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I'm greek and i get really pissed when ppl say that "white people have no culture" because I know for a fact that we certainly have culture >:(

“white people” as a group of people based on skin color don’t really have much  of a culture, but the REASON for that is because “white” encompasses many DIFFERENT cultures, so there isn’t one single “white culture” to draw from (a lot of people also use it to mean “american culture except for stuff exclusively minorities do,” which is deceptive because American culture is still culture, it’s just harder to see when you’re living it every day).

Usually when people refer to “black” culture they are referring not to the entirety of black people around the world, but to black people in America. Since black people are a minority in America, it’s easier to create/notice specific sub-cultural influences (due to the smaller number of people involved). But of course, in Africa, the cultures among countries are not exactly the same, just like in Europe. People just view it so ameri-centrically that they don’t really understand that.

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Why do you think there's so much anti-blackness and erasure of Nursey's Blackness in the CP fandom? Especially since the creator is a Black woman?

*cracks knuckles* here we go.

I personally don’t see a lot of this on my feed but I do see it in the fandom, so some of it is a matter of who you follow. but there are also some things to take into consideration when thinking about this.

  • hockey is a white sport. ngozi literally said nursey uses music as a way to explore his blackness and navigate the whiteness of hockey. it’s white. this is reflected in the demographic of the players, viewers, and, in all actuality, the comic itself, because as of bitty’s first year besides headcanons, ransom is the only person of color.
  • fandom in general is actually… pretty white oriented? like, overall. and so much of our society (i’m talking western society) is euro- or ameri-centric which is. white. white is seen as the default.
  • nursey’s lightskinned.we’re the same colour. he’s yellowboned, which, where i’m from, means lightskinned with yellow undertones (it means different things in different places lmao). he’s also mixed. a lot of black people see lightskin men as feminine or less manly because they view lightskin women as more desireable because they’re… closer to white. it’s not just in brasil where we think that, it’s a lot of black people. lightskin=whiter for some reason.
  • people also see mixed people as “more approachable” minorities or some type of watered down version of their respective ethnicities, which just ain’t true, of course. (common phrases: “oh, you’re not like other black people, you’re a cool black person!” I have, in fact, heard this.)
  • people can’t, like, seem to fathom that nursey could be black and rich and well educated (because for all of andover’s flaws, it’s a damn good education) without being at least part white??? why. we aren’t all dancing along the poverty line living in section 8 housing. y’all can fucking relax. black people don’t need white help to succeed. we don’t need a white saviour.
  • people don’t like black people!!! that’s it!!! y’all don’t like us!!!! we offend people’s “““sensibilities””” and media and the world around you conditions ou into being anti-black. it isn’t really someone’s “fault” at this point for unconciously accept the images that your media presents you, but you might have to take some responsibility for not educating yourself out of it.
  • a lot of mixed people are pretty racially ambigious! i’ve heard people call me anything from dominican to chinese to puerto rican to whatever you call people from madagascar. a lot of people are really eager to claim nursey as middle eastern, hispanic, black, native american, southeast asian, anything. he’s hot, he’s funny, he’s talented and likeable. if we take ngozi jokingly talking about how much she “doesn’t” ship the frogs, as well as the last issue of huddle, nursey is. definitely queer.
  • definitely.
  • that’s the kind of representation people want.
  • and there’s like, no reasonable opportunity for him to be killed off at random. also a plus.

Now, on the topic of antiblackness while the creator is in fact a black person:

  • we don’t really see ngozi. she’s the invisible hand, actually, that feeds us content.
  • a lot of racist sexist ass white boys like scifi and superhero stories! created by women, championed by poc (particular woc) and other minorities.
  • y’all know how much people love captain america. and they say shit like “don’t make him into an sjw!!!1!!11!!” while he was a) first featured with his cover punching hitler, b) created by two jewish men in a time where most americans were anti-semetic themselves aka of the opinion that we should remain within our isolationist ideals or join germany japan and italy because they “looked like they might win” and c) grew up in a queer jewish neighbourhood who’s best friend was a queer jewish man (not bucky barnes, though captain america’s best friend was eventually retconned or just completely erased I believe???
  • you don’t have to care about the creator to consume and enjoy the content.
  • anyways, all i’m saying is that it isn’t that uncommon. a lot of racists voted for obama. white people inherit racism the way I inherited a giant ass. it’s a thing.
  • casual racism, also? people who aren’t overtly racist but quietly allow it to happen or shoot down poc by devaluing or “debunking” their ideals.

at the end of the day, here are the cold, hard facts.

  • nursey is black.
  • nursey is mixed.
  • half black does not mean less black.
  • he’s an attractive, well-spoken, intelligent man of color and no one can take that away.

and if anyone wants to argue with any of these, they can take this tweet:

….and shove it up their fucking asses.