america in distress

so apparently when my sister and i were little we took golfing classes and we got kicked out after a week. the reason being that the old white male instructor kept calling my 4 year old sister Maria “Mary” after she told him several times that her name is pronounced Maria. anyway, at one point, he tells her “well, that doesn’t matter anymore. you’re in America now.” and that distressed my sister so much that she hit him with her golf club.

that’s not what did the damage, though. what fucked that old dude up is that i saw my sister hit him from where i was standing and i ran over and started beating him with MY golf club. my mom says that i didn’t know what the hell was happening, but i squared up.

that’s why we got kicked out.

Imagine Loki, who serves his eternal sentence on earth by helping the Avengers, seeking out Bucky once he is brought into the Avengers’ fold as well. He keeps pestering Bucky with questions about how his memory and his identity was erased, much to Bucky’s distress. Cap sees it and intervenes, calling Loki a bully and giving him an earful. Loki gives him an enigmatic smile and leaves.

A few days later Loki shows Stark designs for an apparatus similar to what Bucky was put through. Stark gets mad and asks him what does he want to achieve with this contraption; whether it was a new way to possess people’s minds, now that he didn’t have the glow stick destiny. Loki states plainly that he wishes to use the device on himself only, to remove all his memories. Stark is baffled and asks why. Loki tells him that the happy memories remind him of a life which had been a lie, and the bad memories remind him that he is a monster. The memories give him a sense of identity which he isn’t sure he even has anymore. He simply wants to forget everything, and be mindless and numb for a change. Still, Stark refuses, much to Loki’s surprise and vexation.

anonymous asked:

I'm in love with your art of Sam. Will you please draw more of her in the future?

I will definitely be drawing more of these two, for sure. I just want the children of Loki to be happy and friends and go on sibling dates to the mall and hang out like somewhat normal teens. Please and thank you.

Even if you don’t care about Secret Wars, you should be reading Planet Hulk.  Why?

Because it’s pretty much an AU fanfic of gladiator fighter Steve Rogers

invading a continent of Hulk-people

with his trusty dinosaur friend

to rescue Bucky Barnes.

Spider-Man finds his allies (Captain America, Daredevil, Thing, Human Torch and others) have been taken out-of-action and as hostages by his enemies. 

(Spoiler: This is actually Peter Parker’s bad dream about his wedding anxiety). 

- Amazing Spider-Man Annual v1 #21, 1987

Dear fellow UsUk shippers

Please stop portraying England as either weaker than America, or a damsel in distress. England is anything but a compliant sub, I mean, do we even watch the same show??? He used to be a huge, ruthless and well-respected empire, and he still has the attitude to match. 

Now, repeat after me:

England is America’s equal, not his small helpless boy-toy.