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What they’re Instagrams would look like…


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peter’s Instagram: credit: spideypool manip { junkbiology //tumblr }

tony’s instagram: credit: stony manip { SK-Manips //deviant art }

Beauty (Final)

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Summary: Artist Bucky is into his fellow Artist friend

My mouth dropped as I stared at the painting in awe and so much adoration. My head tilted upwards and my eyes met her gorgeous ones. I could see that she was surprised as well, but in a good way;he was happy. 

After a few moments of staring, I started to laugh in total awe. There was nothing funny about the situation; I was just extremely happy that I wasn’t the only one to have a crush on my best friend. After a while, I heard her giggles too. We both put the paintings down and rushed to each other, not once taking our eyes off of each other. I held both her hands while leaning in so that our foreheads touched.

‘’I love you Y/N. I have been feeling like this for a while now. And I understand that love is a big word and if you don’t want to use it-‘’

‘’I love you too,’’ she cut me off with the brightest smile on her face. Only then I started to realize that people around us were circling us and staring. Even the professor had a soft smile on his face.

‘’Do you want to… uh… go on a date with me? You know, taking things slow,’’ I said with the goofiest smile on my face. She nodded happily.

‘’Yeah, taking things slow,’’ she repeated, her hands squeezing mine.

We didn’t take things slow.

Her back hit the mattress as I made quick work of my t-shirt. She waited as I undressed myself and I occupied myself looking at her. She was a sight to see. Completely naked, her hair all over the place, her eyes shining with lust and love…

‘’C’mon Buck, hurry,’’ she whined, making grabby hands at me. I chuckled at her cuteness.

‘’Can’t wait sweetness?’’ I teased as I climbed on top of her. Before I could settle on top of her, she pushed me over and climbed on my lap.

‘’Woah,’’ I said, my eyebrows rose.

‘’I wanna be on top,’’ she said smirking. I had to stop myself from moaning. I pulled myself to a sitting position, pulling her as close as I possibly could.

‘’I want to go slow, I want to enjoy every second of this, I want to know your body, everything about it,’’ I whispered as she slowly lined herself with me and sank down. Her hold on my shoulder tightened and one of her arms wrapped itself around my back. I gripped her hips gently, moving her up and down in a slow but delicious pace. I couldn’t stop the whimpers and whines that were coming out of my mouth; this girl was everything I ever needed, everything I ever wanted. I couldn’t believe how heavenly she looked. An angel out of heaven for sure. My own angel.

‘’You’re a fucking angel, you’re my angel,’’ I murmured between grunts and groans. My lips started leaving random kisses on top of her breasts, her collarbone and her throat.

‘’Bucky,’’ she whined, her eyes squeezed together, her bottom lip trapped between her teeth…

‘’Come on baby, give it to me. Give yourself to me, my sweet girl,’’ I found myself whispering in her ear. I felt her release as mine came crashing down on me. We stood there, naked and wrapped around each other. Her hands were slowly stroking my hair; my arms were wrapped around her back, stroking her spine up and down…

‘’So much for taking things slow,’’ she murmured into my chest. I let out a soft chuckle and nodded.

‘’I guess I just can’t resist you,’’ I murmured back.

‘’Buck?’’ she whispered after a minute of cuddling; I almost forgot that we were naked.

‘’Yeah, sweetheart?’’ I asked pulling her with me down to the bed.

‘’Can we nap?’’ she asked cutely, in her small voice. I smiled and brushed her hair from her face.

‘’Sure we can,’’ I said pulling her with me down the blanket.

‘’And then, can we eat?’’ I chuckled again, nodding my head. She hummed happily and smiled as I planted a kiss on her forehead.. Her smile turned into a smirk as she pulled my head to meet her lips with a loud kiss.

‘’Aaaannnd, then can we repeat this?’’ she asked, a glint of mischief in her eyes. I threw my head back with laughter, she had me whipped.. She giggled as I pulled her on top of my chest.

‘’You bet we can baby,’’ I murmured as she slowly let herself fall asleep. I found myself smiling as I slowly drifted off to sleep. I had my beauty in my arms and she wanted me as much as I wanted her.


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I’m really worried for my son in Infinity Wars


SuperFamily texts!

“What have you done Wade?!” Peter exclaimed

“It’s just dinner with your parents, babe.”

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Name: Allouette :D
Nickname: Al, Lou, Trash
Age: 16
DOB: July 9th
Nationality: Mixed!
Heritage: IDK I was adopted!
Religion: Christian
Current place of residence: America!
Education: 10th grade!
Car: No!
Skills: None lol
Pets: I have one doggo!
Relationship status: single
Children: No, but I want to adopt when I’m ready!
Siblings: nope
Height: 5 ft ½ inch lol
Weight: 125 pounds
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Disorders/disabilities: ADHD
Favorite food: Chipotle lol
Favorite drink: Sweet tea
Top 5 movies: Zootopia, Finding Nemo/Dory, Captain Amerca: Civil War, Before I Fall
Top 5 TV shows: The Flash, Fairy Tail, Clone Wars, Pokemon, and The Seven Deadly Sins
Top 5 songs: Crossing Field, Floral and Fading, Shiny Ray, Tiny Glowing Screens Pt, 2, and Despacito
Favorite sport: none
Favorite book: The Merciless
Favorite color: red
Broken bones: nah
Fears: The dark, heights, being alone, ect.
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Dark Side?

Original Imagine: I’ve gotten more than a couple requests to do something based on Steve’s “Dark Side”. This is what happened. Hope you enjoy! Gif Credited Here.. 

Reader Gender: Female 

Word Count: 4,089

Warnings: Captian!Smut, Dom!Captain

You look out on the small little farm that is apparently Clint Barton’s home, after meeting his wife and kids that you didn’t know he had. You step lightly, something that you have learned to do on a daily basis because of your new colleagues. You walk forwards on the porch trying to get some air from the tense environment that was currently being created inside the Burton residence. 

  You find Clint kneeling on the porch messing with the railings so you walk over placing yourself beside him. You glace over to see what Clint is watching and see Steve and Tony chopping wood. Your gaze lingers on Steve as you watch his arms and chest move with each swing. You’re not sure why the sight makes you chuckle quietly to yourself, but it does. Perhaps because seeing the super soldier and the man of iron do something so domestic is funny to you.

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Love At First.. Nevermind (2/3)

Chapter 2

| O N E |

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: You made a love potion for Bucky, the rules were the same as any other rule. Be the first person he sees, and you’ll be the love of his life. But when Steve drinks the potion and not Bucky, it leads to all kinds of disasters. Mostly when you’re the first one he sees.

Word Count: 685

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Tags: @waikimikey , @sumiaran , @bubblyanarocks3

Warning: Swearing , Kissing

A/N: Here is chapter 2! The last part will be up tomorrow. I hope you enjoy ♥

You look at Bucky as Steve continued to talk to you, you didn’t really mind Steve and his flirting. But when you saw Bucky’s face you saw how much in pain he was. You sighed and looked at Steve, suddenly seeing him leaning in for a kiss, you let out a fearful squeak and dodge his kiss, disconnecting his hands as well. You started to backaway from him as he started to walk towards you, his eyes were filled with desperation for kisses and love.

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