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Ot3 fight club posters, finished these on 2017!! 

ps: so i kinda edited the post to add hulk and black widow because wifi sucks

edit 16/1/2017: 

Soooo i was thinking to print these into shirts, notebooks, and prints. Plus!! I really want to draw Thor and Loki.

If anyone interested and thought this was a good idea, maybe let me know via reply or DM!!<3

I will always defend Tony, why? Because he is NOT a villian. He is a man with flaws, a man who even despite making mistakes, always tries to learn from them and fix them for the better good for not just himself, but also for the people around him. I honestly don’t get why people have such a vendetta against him. If you truly looked into his character with depth instead of just at a surface level, then you would understand his complications, why he puts up a persona even around the people he cares about the most (because yes believe it or not Tony actually has a heart and CARES about others) and acts like a jerk, because deep down, Tony is not a jerk. 

He is a man of self doubt.

Has suffered from tremendous loss and pain.

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Has suffered from PTSD countless of times after propelling himself into the abyss to save his friends and everyone on Earth from an alien invasion along with trauma from other experiences.

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But even despite that, he still tries his best to protect the people he cares about and loves, the very same people he considers close friends along with the love of his life, Pepper and his newly found fatherly protectiveness over Peter, even when they themselves have doubted him. 

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So anybody who can’t truly see these facts are blinded by their own perception of what they choose to believe is right and wrong. But just remember, while you continue to spread hate on this subject matter, it doesn’t make you the better person over the other and it doesn’t change the fact that while you fault Tony for his mistakes and paint his fans as the dirty image in this fandom, your favs aren’t the end all be all. They too have made their mistakes and they aren’t and will never be perfect either.

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Steve: Are you sure we should be doing this?

Tony: Steve, we just high-fived over flipping a mattress. That’s way sadder than Clint and Laura’s gutter covers. [Chuckles] Plus, Barnes won’t care. It’s not like he hasn’t had his fun in our place.

Steve: What? When?

Tony: At your birthday party? He and Sam were in the bathroom for like an hour.

Steve: Oh, no. That’s ‘cause Sam lost a contact lens.

Tony: Okay, you’re adorable.

May, The Matchmaker [P.P]

Request:  Requests are open you say??? Do you think you could make a fluffy oneshot of the reader meeting aunt May and she totally calls them out on their crushes. I love aunt May. And your work. Have a great day and thank you!!

Pairing: Peter Parker X Reader

Genre: Fluff


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There are currently three unknown Marvel Cinematic Universe films set to release in 2020… Here’s the best guess as to what those movies will be…

“When I’m dead promise you’ll take your jacket back. I know you, you have this weird, polite, respectful thing going on. But trust me you’ll need it, and I don’t need to be dignified if I’m dead. 

Shut up, Tony. It’s not going to happen. I’m not going to let it happen.”

Just because I fell in love with Falling To Earth by entanglednow on ao3 and I’m a sucker for “stuck in the cold” and “huddling for warmth” situations (if you have any suggestin of that kind, on ao3 or Tumblr, know that I’m taking them !).

I still kinda suck but to be honnest I spent way to much time on this to keep it for myself so I hope you’ll enjoy my trash !

Happy to see mlk trending
Dr Martin Luther King will love Forever
Black history month is every month in my personal opinion ☆ together all people of every race around the world can make the world a better place united as 1 🙏

[Tony and Bucky wake up with hangovers and no memory of the past 12 hours and find a dvd]

Steve: [sees dvd] Aw. “Precious Memories.”

[The dvd plays]

Tony: I okilly-dokilly, “schmokilly” do.

Reverend: And do you, James, take Anthony to be your lawfully wedded spouse?

Bucky: What did you call me?

Reverend: [Groans] Do you want to get married? Married.

Bucky: Sure. Sock it to me, baby.

Reverend: By the power vested in me by the Chicago outfit I now pronounce you husbands.