You replied by giving a sarcastic smile, before your dad closed the door and left you to your lonesome.

You sat there for what felt like hours, bored out of your mind, there was no way you were going to do homework.

So, you decided to venture out of your dad’s office, even though you were told not to.

But then again, where’s the fun in listening right?

You wandered around the building, before stumbling along the lab, which had Tony in it.

He was focused on something, so you took this as your opportunity.

You quietly entered the room, trying to not make a single sound to signal you were in there.

You slowly creeped up behind him, before standing beside him.

“Hi Uncle Tony!” You smiled, making him jump.

“Good lord Y/N, don’t do that to me!” He laughed, before pulling you into a hug.

“What are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be at school?” He questioned, making you smile innocently.

“I may have.. You know.. Gotten suspended?” You spoke the last word quietly, looking at everything except him.

“Suspended! Y/N, what did you do?” Tony questioned, making you laugh to yourself.

“I’d rather not say.” You admitted, not wanting to get into the whole dilemma.

“Anyways, what are you doing? It looks a lot more fun than sitting in a boring office.” You smiled, looking at all the electronics Tony was currently working with.

“Well, Y/N, I’m actually in the process of building some new technology to help my suit.” He smiled happily, you could tell he was proud of himself.

You weren’t going to lie, you looked up to Tony, you found him a great role model, he was successful, had a great job, had super hero friends.

You wanted that.

Or something at least similar to that.

“That’s awesome, is there anything I can do to help?” You offered eagerly, making Tony’s eyes light up.

“Actually yes, see that table over there?” He pointed to a table with loads of pieces on it.

You nodded your head, observing the table, before looking back at him.

“I want you to go find pieces you think could be used to help create new equipment for my suit design.” He smiled, making you squeal with excitement.

You ran over to the table, beginning to sort pieces out, putting them into piles.

You must’ve been with Tony for about an hour an a half, you were having way more fun with him, rather than being stuck in an office.

You had eventually told Tony why you had gotten suspended, Tony could see both points of the situation.

Even though your dad was disappointed in you, Tony wasn’t, and that’s why you loved being around him.

You were busy putting pieces into different piles when you heard your dad enter the room.

“Mr. Stark, my daughter Y/N, she’s disappeared from my office and I can’t find her have you seen-” He stopped mid-sentence, seeing you over at a table, messing with objects he wished you hadn’t touched.

“Tony what did I say about letting her mess with things she shouldn’t?” Happy spoke sternly, making Tony’s eyebrows scrunch in confusion.

“She’s helping design my new suit Happy, I think she’s okay.” Tony defended you, patting Happy’s shoulder.

“Mr. Stark, I know you think what you’re doing is okay, but it’s not. You’re influencing her rebellious behavior even more by letting her do things she’s not allowed.” Happy ran his hands over his face, annoyed and tired.

“Happy, she’s having fun, let her be creative for once. Did you ever think she was doing all of this because she wanted you to see her other side? Her creative side?” Tony questioned your dad, making him think for a second.

He never saw it like that before, maybe you were trying to tell him something, but you didn’t know how, so you showed it in a rebellious way.

“Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m just overreacting.” Happy spoke aloud, making Tony smirk slightly.

But the more your dad thought about it, the more he realize how wrong Tony was.

“Tony, I know you think creativity is best for young kids, and I get that, but what Y/N has done and is doing now isn’t what you call creative, it’s rebellious and it needs to be dealt with responsibly.” Happy looked at you, who was sorting out parts, while Tony looked at Happy with annoyance.

“Just give her a chance.” Tony looked at you, a smile on his face, before he turned around to work on his suit design.

Your dad walked over to you, making you look up.

“What are you doing here?” You questioned, not in the mood to deal with what scolding was going to come this time.

“I thought I told you to stay in my office? And then when I return and don’t see you there I get worried, I looked everywhere for you Y/N, you can’t just go running off like that anymore.” Happy chastised you, making you sigh.

“I also don’t want you working with this, these could be dangerous and I don’t want you getting hurt.” He sighed, making you leave the lab with him.

But before you could leave you heard Tony shout, “I want you to meet someone later Y/N!” Which only made you even more curious.

Who could he want you to meet?

Actually the bigger question was would your dad even let you meet them?

You were forced to stay in the office the rest of the day, your dad made you do your homework which bored the life out of you.

What felt like eternity, you were finally released out of his office, his work hours were finally over.

You were walking with your dad, he told you Tony was with the person he wanted you to meet.

“Do you know who it is?” You asked your dad, who shook his head ‘no’ in response.

You were nervous, you weren’t going to lie, you were terrible with first impressions.

You continued down the hallway until you could hear talking, it was Tony and another male voice.

You then became face to face with a young boy, he looked about your age.

“Y/N! This is Peter, Peter Parker, he’s our newest member.” Tony smiled, grabbing Peter’s shoulder.

You looked at Peter, as he looked back at you.

You gave a shy smile, which he instantly returned.

“Hey.” You simply stated, making him smile even more.

“Hey.” He replied, not once taking his eyes off you.

Happy kept looking between the two of you, his eyes widening.

“No! No I can’t have anymore problems.” He shook his finger at Peter, who stifled a laugh.

“Stark, I see what you’re trying to do, and I won’t allow it!” Happy shook his finger again, but this time at Tony who only smirked.

“Happy, they’re young, let them have fun.” Tony grinned, wrapping his arm around your dad’s shoulder, pulling him away from you and Peter.

You stood there awkwardly, as did Peter.

“Sooo..” You spoke up, looking at the floor.

“Soooooo…” He replied, a smile on his face.

“You’re the newest member, huh?” You looked at him, seeing he was already looking at you.

“Apparently so.” He chuckled, making you smile.

His laugh was adorable.

You walked over to him, and soon enough you two were walking side by side around the building.

Talking about everyone and everything.

He told you how he was Spider-Man, and how his best friend found out he was Spider-Man.

You told him how you got suspended, and why you did, which only made Peter laugh.

You found out that you both actually went to the same high school.

“How have I never seen you there before?” You asked, stopping to look at him.

“Honestly I don’t know, maybe it’s because we never really knew each other before?” He shrugged, shoving his hands in his pockets.

“I guess so.” You ran your fingers through your hair.

You two talked for hours, just getting to know each other.

Hours passed and it was time for you to get home, you honestly didn’t want to, you wanted to stay and talk to Peter.

But being your dad, he pulled you away, giving Peter a 'look’ which only made him chuckle.

Once you got home, your dad gave you a talk about boys, and why you shouldn’t talk to them or date them, that way it will save him the trouble of having to worry.

You only rolled your eyes, your dad was being the ridiculous over protective dad, while Tony basically threw Peter at you saying 'date him now.’

Later that night you sat in your room, listening to music, while doodling in your sketchbook.

You were focused on your drawing, when you heard a knock at your window.

You didn’t know what to do, nobody ever knocked on your window this late at night.

You hesitantly walked over to your window, only to reveal the one and only Spider-Man.

You let out a laugh, letting him into your room.

“What are you doing here?” You laughed, as Peter took off his mask.

“I wanted to see you.” He smiled, setting his mask down on your desk.

You felt yourself start to blush, you couldn’t control it.

“I don’t know what to say, nobody has ever said that to me before.” You admitted, sitting down on your bead.

He pulled a chair over, sitting down across from you.

He could tell you were insecure about being vulnerable, it was the first thing he noticed when he met you.

The way you’d close yourself off and put on a cold front so people would leave you alone.

Or the way you acted around people to get them to be afraid of you.

He knew you just needed someone to be there for you, and he took that opportunity to put himself in that place.

Love is hard, I know,

All your lights are red, but I’m green to go,

Used to see you high, now you’re only low,

All your lights are red, but I’m green to go.

Peter moved the chair closer to you, grabbing your hand gently and placing it in his.

Your eyes widened, not used to this kind of affection, but you weren’t going to lie, you loved it.

“Why are you doing this?” You whispered, looking at Peter who was deep in thought.

You could tell he wasn’t listening, so you squeezed his hand, getting his attention.

“Peter, what’s the real reason you’re doing all of this?” You whispered, looking in his eyes.

Peter swallowed nervously, he didn’t know how to say it without scaring you.

“Honestly Y/N, I fell for you, hard, and I want to be there for you on your good days and your bad days, I want to take you on cute dates, make you breakfast in the morning, I just want to be with you, because I love you, Y/N.” He gushed out, making your eyes water.

Peter loved you.


You were speechless, nobody had ever confessed their feelings to you before, you didn’t know how to react.

A tear slipped down your cheek, but Peter was quick to wipe it away with his thumb.

“I-I..” You stuttered, trying to come up with words.

Peter watched you in amusement, he loved seeing you get nervous around him.

You glanced up to see a small smirk on his face, making you smile.

I want you,

I’ll color me blue,

Anything it takes to make you stay,

Only seeing myself,

When I’m looking up at you,

I want you.

“Don’t do that.” You blushed, making him laugh.

“Do what?” He challenged, making you glare at him playfully.

Peter got up off the chair, sitting down beside you.

“You know what.” You smiled, making him pretend to think.

“Nope I don’t think I do.” He smiled, turning to face you.

It was in that moment you realized how close the two of you were.

Your foreheads were basically touching, making your heart race.

Then I fell in love with a heart that beats so slow.

You both locked eyes, and then it happened, your lips connected.

It was soft, short, but full of passion.

You both pulled away, cheeks red.

“I love you too, Peter.” You whispered, looking over at the brunette boy, who wasn’t expecting you to say it back so soon.

His eyes lit up, a small on his face.

You knew he’d always be there for you, and you’d always be there for him, no matter what.

I know you’re seeing black and white,

So I’ll paint you a clear-blue sky,

Without you I am color blind,

It’s raining every time I open my eyes,

I want you.

That night you spent talking to Peter, laying on your bed, cuddled into his side, his arm wrapped around you.

He stayed the entire night, and that was the first night in while you felt genuinely happy.

Later that afternoon you broke the news to your dad, who wasn’t thrilled and said he’d kill Peter if he ever broke your heart.

Tony also told Peter he’d kill him if he hurt you, after all, Tony was someone who always looked after you.

You couldn’t have been happier, and neither could Peter, he had the girl of his dreams, and she had the guy of her dreams.

Even though you two had just met, it felt like you had known each other for years, something not a lot of people get to experience.

You were just lucky enough to be able to.

I want you,

I’ll color me blue,

Anything it takes to make you stay,

Only seeing myself,

When I’m looking up at you,

I want you.

IT’S TIME TO OPEN SECRETS (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Hi beauty! Can I ask a reader/peter Parker where they secretly love each other but won’t confess. So one day they at a party and Peter hears that the reader is confessing she has a crush on spider-man and that she would date him and (have lot of sex with him) and he takes her out of the party and confess that he loves her. (And maybe if you write smut he have a lot of sex like she wanted to) loveeee
——- Anonymous
Hey) I’m a man btw😂. I’m sorry, I couldn’t write about sex, but now because I don’t write this stuff, just because it would be stupid if they have sex as soon as they just kissed! So yeah)
And guys, I’m sorry I wasn’t active last weeks, but know I’m here and I’m ready to write) tomorrow will post new one! Thank you ❤️✌️

School canteen

Peter is sitting with Ned and Michell…
“Heeeey! I’m talking with you! Don’t you hear me?” Ned punched him in a shoulder.
“Ouch! It hurts! Why’d you do that?” Peter was confused and rubbing his shoulder…
“Because he was talking to you but you didn’t hear, cause you were looking at (Y/N) again” said Michell while reading a book, then she turned the page and completed: “but I don’t care anyways!”
“I wasn’t… looking at her… just… I was looking at… at… Flash!” Said Peter, and then realized how stupid it sounds.
“Flash? Even I would not look at him the way you did” said Michell! She took her stuff, and just left!
“Ned, how can I get her attention? She doesn’t even look at me, but I’m so in love…” said Peter and continued looking at you
“Just tell her! Tell her everything you told me!” Said Ned
“It’s nit so simple Ned! What if she’ll laugh at me? I’d die…” Said Peter, looked at Ned with a sad look
“Just invite her to the Homecoming ball! It’s your chance!” He whispered.
“No, no, never! I can’t…” said Peter and closed his face with his hands.
“Okay then… let’s go, we have math now”

Homecoming ball
One day later

You’re on the ball! You wear beautiful red dress!
Everything seems so bored and you’re standing with your friends and
holding soda…
“I think I better go home girls… I don’t feel fun right now…” you said.
“By the way, where is you date? Did anyone ask you at all?” Said (y/f/n)
“A few guys tried, it I said no…” you said, and drunk a little.
“But why? We’re they too ugly for you” she said, and laughed with two other girls.
“If Flash comes to you and asks you will you go with him, what would you answer (y/f/n)?” You asked with a smile on your face.
“To be honest, I love one person… but it’s so stupid, I don’t even want to talk about him…” you said
“Oh oh oh! And who is he! Just say a name! Please”
“It’s spider-man… stop laughing! I’m being serious! Have you seen the video from Berlin? He fought Cap America himself!” You said and drunk a little beet more!
“No no, HE was beaten by Captain” she said with a smile.
“Did you ever think how good he is as a boyfriend? And how good he is “there” a?” You asked and smiled.
“Anyway, don’t move girl, I’ll come back in a second” and she left…

Suddenly someone took you hand and got you out of the hall. It was Peter…
“Stop Peter what are you doing? What is going on with you?” You asked when he stopped! He looked into your eyes, put his arm on your shoulder, and kissed you! You didn’t realize why, but you liked it, you didn’t want it to end.
He looked at you again and smiled…
“Why… what did you… what is going on Pet? Why’d you do that? What does it mean?” You asked a little confused…
“I heard you! Heard what you said!” He said, he didn’t stop smiling.
“What did I say? What do you mean?” You whispered, you started blushing…
“You love me… I.. I mean you said you love Spider-man so…” he said and stoped smiling…
“Okay I did, but what does it do with you? You asked, looked at him and suddenly realized..
“Don’t you wanna say you are the spider-man?” You asked with a questionable face
“Yes, I am, but it’s a big secret! Nobody knows, except Ned…” he said, put his hands on your shoulders.
“Proof it!” You said, you didn’t believe it!
“Okay… hm… what should I do… oh yeah, I know” he said, then completed: “wait here and don’t move!” And then he left.
You’re standing here alone like for 5 minutes. Suddenly Spider-Man’s face appears in front if yours. You looked up and see him hanging on a web!
“Take my mask of, (Y/N)” you heard a familiar voice… you took the mask of, and saw Peter, his hair are more crazier than usual.
“Do you believe me now?” He whispered and smiled.
You put you hands on his head, and kissed him, you were kissing for 15 seconds.
“Yes, now I do” you said, and continued…

Thanks for reading guys, I love you’ll!!

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The one (only?) good thing to come out of Trump getting elected?  The amount of people who have gotten utterly exposed: “Hey, I don’t mind if America has become a racist corrupt Russian puppet state as long as I get lower taxes, guns and liberals and brown people lost.”

That is what it boils down to.

Headcanon that Bucky was awaken from cryo in Wakanda a few weeks or maybe a month after CW. Since SMHC takes place a few months after possibly during this time.

So this was when Tony sent T'Challa the B.A.R.F. tech for Bucky. Probably.

Thanos may just be the Darth Vader of this generation, according to #AvengersInfinityWar co-director Joe Russo!


Social studies teachers been lying??? Would it be so hard to believe? Corruption and racism have gone hand in hand for so long. Besides, ask Native Americans. The atrocities done to so many nations across America were rewritten. Once you investigate you see the systemic racism at all levels. Ask Japanese Americans about the concentration camps from WW2 and how their lives, property, businesses were stolen and destroyed. All these things are just blips in books.

  • Peter: Will you drive me to the mall?
  • Tony: What did Steve say?
  • Peter: He said no.
  • Tony: Then why would I allow you?
  • Peter: He's not the boss of you.
  • Tony: [internally] This is a trap this is a trap this is a trap