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kinda weird but what is it like cuddling the 2p allies? like how does it feel to be cuddled by them, how do they smell, etc.... thank you

We actually put a lot of work into this ask, and major thanks to Admin Sarah for help with the smell part. She did the wording and everything to bring the scents to life! -Admins Jay and Sarah

2P France: Smell: His clothes would have a heavy smell of cigarette smoke mixed in with cheap alcohol, though on his collarbone, there would be a heavy musk from where he’d spray his expensive cologne. 
Cuddles: Arm lazily over them, on his back, not moving them on to his chest, but allowing the option to them if they choose it. Though the invitation would only last until he woke up, once he is awake the night is over and he would ask them to leave most likely.

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2p America: Smell: A deep musk-like cologne that after hours of wear became light, yet is still a hint spicy. Like a city night after a rain…
Cuddles: Allen would hold them tightly against his chest but be on his side so they had their back against his chest, or their face tucked under his chin. He would want every inch of them touching. His arms would be holding them close, so they couldn’t leave while he was asleep…

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The Allies React!

To an S/O in the Air Force.

Requested anonymously.

America: Honestly, Alfred is probably going to have a fair mixture of reactions. There’s this protective boyfriend side of him that says, “Y/N, are you sure?” His voice will be hesitant because he’s been in the military and wars before, and he’s afraid of losing you. After a conversation with him, he’ll turn super happy and energetic, overjoyed that his lover wants to serve his country as much as he loves it. He’ll probably allow it, but since he literally is America, you’ll probably see him around work once or twice.

England: Fear. That’s what immediately crossed his expression when you admitted to him your job. Arthur didn’t want to imagine ever losing you, so he’s not initially very keen on your position. He’s got a pale face and is arguing, until finally he gives in and says, “Y/N, I trust you. I know you are a sensible person who can make responsible dessinions. But please, for sake of all that is good and perfect, stay safe. I don’t quite know what I’d ever do without you.”

France: Francis is a very supporting and loving boyfriend, but even he is sometimes fearful. He won’t show it for sure. Human lives are much different than a country’s, so naturally he’s a bit worried. He’ll mask his fear by smiling happily and hugging his love. “Y/N, mon amour! C’est *génial(e)!” He grins widely, complimenting you. “I bet you are ze best pilot, no?” He chuckles, yet there’s a look of slight hurt amongst his features.

*Not that it particularly matters in the imagine, but the génial is used for male readers and géniale is used for female readers.

Canada: Matthew would look at you in shock momentarily, but he’d smile a small smile. “Oh, my dear,” he’d softly say as he wraps his arms around your shoulders and kisses the top of your head. “That’s so wonderful!” He’s chirp, but you’d wonder why he was so excited. To that, he replies, “I’m supposed to be happy for you, eh? Y-you’re my partner, Y/N. I’ll be happy with whatever makes you happy.”

You smile softly. “Thanks, Mattie.”

Russia: As a man much too involved with military himself, he’d pretty much be all for it. “Yes! My little Y/N will get stronger and better.” Sure, his words were a little bit creepy, but they held truth, hadn’t they? He’d be really supportive towards you, or perhaps even… a bit too supportive.

China: He’d have, initially, a pretty negative response. “Y/N! How foolish! You will die! Job is not safe for you!” He’d yell at you and thrash, until you finally retorted, “Well, I’ll do anything for my country. I’m sorry you can’t understand.” He’d fall quiet and look at you in shock, murmuring an apology. Finally, Yao would breathe out, “Y/N, I am happy for you. I couldn’t be prouder either.” : He’d have, initially, a pretty negative response. “Y/N! How foolish! You will die! Job is not safe for you!” He’d yell at you and thrash, until you finally retorted, “Well, I’ll do anything for my country. I’m sorry you can’t understand.” He’d fall quiet and look at you in shock, murmuring an apology. Finally, Yao would breathe out, “Y/N, I am happy for you. I couldn’t be more proud either.”


-wrote in all caps in his letters when he was excited

-slept under a tree with Washington after the battle of Monmouth, both enveloped in Washington’s cape

-basically saved the life of the Queen by kissing her hand

-re-gifted a fucking aligator to President John Quincy Adams cause he didn’t know what the fuck to do with it

-wanted to go kill the Beast of Gévaudan (some big scary people-eating wolf that scared the shit out of the french at the time) by himself at like 6 years old

-called both Jefferson and Washington on their bullshit, telling them to free all their slaves… neither listened

-actually bought an entire island full of slaves with his wife Adrienne and freed them all, gave them money for the work they did, gave them education

-last letter he wrote before his death was about freeing slaves and how sad he was that France was taking so long to give people of colour the same rights than white people

-died holding a picture of his dead-wife to his heart

-cried with Jefferson when they met for the first time in years after both American and French revolutions

-continued to fight and got back on his horse when he was shot in the leg during his first battle

-called his only son “George Washington de Lafayette”

-was socially awkward af, especially when he was young

-a ginger

-left France to go fight for America when the King, his step family, and basically the whole court told him “no”

-had to sneak out of France

-sources differ, but probably left disguised as a woman so no one would recognised him

-gave the biggest symbol of French Revolution  (the key of the just-destroyed Bastille, a prison where the enemies of the King and Kingdom were imprisoned) to Washington


-told Washington he was his lost father

-tripped when dancing with the Queen of France and never heard the end of it

-had “sleepovers” on the grass with John Laurens and Alexander Hamilton where they talked about politic

-threw himself in front of a loaded cannon ready to shoot to try to stop an event of the french Revolution to become too bloody

-at some point, pretty much everyone in France wanted him dead

-slept through two of the biggest events of the french Revolution lol

-gave money and helped a lot of poor farmers in need

-fought for other religions than his and the King’s own to be respected and have the same rights (specifically fought for Protestant and Jewish people)

-fought against death penalties

-brought back some dirt from America and told his son to put it on top of his grave when he dies

-redecorated his whole house in France just like American’s homes

-actually told people he was American

-altogether had a slight obsessing problem with America

-had his own room at Washington’s home

-had a ring with Washington’s hair in it

-was one of the richest man in France at the age of 12 because his whole family had basically died at that point

-changed back his family motto to “Why not?”

-was only 19 when he left for America

-was detained in horrible conditions in prison for 5 years (2 of which with his wife and daughters)

-refused the hell out of several powerful positions in politic and in the army because he didn’t found these to be close enough to his ideals of freedom and shit

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Kinda strange question, but how would the 2p face react if they had two friends (that were not 2ps or family) and one was the "dude, I always got your back!" type, and the other seemed to be the exact opposite, but then something bad happens to the 2ps, and the "I got your back" one completely abandons them, but the one they didn't expect to stick around and help them stays by their side? (pls and thanks!)

Sorry this took so long! Lack of coffee makes it hard to write sometimes! -Admin Jay

2p Canada: *looks them over and blinks* “I honestly did not expect this…”
Matt would be shocked…he typically is good at reading people, but he was wrong this time. He expected them to bolt, but here they were. He would look at them and nod slowly as he shrugs. They were there and they earned it, so he would admit he was wrong then just move on. Whoever abandoned him would never hear from him again, and if they tried to talk to him he would just block them. Matt doesn’t have time to deal with fake people. It would be one of the reasons he doesn’t like dealing with people in the first place. 

2p France: *raises an eyebrow* “I thought you would’ve left me…”
Francois would genuinely be surprised for once. The worst outcome didn’t happen and he had someone by his side. What was this sorcery? He would raise an eyebrow and almost show the shock on his face. Francois would offer them a drink and give them more of a chance…maybe friends aren’t so bad?…

2p America: *blinks and shakes his head before patting them on the back* “You’re aight with me…you came through…I shouldn’t have doubted you…”
Allen would look at them and expect them to leave while he is down or beat him while he was done, but when they didn’t he would look up at them as he bites his lip. He hates to admit he is wrong, but if he is, then he will..sometimes, though this time he would. He would give them the classic high-five bro hug and pat their back as he tells them they are cool. They would gain a real friend in Allen, and if they ever needed anything, they could call him. And yes, we mean anything. 

2p England: *gasps and looks up at them with wide eyes* “Y-you stayed?”
Oliver would be near tears as he looks up at them. They stayed by him when everyone else left…they really cared. To him, they were what he was hoping for. A true friend. He would hug them tightly and almost cry on their shoulder as he swears to be as good of a friend to them as they were to him. He would apologize time after time for thinking wrong of them and doubting them. From that day on, they would be his best friend. 

100 perfect songs for travelling from around the world


1) Hotel California – Eagles
2) Wouldn’t it be ice – The beach boys
3) Born to be wild – Steppenwolf
4) Hit the road Jack – Ray Charles
5) Livin’on a prayer – Bon Jovi
6) Budapest – George Ezra
7) Barcelona – Ed Sheeran
8) Castle on the hill – Ed Sheeran
9) Champion – Fall Out Boy
10) Alone together – Fall Out Boy
11) Young volcanoes – Fall Out Boy
12) Adventure of a lifetime – Coldplay
13) Hymn for the weekend – Coldplay
14) Paradise – Coldplay
15) Bastille – Pompeii
16) I take it all – Pegasus
17) Free – Pegasus
18) Mountain sound – Of Monsters and men
19) Life is a highway – Rascall Flatts
20) Dream on – Aerosmith
21) I lived – One Republic
22) Runaways – All time low
23) The edge of tonight – All time low
24) Good times – All Time Low
25) The flood – Take that
26) Piano man – Billie Joel
27) Desert rose – Sting
28) Africa - Toto
29) Good riddance – Green day
30) No surrender – Bruce Springsteen
31) Born to run – Bruce Springsteen
32) Whatever it takes – Imagine Dragons
33) Thunder – Imagine Dragons
34) On the top of the world – Imagine Dragons
35) New York state of mind – Alicia Keys
36) Victorius – Panic! At the disco
37) LA devotee – Panic! At the disco
38) Vegas Lights – Panic! At the disco
39) Ready to go – Panic! At the disco
40) Run boy run – Woodkid
41) Sweet home alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd
42) We come running – Youngblood Hawke
43) Castaway – 5 seconds of summer
44) Higher – The score
45) Pacific Coast Highway – Two friends feat Max
46) Renegades – X Ambassadors
47) One day we’ll be old – Asaf Avidan
48) Summercat - Billie the vision & The Dancers
49) Trip the light – Alicia Kembe
50) Home – Edward Sharpe & The magnetic zeros
51) Eddie Vedder – Rise
52) Society – Eddie Vedder
53) Guaranteed – Eddie Vedder
54) Blowing in the wind – Bob Dylan
55) Wind of change – Scorpions
56) Midnight City – M83


57) Caravane – Raphaël
58) Schengen – Raphaël
59) Sur la route – Gérard de Palmas
60) J’t’emmène au vent – Louise Attaque
61) Un jour j’irai à Nerw York avec toi – Téléphone
62) C’est la vie – Khaled
63) Nation – Tibz
64) Voyage en Italie – Lillicub
65) Les lumières dans la plaine – Mickey 3D
66) Liberta – Pep’s
67) Paris – Willy William
68) On dirait le sud – Nino Ferrer
69) Le présent d’abord – Forent Pagny
70) Emmenez-moi – Charles Aznavour
71) Dès que le vent soufflera – Renaud
72) Voyage voyage – Desireless
73) La maison bleue – Maxime le forestier
74) Tout le bonheur du monde - Sinsémilla 
75) Santiago - Hugues Aufrey 


76) El mismo sol – Alvaro Soler
77) La bicicleta – Shakira
78) La Gozadera – Gente de zona
79) La la la – Shakira
80) We are one – Pitbull
81) Clandestino – Manu Chao
82) Vivir mi vida – Marc Anthony
83) El viaje - Antonio Orozco


84) Selvagens a Procura de lei - Despedida
85) Planta e Raiz – Aquele lugar
86) Vamos fugir - Skank
87) A vida do viajante - Luiz Gonzaga
88) O sol -  Jota Quest
89) Além do horizonte - Jota Quest 
90) Passageiro - Capital inicial


91) Roma-Bangkok - Baby K
92) Tutti vogliono viaggiare in prima -  Ligabue
93) Certe notti -  Ligabue
94) 883 - Nord, Sud, Ovest, Est
95) Viaggio - Piero Pelù
96) Il peso della valigia - Ligabue
97) Il mio giorno più bello nel mondo - Francesco Renga
98) Modena City Ramblers - La strata


99) Mantissa – Marina Satti
100) To tragoudi ton gyfton – Eleni Vitali

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lol can i request where the 2p allies s/o gets kidnapped. what is their reaction to that and what would they do to get them back. thank youuuuu

Ooooooh boy…here we go. Anon you are evil, these boys are crazy.
 So Warning: Angry 2ps and No fun times! -Admin Jay

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So I’ve been watching a lot of Brooklin Nine-Nine and I keep playing with crossover where Alfred and Mathew are twins who become rookie detectives at their dream station because their role models Arthur and Francis work at. They keep trying to be hard boil detectives but there both teddy bears. Their chief is Romano who is all ways blowing up on his squad to try and out perform the 62 station which is run by his brother. (It only does well because Ludwig is the lieutenant and is the one that actually runs that precinct.)

Vash, Gilbert, Roderich are part of some notorious gang that is lead by Elizbeth. Her identity is a mystery even her gender she simply just goes by Boss. So this scene is Alfred and Mattie trying to get her name out of Vash

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What ended up happening in the Cardverse AU? You left it on a major cliffhanger, with Arthur at knifepoint and all...

Part One / Part Two / Part Two and a Half

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  • Me: And Another Thing the hetalia fandom seem to think America is some self centred, dumb asshole who treats his friends and family - especially Canada, like crap when you can CLEARLY see he loves and cares for his family his relationship with Canada, England and France is depicted as different than with other nations, even if he can get over the top sometimes this boy is 19 and he's a superpower he has to look after all these other nations and the world expects so much of him and you don't think he struggles with that? He's so happy and excited because can you imagine what would happen if he wasn't?? He's incredibly smart and he has a lot of people who look up to him and expect him to be perfect and-
  • Waiter: Ma'am I asked what you'd like for drinks