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                                                                     W a i t   f o r   i t.

“If Hamilton’s response to loss is to go as fast as he can, Burr’s response to loss is, ‘I’m not going to do anything until I know it’s the right move. I’m alive. Other people I love are dead. There’s a reason for that.’” - Lin-Manuel Miranda


Harry Potter/Avengers AU

The Avengers are a team of Witches and Wizards fighting against the Dark Lord Thanos. 

Tony is the mad Wizarding inventor who is a genius with a wand. Bruce is a part-time healer, full-time shape-shifting werewolf. Clint and Natasha are Unspeakables. Thor is a Quidditch beater. And Auror Steve has one hell of a shield charm. 

(Oh, and Loki is a Death Eater, which no one is surprised about)

when Bucky doesn’t have a towel and he’s alone in the tower with Sam. 😂😂