Hey so friendly reminder about voting and elections that I haven’t seen going around yet but is SUPER IMPORTANT.

Watch what you wear and say while you’re waiting in line for the voting booth/at the polls. It is against federal law to do anything that might be considered campaigning once you’re there, and since we know that voter suppression is the name of the game this election, there will be people looking for ANY reason to remove you from the polling place. And they will nitpick. You have a shirt with a artistic picture of donkey on it? You’re visibly supporting the Democrats, you’re disqualified from voting. Want to wear a Black Lives Matter shirt? Not there you don’t. They’ll call it intimidation and kick you out. Pins, buttons, stickers, none of it. Wear the most bland, plain clothes you can imagine. 

And then keep your mouth shut. Even the slightest hint of discussion about which candidate you’re voting for can get used against you. Don’t assume the people around you are safe to discuss it with. You might be overheard. There WILL people watching for these things, hoping to get rid of anyone they can. Voter suppression isn’t just about making registration impossible. It happens at the polling stations too. Be smart, be bland, be quiet, and make sure your vote gets in. 

Also- and I have seen this mentioned but it bears repeating- DO NOT TAKE A PICTURE OF YOUR BALLOT. EVER. It’ll also disqualify your vote. Take a selfie when you’re out of their with your fun little sticker. 

I work with a lot of Brazilians since I handle international corporate insurance. I’ve had two of them break down in tears on me, and the third requested a job transfer to a different country because she’s black and terrified for her kids. She doesn’t even care about a potential pay cut–she just wants out.

I have a co-worker in my office who is a Brazilian immigrant who is in a perpetual state of terror because her brother and his partner of 20+ years can’t get out.

I have had two requests from businesses I insure to write trip travel policies that arrange ‘business trips’ to other countries for extensive amounts of time for their Brazilian employees. Like, year-long trips. One of my clients literally said, “It worked for us in the 40s.”

Do you understand how fucked up this is?

This is a WW2 tactic used to save the lives of Nazi targets.

History is literally repeating itself, and no one cares yet because the targets are minorities.

It’s time to start paying close attention to what’s going on, because once shit like this gets established, it only ramps up into a full-blown horrorshow.

Get your asses out and vote, because the people who support this for damn sure are, and the system is rigged in their favor. We’re primed to fall headfirst into this territory ourselves.

Not only do you vote, keep attentive, keep your heart open, and be ready to help however you can, not just here in America, but abroad. The world is not so large that you can ignore a crisis like this wherever it occurs, and one day it could very well be us in this position.

We’re halfway there; what did you think the synagogue attack and grocery store shooting were about? Complacency will undo us all in the rise of facism and racism and hatred. There is already a will, and our guns are legal and easily obtained.

Complacency kills. Apathy lets it occur again, and with impunity.

“Another week, another mass shooting in America.”

THAT’S how ABC News opened today (11/8/18) after yet another mass shooting, this time in a California bar. They’ve become so common that they occur on almost a weekly basis, yet no one bats an eye anymore.

If this phrase doesn’t faze you whatsoever because you love your fucking guns so much, then you’re fucking disgusting. Get out of my sight.

Be vigilant, people. 2020 is closer than you think, and I’ve already been seeing suspicious “joke” posts, anti-Democrat “memes,” and interview quotes and screenshots purposely taken out of context. We cannot have a repeat of 2016. We just cannot.

If you see someone on here or on Twitter saying things like “both sides are the same” or “Democrats and Republicans both have issues regarding ______,” assume it’s from a planted Russian troll or a blatant MAGA member.

Trump’s Myths:

- the majority of illegal immigrants come from our southern border. No, the majority of illegal immigrants are Europeans and asians who have stayed past their visas’ expiration dates.

- illegal migrants are pouring in from the border. No, the majority of people who enter from mexico are central american, the majority of whom are seeking asylum. Entering the US seeking asylum from an immediate danger is legal.

- the government shutdown was caused by a Democrat inability to pass anything on further border security. No, they crafted a bipartisan nearly $1 billion plan to add border security, but trump rejected it cause it didnt include a Fucking wall.

- the majority of illegal drugs that are causing the crisis we currently have come through our southern border. No, the majority comes through legal paths of drug sales that only aid in drug trafficking.

Feel free to add what you know, cause god knows trump said a lot that was exaggerated or straight up wrong tonight

Remembering those we’ve lost on World AIDS Day.

Sylvester - American singer and songwriter, known for the hits “You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real),” “Dance (Disco Heat),” and “Do Ya Wanna Funk”

Patrick Cowley - American composer and musician, a pioneer of electronic dance music known for his collaborations with Sylvester and solo works like “Menergy” and “Megatron Man”

Rock Hudson - American actor who rose to fame in the 1950s with films such as Magnificent Obsession (1954) and Giant (1956), known for his work with Doris Day in romantic comedies such as Pillow Talk (1959) and Lover Come Back (1961)

Anthony Perkins - American actor, best known for his role as Norman Bates in the Hitchcock classic Psycho (1960)

Rudolf Nureyev - Russian dancer and choreographer who was the director of the Paris Opera Ballet for six years, widely regarded as the greatest male ballet dancer of his generation

Freddie Mercury - Parsi-British singer and songwriter, best known as the lead singer of the rock group Queen and writer of songs such as “Killer Queen,” “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and “We Are The Champions”

Vito Russo - American film historian, writer, and activist known for co-founding the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) and writing The Celluloid Closet

Keith Haring - American artist, known for his pop art and street art which focused on themes such as LGBT and AIDS activism

Howard Ashman - American playwright and lyricist known for his work with Alan Menken on shows like Little Shop of Horrors, and for being one of the most important figures of the Disney Renaissance, having worked on The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin

Lesbians Make History

Sharice Davids makes history tonight as America’s FIRST EVER Native American openly lesbian Congresswoman, serving the state of Kansas! Look 👏🏻 at 👏🏻 that 👏🏻 bicep 💪🏻👀 I am so GAY for her 😍