america france

  • France: everyone look! I made a new element, it's amazing, oui?
  • England: what? You created it??
  • France: I was experimenting with a couple of elements a few days ago and discovered an entirely new molecular structure!
  • China: ...can we cook it?
  • America: can we eat it?
  • Russia: can we play with it?
  • England: it's not magic, so it's lame.
  • France: why do I even bother telling you guys anything...
Allies Kissing Gifs

England: He kisses like a damn gentleman and nobody can tell me otherwise.

America: A little fast and sloppy but still good as hell.

France: Even his casual kisses are freaky, c’mon.

Russia: Slow with just a hint of tongue~

China: He knows exactly what he’s doing, really sensual.

Canada: A little awkward at first but once he gets into it, super cute.

Normally I wouldn’t do more than five characters but since this is a gif imagine, I don’t mind. These kisses to me represent regular day-to-day kisses, not in the throes of passion kisses. Those would be even sexier. ;D

-Mod Lily

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What If We Get Caught?!

This is for the anon that requested the allies and axis reaction to a surprise BJ under the table, and I took it to mean at a meeting. ;D This was so much fun to do! Thanks anon for sending this in, I really enjoyed it! I’m loving these gif requests, lovelies~! Also sorry it took so long, I accidentally posted it to my main blog the first time. >.<

North Italy: He’s definitely not going to turn down his s/o, nor will he attempt to hide his reaction so … Awkward

Germany: He doesn’t know what to do! It feels really good but s/o this is a MEETING.

Japan: Error 404, Not Found

America: HELL YES S/O!

England: *explodes*

France: He’s nervous but he likes the thrill of it, so he’ll let it continue.

China: Not the place s/o, not the place! Later~

Russia: His face barely changes but …

-Mod Lily

and it’s done!! (after nearly a whole month omg) 

this is the third time i’ve done this: 1//2   and i’m very happy with my improvement - i’ll probably do a comparison post soon

please let me know which characters you want to see individually 

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5... 4... 3... 2... 1!
  • Countries: HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!
  • England: what's everyone's New Year's resolution?
  • China: to get my money from America.
  • Russia: to have fun tormenting America~
  • France: to make America eat less burgers.
  • Canada: to slap some sense to America.
  • America: ... to get new friends.
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