This camp, exclusively dedicated to dolls, is perfect for young sewists or every passionate girl for fashion designing and dolls. 

Two days will be reserved for making a complete outfit: I should say three outfits in one! By making a reversible skirt and a T-shirt convertible into dress, with only 2 clothes, the sewer will get 3 different looks! We will use fusible vinyls to embellish the top and also on one side of the skirt, children will be free to cut the shape and chose the color of their choice. 

Because I consider shoes like a serious thing, more than a simple accessory, the 3d lesson will focus on shoes, assorted sandals or flip flops to the outfit they first made. I created an extra simplified version for making doll shoes accessible to kids. Every sol component will already be precut and the students will learn every tips and tricks for sewing special material like glittered vinyl and leather imitation. I’m sure they will have fun making and embellishing their own mini shoes!

The 4th and last day of the camp, we will make a check point and decide which assorted accessories we will need: head bands, floral crown and belts or eventually, lace top or maybe even an assorted skirt for the sewer to be assorted to their doll.

The only thing your child will need to bring: her doll!

Sewing Summer Camp: Sew All for AGD!
 Outfit + Shoes + Hair accessories for your 18” doll and more…

June 15th to 18th: 4 classes of 2h30 from 2:00PM to 4:30PM
for kids of 6 & up’ (min. experience required) - cost: $180 

Every supplies included + sewing machine rental + snack


Eszter Haraszty (1920-1994) and her fabric Fibra, 1953 and another example from 1965, Knoll Textiles.

She first contacted Hans Knoll on the recommendation of her friend and fellow Hungarian, Marcel Breuer. Hans hired her immediately upon seeing her portfolio of prints and textiles. After working under Marianne Strengell for a time, Haraszty was named director of the Knoll textiles department, a title which she held from 1949 to 1955.

From the NY Times:

With her blond Twiggy-style crop, Gabor-sisters accent, thigh-high skirts and bug-eye sunglasses, Eszter Haraszty was an Age of Aquarius heroine, one part Carnaby Street to two parts Woodstock. Though her name is unknown today, the Hungarian-born Haraszty, who died in 1995 at 74, was an American design guru in the late 1940’s and early 1950’s, thanks to the ebullient color sense and swashbuckling patterns she championed as the director of KnollTextiles. Read