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You see kids, what this is, is blatant commie brainwash propaganda. Them socialists have poisoned anyone who believes their lies, and the only treatment is a steady dose of concentrated Freedom©™. However, you can help us true Patriots® stop these dirty, filthy commies by reporting any propaganda, calling 1-800-FREEDOM, or by speaking to your local Y'allqaeda representative and asking to join. You too, can become a yeehadist Patriot®, and stop them there commie scum.

-APH America

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Allies reacting to their s/o asking them to braid the s/o's hair?

Fun fact: I had long hair for years, but I only learned how to braid hair after I cut it too short to do it to myself. rip me


-He doesn’t know how to braid hair, but he’s more than willing to learn for you! He watches a video on youtube, and soon after he buries his fingers in your hair to try it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the hang of it, and you end up with a lovely, but slightly messy braid. If you let him, he’ll keep practicing on you until he’s gotten really good at it.


-He’s braided his own hair before, and knows a lot of more complicated styles. As soon as you ask, he settles in behind you and gets to work. You’re expecting him to just do a simple braid, but you end up having a braid with roses in it. It’s beautiful, and he blushes when you thank him. After this, he nearly begs you to let him style your hair for you.


-France has taught him how to braid hair, and he’s relatively good at it. So when you ask him one morning, he’s eager to help. He loves playing with your hair, and gives you an elegant fishtail braid, to low-key show off his skills in the hopes that you’ll ask him to do it again in the future.


-He doesn’t know how to do anything with hair except brush it, so he’s worried when you ask him. Still, he wants to make you happy, so he’ll try his best. He looks up a tutorial, and slowly follows along. He accidentally pulls on your hair a few times without realizing, and has to re-do it twice. In the end, the results aren’t half bad, and he’s rather proud of himself. But you might want to do your hair yourself from now on.


-He’s probably asked to style your hair before this, since he likes playing with it. His face lights up when you ask, and he rushes off to gather the necessary things. When he was younger, he frequently watched Ukraine braid her hair and helped her, and he weaves your hair into a crown braid. He’s happy, and he hopes you are too.


-He’s been alive for thousands of years, and has raised girls. Of course he knows how to braid hair, and braid it well. Once you ask him, he tells you to sit down in front of him and stay still. He finishes soon after he starts, and hands you a mirror so you can see the ladder braid. He hopes you like it as much as he does.

What do you guys think of the images? I thought it’d be a good idea for something like this, but let me know if I shouldn’t do it again in the future. 

Me: *having just successfully eaten a triple cheeseburger and large fries in under 5 minutes* so anyway

Person: holy shit how did you do that

Me: *remembers how, for the entirety of my academic career, i had five (5) Minutes to eat a whole lunch or i went hungry* fuck man idk

when Tony is in danger vs when Bucky is in danger ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(credit me if you post this anywhere. my Instagram name is the same as my name on here. ☺️)
  • Steve: You're a lying, cheating, piece of shit!
  • Tony: Oh yeah? And you're a liar who thinks that you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD!
  • Steve: I'm moving out, and I'M TAKING THE REST OF THE TEAM WITH ME
  • Peter, picking up the monopoly board: I think we're gonna stop playing now.